Paula tied and teased

Being married for just a year or so Paula and I would have drinks and grab a Pent house Forum and use it like a recipy book seeing just what would get a reaction from reading the stories.As we took turns reading outloud it was Paula that started the next one .It was about a Couple that used mens ties to do the binding and blindfolding .As she got into the the story I could hear her voice starting to get a bit shakey as she read in detail how first the woman was blindfolded then led to the bedroom and had her hands and legs secured with neck ties.I made it a point to refill her drink as it got half way,giving her time to read to her self as I left the room. After doing this quite a few times I could see she was so turned on by the story her voice was jittery as she read aloud.She as far as I know had never been exposed to this kind of stuff and just might be willing to try it. As we started to carress and play on the couch the drinks and stories had us out of controle more than usual. Paula was in one of my dress shirts and panties as I took her hand and led her to the bedroom.I turned her around and took one of my neck ties and covered her eyes and tied it .I heard her breath suck in as I did this,I then sat her on the bed and took her wrist and tied another neck tie to first one then another hand,then one leg then the other .She was breathing in short deep breaths as she laid there wide open and helpless.I pulled at her panties and they were soaked with her juces,I had no problem tearing the wet fabric and removing them . I could see the lipps of her pussy dripping and kissed her deeply as I teased her 38DD breast over the shirt she had on.Her nippels pushed against the shirt as my fingers trased them and squeezed her tits making her hips rise off the bed.Kissing her neck and slowley undoing one button at a time had my cock dripping and throbing as I rubbed against her thigh . With just two buttons left I slid my hand inside and could not believe how big her nippels were, as my hand teased them she hissed for me to pinch them hard then harder .I was pulling them so hard I thought it was hurting her.Nope! She begged for me to pull them and how good it felt,I got on my knees and put my cock up to her face and she opened her mouth and tried to lick my dripping cock.I rubbed it on her chin and face not letting her taste it.Moving to her nippels I rubbed the dripping head on her nippels soaking them in precum, Paula was out of controle trying to get loose. I gave her what she wanted and put my cock to her lipps and she swallowed as much as I gave her bobbing her head as best as she could.I had to get out of her mouth because I could have cumm in a second.Moving to her feet I slowly kissed up the inside of her legs as she shook and moaned.Working up to her pussy my tongue opend her wet lipps and felt her clit so hard and hot begging to be sucked.I sucked it in my mouth and flicked my tongue slowly as my hands sidd up to play with her tits she started to buck uncontrolably cumming and pushing her cunt into my face...I have more to tell you as the night was a long one !To be continued
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