Fucking My Friend's Girlfriend - Part 1

Things were cooling off for a little while, since I mostly chalked up the incident at the party to a side-effect of the vodka we'd drank and also since I was too nervous to bring it up. My morals aren't exactly strong; I'd feel guilty if I were the one pursuing my friend's girlfriend and she so much as gave me a handjob, but if she kept coming to me, I could have her bent over the couch while my friend was in the bathroom without even questioning it. (No, it never came to that. I wouldn't have minded if it did.) For at least a month, though, nothing happened.

But then my friend and his girlfriend started having issues. I never asked what they were, but it became apparent that something was up when she started texting me more often and about more personal things. She would ask me things like, "Are you still hooking up with that girl Carol? She doesn't even swallow!" or she'd tell me how long it's been since she'd been fucked ("It's been almost a week, I can barely go a day!"). I started to learn things about her that I never imagined, like her almost uncontrollable masturbation sessions, which she always disguised with "taking a nap" while I'd be one room away. The idea that she was making herself come less than five feet away from me was such a frustrating notion, as if some great party was going on and I mis-read the invitation and didn't show up on time.

Soon, our physical hang-out sessions became almost unbearably tense. She wouldn't mention anything we'd been texting back and forth, but would frequently take long showers before class. "Naps" became even more frequent, it seemed, since I learned what they really were. Her clothes became less and less appropriate for the weather, with her skirts getting shorter and shirts getting lower. I couldn't hide how hard my cock was after she'd bend over to pick something up, giving me a partial view of her smooth thighs with just a peak at the crease where they met her perfectly rounded ass, and I'd spend the next hour trying to think about anything else so I could calm down before anyone noticed. Other times, it became unbearable, and I could almost feel myself sweating when she'd sit next to me on the couch and slide against me with her skirt riding up, driving me to the point where I would have to excuse myself to the bathroom and jerk off to the mere heat her body gave off next to me. Though they'd always had a somewhat messy apartment, her panties were more and more frequently on the top of the pile, and almost always tiny thongs or the type of lacy stuff you expect most girls to save for special occasions.

Our talking around the subject of sex finally became explicit, and we started being straight-forward, almost planning the inevitable event that we would find enough time away from her boyfriend to take care of all the tension we'd been building up for the past months. I no longer had to imagine her in the outfits I'd picked out in my head for her, because she started sending me pictures of her in thongs and bikinis as long as I promised to use them to masturbate to. I would spend over an hour in the bathroom, stroking my cock with one hand while she asked me what I wanted to see next, and asking for pictures of my cock as proof that I was using the pictures right. She began telling me little details, like that she loves thongs because it made me notice her ass more, and that she promised she could take my cock all the way down her throat, even though she learned I was a decent amount bigger than her boyfriend. She told me that she loves to be taken from behind, and that she is VERY flexible, which I could take advantage of. I told her that skirts and thongs drive me crazy because of how easy they make it to fuck a girl almost anywhere, without worrying about getting dressed afterwards, and I can't imagine a better feeling than coming in a girl's mouth after a really skilled blowjob. After hearing this last bit, she finally made the call: "Don't jack off until Saturday; my boyfriend's leaving for a funeral on Friday, and he won't be back for a few days. I want as much of your come as you can save for me!"

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2 years ago
im loving this build-up. cant wait to read part 2