Paula The Slut

One week end when I was still married to my X we went with another couple to a cabin in NH. The first nite was the usual with plenty of drinks and enjoying the music and the hot summer nite . As usual we all over drank and had a good time dancing first with our wives then trading our very willing spouses.As the evening continued the drinking was making my wife very loose and frisky.Sitting at the table she unsnaped her bra that was holding her 38dd breast and took it off with out removing her shirt. My buddy was just watching and made a joke of wishing his wife had tits that big.That started the sex talk and how we should trade our spouses ! We all just took it as just fooling around and were not serious. His wife had way to many beers and passed out on the couch.So I turned down the music and put on some soft country tunes.My wife Paula went to our room and I figured she was done for the nite.My buddy John and I had a shot or two and another beer making fun of the girls not being able to party,when Paula walked out of our bed room with one of my shirts on and nothing else.Johns eyes got wide as she started to sway to the music wanting to dance . I grabed her hand and pulled her close swaying to the music.I noticed the shirt was half unbuttoned and she was grinding her body against my growing bulge .She then looked over at John and said your turn ,I told him its ok and sat down and let them go.I never thought she would go any further and it was all harmless .This went on for at least an hour and we took turns with her dancing having fun.John went to the bath room and his hardon was very noticable I asked Paula if she would like to go further and she smiled and unbuttoned her shirt all the way.As John came walking back in the room Paula opened her shirt and her nippels stood out huge and stiff.She took his hand and guided it to her breast,letting out a soft moan as he held and teased the nippel.I watched as his other hand opened her shirt and kissed her neck working his way to licking her stiff nippels. Her hand pulled at his shorts freeing his cock,her breathing was short and hard as she played holding it and dropping to her knees.I watched as my hot d***k sluty wife sucked that cock and rubbed it against her nippels then back in her mouth. I could not believe how hot she was I told her to lay back and started to lick up her legs as she spread them wide open saying she wants to fuck so bad and how she needs to cumm .John played with her huge tits pinching her nippels as she put her arms over her head and begged him to hold them down and get somthing to tie them up with I gave him my belt and drove my tounge into her wet cunt as she squirmed and wispered for us to do anything we wanted just please make her cumm ,with her hands bound he put his stiff cock to her lipps and she sucked and moaned as he fucked her mouth,I had her clit deep in my mouth sucking and teasing as she started to buck against my face cumming so hard her legs shook and shutterd cumming over and over. I got between her open legs and drove my cock into her dripping cunt fucking her as hard as I could .Paula then rolled over and spread her legs wide wanting John to fuck her ass and telling me to lay down so she could straddle my cock. She was out of controle telling us what she wanted . She told us to treat her like the little slut she was and just fuck her and dont stop .Her hands still tied together holding them over her head with my cock in her pussy and John deep in her ass,she was wild saying fuck me fuck me Im a filthy slut fuck my cunt fuck my ass we did and took a long time to cumm because of the amount we had to drink She wnated to play with her self so she could cumm again so I untied her hands and she rubbed and played as we took a break and watched her on the floor fingering and cumming over and over.She finished us both with her mouth and we both came covering her face hair tits !This did not end with just that nite!I will post more later.
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2 years ago
very good
3 years ago
This has always been my fantasy, just haven't found and takers yet :)

Thanks for the Saturday morning O. Nice way to start the weekend :)
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great start. Hope there is lots more. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
are the leaves changing colors yet.......another LOAD on the floor.......Sweet