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My wife and I went to get our passports renewed. We had been married for four years and we had not gone on vacation since our honey moon. Neither one of us ever had the time but about six months ago, on my birthday, she promised me that if I take her on a holiday, I could do as I please with her. To me it sounded like a pretty good deal, some fun in the sun, drinks on the beach, and my way in the bedroom.
Anyway, I thought I was a bit out of shape, she thought she could use a couple of gym sessions as well, so we hit the gym and in a couple of months we had beach bodies. I found a good deal online for a five star all inclusive and booked our trip to Cuba.
We walked into the passport office and took our number; we sat down facing the small booths. One of the clerks, a tall, skinny white guy, kept on looking at my wife like he knew her, it didn't bother me too much because over the last few months my wife had got sexy as hell. Ever since we were in college, she had been very thin, but not in shape, I on the other hand, was pushing 120kg. I lost a bit of weight and she put some on; and now we were both in the best shape of our lives. Either way, the clerk kept on looking at my wife and i noticed her blush a little. I wrote the incident off and continued our day with out discussing what i had seen.
The day finally came, we spent the previous night packing, I had a bit of fun because, as per our deal, i had final say on what she could pack. My rules were simple: 1. Miniskirts only, nothing within 6 inches of the knee. 2. Only one non-pre-approved micro-bikini was to be packed, (i had ordered three sets, a black one, a white one, and a red one made of fine fishnet). and 3.Including shoes, no more than three (3) articles of clothing at any given time. She protested and I reminded her of our agreement, she reluctantly packed and got ready to shower. I told her to hold on, she asked why, and i let her know she needed to wax her pussy. She laughed but stopped as soon as she noticed that i wasn't joking. I handed her the wax and in an hour she came out of the shower and laid down on the bed. She called me over and she lifted her towel, showing me her freshly waxed pussy. She asked me if i liked what i saw, and i nodded and dove directly for her tight, wet cunt. I ate her out until she came, i went to take a shower, but when i came back to the bedroom she had fallen asl**p.
We arrived in Cuba early in the day, we were able to spend most of the day on the beach, she wore the bathing suit she had chosen. We headed back to our room where we got changed for dinner, she put on a pleated jean skirt, a red thong, and a push-up bra. My wife has beautiful small breast, but she always feels insecure about them. She was reaching for a tank top, when i stopped her, i reminded her that only three (3) pieces of clothing on at any time. She ask if i expected her to walk around in her bra, i told her that it was fine by me so long as it was three or less articles. She put on the top and pulled off her panties, she tossed them at my face as she walked out of the room.
The dining room was not very full, the resort itself was rather empty, a handful of couples were there on the first night, although more singles and a few more couples came and went throughout the two weeks, the resort stayed pretty quiet. we had dinner and i noticed that quiet a few people were now sitting around our table. We finished and thought nothing of it, we decided to go to the bar after wards only i had to make a stop in the rest room, i told her to meet me at the bar.
I walked in to the bathroom and i heard two guys taking while using the urinals, they were talking about a girl, on guy said how he liked the girls tiny titties, the other guy said he liked her pussy, the first guy asked him where he saw her pussy, and the the other guy told him that she was wearing a mini skirt with no panties in the dining room, and her pussy was bald. the first guy said damn, and said that he'll PAY to tap that. i didn't realize they were talking about my wife until i arrived at the bar, she was sitting there taking to an older gentleman who s**ttered as soon as i approached. She said that i wouldn't believe what the man had asked her, she said he had propositioned her for sex for money. i jumped back, two men in one night had commented that they would pay for sex with my wife. i know that it should have been pissed off, but it was turning me on a little. I also noticed young girls were hanging out with older men wearing similar outfits to my wife's and i realized that i had inadvertently dressed her like a whore.
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nice beginning to a series
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Good start