Paula tied and teased #2

My cock was throbing as I felt Paula"s dripping wet pussy slide of my chin.I wanted to cumm so bad but wanted to be able to come back hard again to enjoy hot body my x wife had.I should tell you how this woman was built .Paula at the time was just 22, 5"3 38DD tits that stood up and firm, a waist that had to be 26" and an Ass that would not quit. Long redish blond hair blue eyes and lipps that would make any cock jump if she ran her tongue over them.

Any how I needed to cumm and wanted those lipps and tongue that felt sooo good before to finish what they started. I ran my cock across her cheek and chin watching her mouth open and slide over my cock.She was out of controle making slurping sounds and trying to pull her tied hand to my cock.I slowly fucked her mouth going deeper and deeper as she took all of me bobbing her head to meet my moves.I slid one then two then three fingers in her dripping cunt and thumbed that stiff clit as hard as I could she made a moaning noise as I started to fill her mouth and not stopping untill I heard the door bell ring and ring,we were caught and peeking out the window I saw it was a good friend of ours looking in all the windows as he walked around to the back door.I tried to untie Paula and we both saw his face looking in to our room then as if not seeing anything continue to the back.We got some what dressed and made like we had been napping as the back door opened and in he came.Holding a bottle of vodka and ice made himself to home.

I got out some glasses and juce then made us all a stiff drink.Paula said she needed to shower and left us to shoot the shit.He kept looking towards the bathroom then at me as we talked my back was in that direction and wondered what was up. Turning I could see the bathroom door was half shut and the mirror gave a perfect view of Paula soaping up those tits and body.As we both stared he wispered that he could see in our room and Paula half tied up,and that she looked right at him when he looked in.The shower stoped and we both turned away so not to get caught. Paula walked out in her robe grabbing her drink then sitting across from us on the couch.Sipping her drink and finishing it very quickly she asked for another .I made all of us another giving her a extra pour of vodka the chatting continued. Paula then said to me why dont I jump in the shower cause after the workout she just gave me I could use one .We laughed and agreed so off I went.I was wondering what was happening and just heared laughing and the sound of ice in gasses.I walked out and saw Paula sitting on the couch her robe hade hiked up and opened so her thighs were showing and the top was so loose as she bent to get her drink you could see the top of a very hard nippel,she was feeling the drinks as was our friend .They must have been pounding them with out me. Mike was sitting with his leggs wide open and in his shorts Paula was getting a full view up the leg and did not care who was looking ! I could see her robe was getting looser as she shifted and crossed her legs giving Mike a good look at her ass and tits. I walked over grabed Paula"s hand and stood her up as she let her robe off and to the floor,she just stood there looking at Mike saying do you want to see what we were doing as you interupted us? He just nodded and said he knew what we were doing and by the bulge in his shorts was very turned on.Paula walked over to him and undid his shorts and pushed them to the floor grabing his cock and stroked it as he reached for her and kissed her mouth slowly they both driving tongues deep in each others mouth.I sugested we continue where he interupted us and Paula slowly walked to the bed room.She laid down arms and leg wide open and said Fuck me I need to get Fucked hurry.Mike and I tied up her arms and legs as fast as we could Mike was running his hands over her huge hard nippels and she begged for him to put that cock inside her cunt and give her what she wanted,he got on top of her and drove his cock in side hard and deep not stopping she screemed oh fuck yes Fuck me she was wild bucking her hipps pulling at the ties.I saw her back aching as she started to cumm screeming dont stop dont stop.Mike came and slid off and I took his place ramming her pussy as hard and deep as I could again she started to buck her hipps meeting my thrust,continuing to cumm I could not hold back and pulled out showering her tits and chest with a huge load.The night did not end untill we all came once again .
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very good