Tina's Choice

She's five foot six, one hundred twenty-one beautiful pounds and at age thirty-two, she is still regularly carded for alcohol purchases. We met in college where she worked on her undergraduate degree in elementary education and I, on my Master's in chemistry. She was the proverbial girl-next-door. Short brown hair, large, brown eyes, perfect smile and a one hundred percent, head-turner. Often, I felt jealousy twinges because I knew men ogled her constantly, but over time, I got over it. Our sex life, admittedly, could have been better as I was often distracted by my work and Tina lacked past, sexual experience, which I didn't mind. She had attended a parochial high school and in college, we dated each other exclusively. We had been married ten years and although I felt something change with Tina, I really had no idea what was about to occur.
It was a Friday evening I'll never forget. I arrived home around six pm, as usual and Tina had dinner ready, as usual. She seemed somewhat energetic, more than I had ever seen. We made the usual "how-was-your-day?" small talk and finished dinner a little after seven. I retired to my study and about ten minutes later, she entered. My stomach flipped. My prim and proper wife was wearing a white halter top, a jeans mini-skirt and tennis shoes with white anklets. It was obvious she wore no bra and her 36-C size was incredibly sexy. Then she spoke, her perfect smile in place.
"You're taking me to the movies tonight," she said. I chuckled.
"Dressed like that?"I answered.
Her smile grew larger. "Yes. We're going to an adult cinema." I almost fell over. "You're k**ding!" I answered, as I couldn't believe what she said.
"No, I'm serious. It's going to be a new experience for me. I've never been to one," she said, her smile never waivered.
"Tina, no one but perverts go to those things. Women, especially ladies, never go to adult cinemas." The butterflies in my stomach were overwhelming.
"Don't be silly. Women do go on occasion. Besides, you'll be there if I need protection, won't you?" she asked in her best shy tone.
"What brought this on, anyway?" I asked, my nervousness readily apparent.
"I want to experience something different. I want to explore and see just what I really do to men. Let my hair down and do something daring," she explained, her smile still ever-present.
"Tina, once those perverts see you, they'll be doing disgusting things and besides, what if someone we know sees us going into one of these places? Then what?" She laughed and explained we were going to a small city nearly fifty miles away.
"Your mini-skirt is so short. You're showing a lot of leg and your boobs are bouncing every time you walk," I complained.
"I know!" she answered. "We leave at ten pm." And with that, she turned and departed. Over the next two hours, I tried to persuade her to not go, but she was firm.
We arrived at the chosen adult cinema, located in a not-so-great part of town, at eleven-thirty five pm. It was "Ladies Night" yet Tina was the only woman there. We entered the book-store portion, paid one admission price and proceeded through a short maze of hallways, past various rooms, each with their own movie, depending on your taste. Two older men came out of one room into the short hallway and immediately fixed their gaze on Tina. I was barely given a glance. I walked to Tina's right and the two men, who appeared to be in construction, followed. Tina motioned to me and we passed through a dingy, green curtain and entered a small room with about six rows of seats. The two men did not follow. Tina moved toward a seat closest to a wall and motioned to me to stand nearby, against the wall. She sat in the aisle seat, filthy though it was, and crossed her legs, her mini-skirt riding up so high, her white panties could be seen. She seemed oblivious and appeared focused on the movie. On the screen, a young woman was engaged in sex with several men in a backroom at a gas station. My heart pounded at the sight of the small, white triangle of panty that could be so easily seen. I noticed an elderly black man as he moved slowly down the aisle. He glanced at me then Tina. He stopped a few feet from her, looked at me, then the screen and then smiled. I guessed him to be in his late sixties and harmless. He moved to a position alongside Tina and then motioned he wanted to enter the row. My heart was pounding. Tina looked at him, smiled, then uncrossed her legs slowly. She gave me and the elderly black man an incredible view of her entire, panty-covered crotch. I was flabbergasted! As he passed in front of Tina, he pretended to lose his balance a little and put out his right hand to steady himself. His hand went to Tina's right breast and she didn't even react. He then took the seat next to her. Even in the darkened theatre, his erection inside his pants, was clearly seen. After a few seconds, he leaned toward Tina and I moved a little closer. He spoke, and not in a low tone as I clearly heard him.
"You like watching fuck movies, missy?" he asked. I thought she would surely react to his statement.
"This is my first time at something like this," she answered, the smile never faded. He then looked at me.
"Whose that dude there?" he asked. "A friend of mine," she answered. He turned his attention back to the screen but always looked at the mini-skirt view as much as he could.
"You gots some nice titties," he said. She smiled! "I bet you gots a nice, tight pussy, too. You ever fucked a black man before, missy?" I was appalled, yet excited. Tina just giggled. His gaze was fixed on her thighs as the mini-skirt had ridden up to a point where her panties could be seen from any angle.
Then, without warning, he reached over and placed his right hand on her right breast. She made no attempt to move it.
"Damn, bitch, you gots some nice titties," he said, as he moved from one breast to the other. He then took Tina's right hand and placed it on his erection. Again, she made no attempt to remove it. He looked at me and smiled. He then placed his arm around Tina's shoulders and reached down to firmly grab her left breast. She smiled, her gaze fixed on the screen. He pushed Tina's leg from the crossed position and separated them. Her crotch was available for all to see. He massaged her breast and her smile continued but she now had closed her eyes. He caressed the inside of her thighs and after a few seconds, slid his hand inside her panties. She raised up slightly and her smile broadened.
"Damn,baby, your pussy is wet as a motherfucker! Baby, you need a fuckin'!"
His hand was all over her crotch and clearly, he had inserted at lease one finger. As I watched, he began a circular motion and Tina raised up and moaned. This continued a couple of minutes, then she let out a stifled groan. No doubt, she had an orgasm, and a strong one. She seemed to slump, then her smile returned. She pushed his hand away, stood, smiled at me and said, "we can go now."
"Hey, baby, where you going?"
When we got home that night, it was the wildest sex we ever had as I screwed my wife while she still wore her incredibly sexy mini-skirt.
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