My Electric Fucking Machine

A few months ago i decided it would be a good idea to add a fucking machine to my large collection of bondage toys, so i did a bit of homework as to what i needed,& started searching.
The two main items,the special DC volts motor & the electronics to control it i was extremely lucky to get off E-Bay,from seperate sellers,& both for the initial bid !! No-one ran me up ,hehe
The slider mechanism that works the cock shaft is ex-British Military,prob off the Ark Royal !
Having got all the bits,i made the machine in under two weeks,& it really works well,any speed up to 53 pokes a minute.
Anyway,the girls that visit me started using it,& loved it,even got asked if '
"Can i borrow it Sir ?" They then started a competition 'Who can ride it the longest ?' The record as i write this is - Exactly 2 hours on vaginal, only 10 mins on Anal (it always wears a condom),See the 3 pics of it.
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