The Holiday

............... I want you so much”
“Well you can have me if you can catch me,” she answered running towards the gate of the complex. He followed her and overtaking used his key to unlock it. She pushed passed him as he had difficulty removing the key and ran on, passed the outdoor and indoor pools and on towards their apartment block. He tried to catch up with her but she beat him up the steps to the door of the apartment. There she had to wait as he climbed the steps and then caught up with her. “Now I’ve got you, “ he laughed grabbing at her bottom as she squirmed away from him. He undid the door and stood aside to let her enter, patting her bottom as she passed him. The contrast between the bright outside and the dark interior momentarily blinded them both but she was the first to move and quickly climbed up the stairs to the bedroom area. Her heart was racing, partly from the running but also from the anticipated excitement to come. ‘He wants me ‘ she thought. How wonderful to be wanted. Especially when you want him in return. She lay down on the bed and posed provocatively, her arms spread above her head and her body splayed out with just a hint of her pussy between her raised knee and pointed other leg.
“What delights have we here,” he chuckled as he reached the top stair. He stood at the foot of the bed and admired her sensuous, erotic pose. She squirmed a little and then sat up leaning on one elbow. “These delights are all yours....” she huskily whispered and leant forward to take his surging cock in her hand. She stroked it as it rapidly grew . Then she gently pulled his towards her. He leant forward and she took his cock in her mouth. “OOhhhhhhh,” he sighed and lay down beside her in a classic 69 position. She found the feel and taste of his cock in her mouth so perfect that she settled down to explore and enjoy it to the full. As she did she felt his lips brushing across her pubic area and then to the top of her pussy. She felt a tongue first begin to lick up and down her slit and then gentle fingers opened her pussy lips up. The tongue delved deeper to find the delights that lay within. For the next 20 minutes or so they both discovered the most intimate areas of each other. She licking along the length of his cock and around the head. dipping the tip of her tongue into his cock hole and then taking first one then the other testicle into her hungry mouth and gently sucking on them. He meanwhile had discovered her clitoris and teased it , soft and gently at first but then with more urgency. Together they were orchestrating the speed and rhythm of their love making. Neither wanted to hasten the end so dwelt longer on each area of pleasure, savouring each new discovery and almost worshipping it. She was the first to introduce more urgency as his tongue explored deeper into her love hole between her juicy pussy lips. It didn’t help her that his other hand had been caressing her bottom and by now had a finger delving slowly but insistently into her bum. “Ohhhhhh,” she moaned as his finger went deeper. He pulled back for fear of hurting her. “No , no please John deeper , please.” she murmured. So he licked deeper and prodded deeper and she squirmed more and more and more.

The cock in her mouth was now straining against the back of her throat and he was letting out small guttering noises deep in his throat. It was his turn to instruct, “ Don’t suck quite so hard , I don’t want to cum too soon, “ he moaned. She slowed her sucking and concentrated on just licking the head of his cock and kissing along the shaft. This seemed to galvanise him and he erupted into life . Sitting up and sliding his body away from her head and turning it rapidly to reposition himself above her aching nakedness. Looking down he took in the shininess of her eyes, like burning coals. The redness of her breasts with nipples engorged and thrusting upwards. The flatness of her stomach as she arched her body up towards him, an open invitation to please, please pleasure her. Last but not least his eyes settled on the flushed, juicy pussy lips with the clitoris glowing with all the stimulation his tongue had given it. He could wait no longer, with one swop he descended and thrust his burning , aching cock, still covered in her saliva deep into that gorgeous, glorious all embracing love hole. She let out a strangled cry at the speed of his thrust. A cry not of pain but of pure fulfillment. His cock was home and where it belonged and where she had So So wanted it to be. He began to thrust in and out of her and she rose up to receive each thrust so that it got deeper and deeper. A wonderful wave of pure a****l lust swept through her body as she pulled him into her as if to envelop him in her womanhood. She so wanted him in her and abandoned all thought and reason to let the slut, the whore , the wicked inner being take over and rule her very being. Together they were lost in total instinctive love making. Knowing what the other needed without any thought. Their bodies were as one, taking and giving in equal measure. They were oblivious to time, to where they were or even who they were.

This passion, this lust, this sensuous need they both had for each other could end in only one thing. When it came, it came with such a rush that neither was expecting it. Their climaxes were as one and their cries of total pleasure mingled together like a primeval SCREAM. His whole body was focused on his cock deep inside her and her whole body was focused on sucking from him his life essence to fulfill her own, all consuming orgasmic need. She felt his seed spreading with in her and her pussy sucked him dry. Her final thrusts ensured he stayed deep inside her. It was where she wanted him to stay.......

As their bodies shook from the overpowering emotion they stared deeply into each others eyes. The lust in them was being replaced by a love and respect. They kissed long and deeply, until their bodies began coming down from the extreme state of passion they had been in. They simultaneously let out a long, heartfelt sigh. Saying no more they curled gently up together and their eyes said ‘THANK YOU’ . They then fell into a deep sl**p. Their faces relaxed and a smile played around their lips.

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