Foot fetish domination

This story will tell you about my in counter with a mistress in a public session

From my twenties I always wanted to be dominated by a professional mistress but was always to scared. Looking at the website of a local mistress I saw she offered a public foot fetish session. We would meet at a park she would take off her shoes and i would rub her feet at the park. I decided this would be a good first step so I decided to give her a call.

After 3 rings she answered " hello" I Said " I would like to book a public foot fetish session" she said " ok slave do you have any special requests" I had a flip flop fetish for as long as I could remember I said " can I keep the flip flops you wear to the meeting" she said " ok slave meet at hill park at 3 pm Friday and bring a tribute of 200" I said " yes mistress" and she hung up the phone. I could t wait until Friday

I got to the park and saw her. She had the nicest body, perfect tits and a giant ass but a tiny waist. She sat down beside me and said " hmmm your a lot younger than most my clients I think I might enjoy your services slave now where's my tribute" I passed her an envelope with the 200 inside it. She said "ok let's get started". As requested she wore flips flops she took them off and placed them in a plastic bag and handed it to me my first time with a mistress was about to begin

She put her feet on my lap slightly rubbing my cock and said " rub my right foot slave" now I took massage therapy classes in college so I knew how to give the best foot massage. I started at the heel and rubbed slowly and got faster. I worked my way up the arch with a strong kneeling movement. I got to the balls of her feet and I could tell she was really enjoying this. After I was done she put her left foot up and said " if you do a good job on this one you can come back to my place and serve me, you would like that right slave. I was slightly scared but my dick was raging hard and I said " yes mistress I would love to serve you".

On the left foot I think I did a better job. As I was massaging her feet she would slightly rub my cock teasing it with her foot. When I was done she said " lets go to my place slave and bring my flip flops to". It was a short walk to her condo. When we got up to her unit she let me in and locked the door behind her my adventure was about to begin.

She commanded me to strip. I took off all my clothes and she too a good look at me. She said " my house needs a good cleaning if you do a good job I have a surprise for you got it slave" I said " yes mistress". Now I was cleaning her house naked while she watched tv. I dusted mopped vacuumed and everything else I could think of. I was wondering what the surprise was though. When I was done she did a close inspection of the house. She said " I think you've earned your reward follow me".

She went to the couch. She ordered me to bring the flip flops from before. She said " ok slave your going to jerk your pathetic dick while you smell my flops flops, but I'm going to tell you how to jerk. Red means stop and green means go. Are you ready?". I said " yes mistress" how long would I last.

She started green. I started to jerk but it only last me 20 seconds. RED stop jerking. She went on for 20 min with small bits of jerking with long breaks. She saw the pre cum on my tip and said " I'm going to let you cum I'm going to countdown from ten your going to shoot your filth onto my flops flops got it slave" I said " yes mistress". She started the count down 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1 " empty your balls on my flip flops slave". I shot the biggest load of my entire life onto her flip flops. They were drenched in my cum. She looked at me and said " if you ever want to serve me again eat the cum from my shoes" with that I started to lick my own cum from her flip flops. I thought about how disgusting it was but I didn't stop until I slurped up all the cum. She looked at me and said " you've proven yourself slave, now get dressed and get out". I put my clothes on and left. Walking outside I realized I needed to set up a session with her where she can truly dominate me.

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