Fucking My Friend's Girlfriend - Intro

My university is nothing like in movies - there aren't any dorms, huge parties bordering on orgies, or attractive girls begging to get laid. This was a pretty big disappointment for me, since by the time I started, my sexual experience was minimal and I was horny 24/7. In the first week, I fell in with a group of other freshmen through some lame ice-breaker type thing set up to encourage you to make friends and study partners. One was a couple from a town a couple hours from there, so they had to take an apartment close to the university. This was convenient for me, since I took the metro about an hour and a half to class every morning, and having a place 10 minutes from class to crash when I was either out late or had to be up extra early was a pretty awesome perk. The couple seemed pretty normal at first; the guy was about 5' 10", scruffy beard and sort of a husky build, but he was a funny dude and was great to hang out with. His girlfriend was about 5', just over the line from curvy and into chubby. She always wore glasses with bright colored frames, and really plain clothes for the most part. She dyed chunks of her hair, but it was almost always just thrown into a pony-tail so you could barely tell. She was a very artsy chick, definitely moody and always seemed distracted.

Things were pretty fun at first. Being a bunch of 18 year olds with a private, unsupervised place to hang out for the first time, we had plenty of plans. We had developed a cycle where I'd stay over their place on Thursday nights, did some cooking and cleaning to pay for my room and board, and then we'd plan small parties as soon as we got back from classes on Friday. Then we'd either wake up hung-over on Saturday, I'd go home to shower and grab food, or we'd order pizza and plan another party for that night. This went on pretty harmlessly for a while, with the party nights usually ending with everyone going home, the couple going off into their room to fuck, and if I was lucky, a girl staying behind to hook up with on the futon. My buddy's girlfriend was always making offhand comments about the girls I picked up, but it didn't bother me much. As long as she wasn't willing to jerk me off, I had to find someone.

One night while I was sitting down behind the couch screwing around on my laptop (the apartment had a couch in the middle of the living room because their TV was tiny, so there was a sort of nook with a desk behind the couch that you couldn't really see from the rest of the room), I started complaining about not getting any in a while. My friend's girlfriend was sitting right up against me, and I was getting a little uncomfortable, because this was the first time I noticed how great this girl's tits were, and I couldn't stop staring. She was wearing a low cut tank-top, and her tits were huge, so the view was amazing. As soon as I noticed, my cock reacted, and between her sitting up against me, me imagining reaching over for a handful of those beautiful tits, and the fact that I was already thinking about sex before she sat down there, I was rock-hard in seconds. I had always placed her out of my mind since I only ever knew her and her boyfriend as a couple, but now, every sexual feeling and perverted fantasy I'd ever had about other girls came flooding in all at once. I didn't give a shit about him now; all I cared about was seeing how her pierced tongue felt for myself. She must have noticed me for the first time then, too, because she kept glancing obviously at my cock, which was showing through my jeans at this point. There's probably a half dozen people in the room besides us, but we're out of view of them. It was that moment when things became radically different between us, because she leaned in close to me, ran her hand up my thigh, placed her hand on my cock and gave me the tiniest little squeeze through my pants while saying, "Don't worry, you just keeping picking the wrong girl. Quit looking for someone and you'll find someone to fuck in no time." Just hearing her say the word "fuck" with her fingers squeezing my cock was almost enough for me to come in my jeans. As soon as she said this, she jumped up and went back to the party as if nothing happened. Nothing came of it for months, but when it did come up again, things escalated even faster.


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