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As you can see from my profile I LOVE LESBIAN PORN! I don't see the point in watching heterosexual porn videos cos I am seeing that every time I have sex!

My sex philosopy:
1. I am a lesbian, trapped in a body of a handsome man!
2. When I die I want to be reborn as a HOT LESBIAN!
3. I support lesbian way of life only if both chicks are young, beautiful and hot!
4. Not all women are backstabbing whores, some of them are backstabbing sluts.
5. No glove, no love - because all women have some sort of STD!
6. Better a blow job than a no job!


My ultimate favorite lesbian porn star is certainly and without a doubt, THE HUNGARIAN GODDESS and (in my opinion) one of the HOTTEST WOMAN ALIVE - MONICA SWEET aka JO!
(she is also the girl in my profile pic)

Well to be honest, I watch straight porn too!
My favorite all time porn star and legend is JENNA JAMESON! I watched her every movie and I believe that she is THE QUEEN OF PORN!


I love my country, I really do! I am good all American man! But what the faq happened to our girls????? They became fat and ugly over the years! Look at girls from the 80's! They were bombs! They had perfect legs and asses! And what is the most important - they weren't fat!!!!!
I spent the summer of 2010 in Europe and man I can tell you, euro girls are GODDESSES!!!!! They are way over American girls!!!! SHIT!!!!! First of all they are not fat! 4 REAL!!!! Second they love sex but they are not so slutty (read whores)! And third they are god damn beautiful!!!! So if you have the chance FUCK THAT EURO ANGELS!!!!!
Well to be little patriotic, I think that we still have hotter MILFS!


One of my favorite kind of vid here is the non staged, home made, amateur blowjob! Man that kind of vid can be awesome! I mean blowjobs are awesome! We guys love them because we don't have to do anything, we just sit and relax and let the lady do her thing! I love blowjobs and hade my share (and still having)of them but I can say that there is nothing better than finding real blowjob vid here so if you found or have uploaded it, please contact me!

Now this is closely related to the topic above - WOMEN
I love women! I think that they are way intellectually superior than man and that they should run the world and i respect them highly but let's face it, their place is on their knees! They are so good at sucking cocks, they don't have to do anything else in their lives! Just seeing them on their knees is a paradise! And if they have their mouth full with our cocks and eyes wide open - we can die happy next moment!
So women, girls and ladies, if your husband, boyfriend, best friend or a very good friend is having a bad day, get on your knees and give him a blowjob! It is only a three minutes for you and it will make his whole month a lot better (and of course, don't forget to swallow)!

My LIKES in porn:
Lesbian sex, lesbian threesome, hot lingerie, white socks, blondes, brunettes and red heades, hot women's feet, legs and asses, nice sensual blow jobs and swallow, girl/girl/boy threesome, real amateur not staged homemade videos especially blow jobs, porn superstars and legends...

My DISLIKES in porn:
Any kind of sexual violence, child pornography, scat, peeing, bondage, tortule, humiliation, pain, large fake tits, hairy and/or fat women, old people in porn, shemales, ATM, transporn and gay porn - male, fake, ignorant, stupid and uninportant people!



It is very simple:
2. Female profile MUST have an INTRODUCTION PHOTO because there are too many men pretending to be women on xhamster!
3. You must be a contributor (you have uploaded vids and/or pics and/or original stories) or have many vids saved in your favorites including mine!!!!!
4. You must have something written in about me section!!!!!
5. You must be a member of xhamster for over at least 100 days!
6. And still if you have all that but we don't have same interests or I simply don't like you - no accept!


Don't post your spam in comments on my uploads! You WILL be reported, blocked and the comment will be deleted! We're all here to enjoy the porn, not support your pathetic life!

Thank you for visiting my profile!
Dave "Johnio" Johnson
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5 months ago
u hav viv videos --thansk so much nice taste artistic films they are
6 months ago
fantastic collection !
7 months ago
You have a nice collection here, good Sir.
9 months ago
brilliant page
10 months ago
Still love your gallerys!!! Thanks!
11 months ago
ur welcome u have a cool profile
11 months ago
Love the new post!
11 months ago
Fed Up with the ratings system!. Vote and comment now here: http://suggestions.xhamster.com/forums/59059-general/suggestions/6360880-change-the-rating-system
11 months ago
Glad You liked it. Still upping against all odds:-)
11 months ago
Love your selections and your "about me' section. I got lost in all your wonderful uploads...Thank you
11 months ago
Hey dude all OK?.
1 year ago
Great taste and collection!
1 year ago
Great vids, can we be frnds?
1 year ago
great vids man
1 year ago
dude your story is great can't wait to read more and will definitely check out the videos
1 year ago
Great collection, thanks for sharing
1 year ago
Nice collection
1 year ago
Hey Dude. Wazz Up:-)
1 year ago
Lovely videos you have. Thanks for sharing.
1 year ago
wonderful content :)
1 year ago
Great vids and we have very similar likes and dislikes.
1 year ago
nice, i like your way of thinking.. i always want to know, how the scissors position of two womens feels it.. its awesome to watch it.....
1 year ago
Awesome collection of vids!
1 year ago
Fantastic profile, such awesome taste. Invite happily accepted!
1 year ago
Thanks for the friendship love your profile.... Enjoy
1 year ago
Love watching
1 year ago
ok no problem, love your page :)
1 year ago
Just wanted to say, you have a great page
You're best friend, J.D is also a good friend of mine
Coke and Ice with mine please!
Love the comparison between European women and American. Very realistic
Keep up your great effort and stay safe
1 year ago
You're welcome! The scene was excellent, foreplay's good, but sometimes tedious. You've an interesting page here! I've been watching your posts, for me some up, some not so much, but overall just fine. Keep it up! :D
1 year ago
Fantastic profile. Nice taste of fav videos