Sarah gets greased

she sat down in the seat in front of me on the train.i caught a glimpse of her stripped socks and decided to have a proper look.
my eyes traced up her knee high sock onto her bare thighs then over her very short pleated skirt.she crossed her legs and i hoped for a glimpse of her panties but no such luck.moving my eyes up i could see her exposed stomach and the white shirt that was just tied together at the bottom and not buttoned up which exposed the cleavage of her large full gaze was broken when she pulled her blazer together over her chest and folded her arms.i could see a school logo "st trinians".quickly looking up at her face i could see the most amazing blue eyes and bright red lipstick,the fake freckles on her face and the way she had her hair in pigtails but was clearly to old to be in school confused me.
I awkwardly smiled at her trying not to look like a pervert.She responded with a huge grin and said "hi im sarah would you like to donate to c***dren in need" and thrust a collection box at me.this allowed her blazer to fall open and my eyes quickly darted to her exposed cleavage.Sarah let out a little giggle as she realised what i was looking at then lent forward sticking her chest out and whispered "naughty sir,don't you want to put something in my slot?"shaking the colletion box.i blushed a little and searched in my pocket for some money."is there something in there for me sir?" Sarah looked at the bulge in my crotch her smile so wide it exposed her bright white teeth.
Pulling out a hand full of crumpled notes i clumsily pushed a few into the small gap in the top of the lid."MMM dont worry about being gentle sir,its only a little slit so you have to f***e it in."
Her eyes sparkled "thats it,f***e it in there.dont worry it wont split".her eyes still staring at the growing bulge in my trousers.
"nice outfit,very cute.Have you made much money"i regained my composure and slipped the notes into the tin."i like your pigtails,nice touch"i laughed.
"ive done ok thanks sir.and thank you for the complement"Sarah started twirling her pigtails with her hand."Most of the money has been from older men who just wanted to look down my top"still playing with her hair,Sarah arches her back sticking her chest out and making her cleavage bulge against the push up bra she had on."to be honest though i don't mind.I actually quite like the attention.watching there eyes staring at my body and the bulges in there trousers"Sarah leans forward her face near mine and whispers"Ive been soaking wet since lunch time"she giggles to her self and leans back in her seat."look sir"she quikly looks around to see if anybody is watching then lifts her skirt up while opening her legs.
My dick suddenly goes rock hard as i see the wet patch on the front of Sarah's cotton pants."could you help me with this sir?"pulling the crotch of her pants to the side exposing a smooth slightly swollen well lubricated pussy.
Sarah quickly closes her legs and pulls her skirt back down as the voice at the end of the train shouts"tickets please".her face goes red as she blushes,grinding her thighs together"damn it".
heartbroken i stand up,my dick still pushing hard against my trousers"this is my stop,i have to go".Sarah looks out the window and points towards my van."is that yours.could you give me a lift home please sir.i will be very gratefull"her eyes still sparkling.
"how did you know it was mine?" i ask " and yes i would love to give you lift home".Sarah put her arm around mine and pushed her chest against me.
we leave the train and head towards my van."ive seen you before,you probably havent noticed me as i dont usually dress like a naughty school girl sir"as i open the back door Sarah adds " i dont usually let a stranger fuck me in the back of a van though either" then starts giggling to her self.putting her blazer on the floor of my van then kneeling on it Sarah looks around and slowly undoes her shirt exposing her tight white push up bra "do you like that sir?,do you like my firm young breasts"she begins stroking and massaging her breasts,pulling her bra up and letting me see her full breasts.
unable to wait any longer,i make sure the door is locked and unzip my hard dick in my hand,Sarah gasps as i pull it out of my trousers."thats very big sir!,i dont think my little slit will take that.Are you going to **** me with that sir.Are you going to hold me down and f***e that monster into my tiny little cunt sir."her eyes fixed on my hard dick while her hands move off her large breasts and between her legs.
i nod and start slowly wanking as she removes her skirt and bra."oh sir.thats so big.please dont **** me sir.please dont fill me with your cum."still smiling sarah starts to remove her knee socks."leave them on" i grunt as i furiously stroke my hard dick.
"oh sir,you are a pervert."Sarah stretches her legs wide open causing her swollen pussy to she moves her knee to show me more of her cunt,Sarah knocks over a tub of engine grease.her eyes widen as she watches the grease slowly pour out.pulling her lips wide apart and staring at the grease"are you going to grease my little bottom up and **** me in the anus sir?"pushing 2 fingers deep into her self she continues"**** my naughty little asshole sir?.are you going to grease me and shove that big monster into my bottom sir?".
watching Sarah finger herself and hearing the filth thats coming from her mouth gets to much for me.i quickly grab her pigtail with my hand and f***e her face onto the floor of my van leaving her ass sticking up int the air.with other hand i grab a fist full of grease and slap it all over her puckered anus."oh sir please dont fuck my bottom.Please dont fuck it hard sir"Sarah groans.
i wipe some of the grease on my hard dick and position myself against her rear.puting the tip of my dick against her twitching anus.i grab hold of her pigtail and place my other hand on her large swinging breast"are you ready sarah?".
she starts pushing her anus against my greasy hand squeezing her large breast."please sir!,**** my bottom.make me feel like a bad girl.put that fucking monster in me now sir!!.she shouts
Sarah screams as i ram deep into her anus until my balls are squashed against her bottom."harder sir! fuck my anus sir!" i start pumping my dick in and out of her.pulling it all the way out and then sliding it all the way in.with each thrust she says "thank you sir".unable to last much longer i furiously fuck her tight anus until i can hold on no hand squeezes tight on her breast and i allmost pull her pigtail out as i thrust deeper into the naked greased sarah."im coming" i warn as i feel my balls tighten.
Sarah starts tensing up and her anus clamps around my dick"me to sir,im cumming to sir.cum in my bottom sir,just like daddy does".this last comment finishes me off and a jet of gooey cum shoots up her rectum and into her colon.her anus clamps tight on muy dick that i can barely cum."thank you sir,thank you for ****ing my bottom sir".we both collapse on the floor,sarah still shuddering from her orgasm.we lay there for a while i enjoy the feeling of sarahs naked i pull out i see my cum leak out of her anus and start getting hard again but sarah stops this by saying"i cant take another fucking like that yet need to let me recover first.take me home and you can come around later and play with me again".we both get dressed and i take her home.
i pull up outside her house and she kisses me on the cheek."thank you sir.come round about 9 and we can have some more fun".i watch her walk off then drive home thinking about what just happened.
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