cock fight set-up

This is a true story about my ex-wife, her b*****r inlaw Larry and me. From the first time I met Larry at her s****r sharon's House he disliked me and at first I didn't know why. But as time went on it was apparent to me that Larry had a hardon for my wife Marry. Frequently I would catch her talking seductively to him on the phone. She would always say they were just k**ding but she later related a story about him coming to her apartment before we were married. Mary's s****r Sharon was away with ther k**s and he came over for a private diner. According to Mary after dinner Larry got-up with a huge bulge in pants and proceeded to unzip and show off his huge,veiny,dark,hairy cock. After a brief half hearted attempt at refusing him, she proceed to lick and suck her s****r's husband powerful cock. Which she said was so beautiful she couldn't resist. She suck and licked him for about 2o minutes when he spirited the largest and thicks mouth of scum she had even tasted or swallowed. I asked about her s****r and she said what she didn't know would not hurt her.

The tension between Larry and I was always there when he and Sharon visited on more than one occasion I caught him rubbing Mary's tits or dry humping her in front of a party of friend.
One after when I came home from work Mary was on the phone talking to Larry. I had had enough! Proud of my own powerful cock I told Mary I wanted to cock fight with Larry.Mary and I had often discussed men having a cock fight to see who was most sexual poweerful. Who had the longer,thicker,harder cock. Who could last the longest and who could spurt the most scum and who could spurt futher.
I tried to grab the phone but Mary pulled away talk to Larry telling him about my challenge to cock fight. While she was talking I put my hand down her pants and found the wetest cunt I ever remember. Larry said I was on and we arranged the cock fight for a time when the k**s were at school. When he won Larry said her wanted as his prise the right to fuck Mary in her big ass, when ever he wanted, for 1 year. She relayed this to me knowing both Larry and I were devoted ass fuckers. Something she rarely allowed me. I said I would agree if I could fuck sharon in the asshole if I won.Larry agreed. Sharon had a very round ass that I always wanted to put my cock into. We would fight on Wednesdy at 12:00. Ater hanging up Mary said I was in for a licking.

I went to work that morning but could only think of the up coming battle. When I got home Larry car was not out side but was in our garage and he and Mary were drinking champain on the sofa.Mary had her big tits out and was rubbing the huge bulge in Larry's pants. I sat on the opposite side of mary with a huge Hardon she rubbed my crouch and than stood up and pulled her panties down and spread her ass checks exposing her darked ring asshole. Here is what you boys ar fighting for. I could smell her wet cunt and ass. Larry bent over and gave her asshole a licking. I pulled him back and said lets see if you can win it.
Mary told us to get up and pull off our pants . I did first exposing my rock hard 7 inch thick cock and large head. Larry than dropped his pants exposing a 9 inch long cock thicker than mine and like Mary had said veiny and almost black in color. We both disrobbed completely and faced each other our cocks just a few inches from touching.Both our throbbing cocks were twitching with excitement. Mary now said she wanted to add a condition. the loser would watch the other man fuck her in the asshole and would have to drink the winners scum from a glass after she pushed it out of her ass.WE were both raring to go and agreed.

Mary used a tape measurer to first measure my cock. 7 1/2 inches long and 6 1/2 in circumference. I could tell Mary was rooting for Larry she now measured Larry's cock. 9 1/2 long and 7 1/2 in circumference. Mary shouded out Larry is the winner. Mary felt both our cocks and said they were both harder than iron and said we would have to squeses each other's cocks until the weakers man gave-in.
Mary pulled our cocks together and rubbed the 2 power heads and placed my hand around Larry's powerful turgid cock. I could feel it pulsating she now had larry wrap his hand around my cock. Mary said when I count 3 start the fight.
Mary said 1 and Larry started sqeezing with all his strenght. I did the same.
Mary was yelling rip-off his cock larry. The way we twisted each others cocks you knew we hated each other. Larry started to twist my cock. I twisted his in return. We almost twisted off each other's cocks before I gave in Larry didn't release mine and f***ed to my knees before letting go. Mary now hugged Larry and stroked his champion cock when shouting. Larry is the champion cocksman and will now fuck me in the asshole while you watch youi wimp. She left the room and came back with a glass for Larry's scum and vaseline to greese his cock for ass fucking.She knelt down and sucked his primative looking cock with gusto I had never seen. She than put vasiline up her asshole and knelt on the chase ass up and big brown asshole waiting for Larry's cock.
Larry put the head of his huge cock against her asshole and pushed in only 3 tims to have all 9 1/2 inches in her asshole. Larry looked at me and said I'll be fucking Mary's asshole when ever I want for the next year.
Her than began to drive that huge cock in and out of Mary's asshole. She grunted each time he drove in. I could smell and hear the squishing sound of his cock going in and out. He stopped once walk to Mary's face and had her suck his cock licking the juice off. He returned to her asshole and now with a very excited ,eager cock drove it powerfully in to Mary's asshole. Her grunt were louder and more frequent. than Mary yelled I feel your cock stiffening and Larry let out a large grund and pushed his cock in to the hilt and held tight while he unloaded his large hairy balls.
mary had a huge organzium at the same time, They were stuck togwether for ever befor larry withdrew his still turgid cock. Grabbed the glass and told mary to push out his scum. After a few seconds huge thick white scum began to fill the glass which had about 2 inches of scum in it when finished. Mary Turned around grabbed the glass and insisted on pouring the scum in my mouth. I had never tasted or drank scum before. Mary insisted I hold in my mouth and taste it before swallowing. I open my mounth and drank in the scum which I could smell and taste. It was incredably thick. I finally swallow when mary ordered me to. I was totally defeated. Larry came over and smacked my face with his hard cock and told me this a real man,s cock that would be in Mary's asshole everyday for the next year. Larry sat on the chase and Mary ass in the air suck and liked Larry's cock until he squirted a load on her face. Watched made me squirt a huge load on Mary's big ass.
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4 years ago
great story..i want more of them!