mom's shirt box

When I was thirteen I was home sick from school and bored. For years I had suspected by mom was having sex with negro men she worked with and hung out with at the neighborhood bar. When my friends and I played ball near the factory, mom worked in, I would over hear the negro men talking about getting blowjobs at Joe's bar from June and Dotty. Dotty is my mom and Juny is her s****r. Both mom and juny are built like brick shithouse with wide hips and very round asses. They are both dark haired and back in the 1950's when this took place wore stockings, garter belts and usually a tight skirt.

Mom had always cautioned not to go into her dresser and mess things up. I was always curious about that dresser contents. So this day I got some answers and a hard for days. As I search through mom's dresser and fond a shirt box with the contents wrapped in paper. I carefully unwrapped the paper and got my first look at mom and juny's big hair cunts. There were over 100 large photos.

The first was of mom and Juny sitting on bar stools with their legs spread and raised and their wide open cunts on display, with Joe the bar owner, a very dark negro man standing behind them with a wide smile. Mom Nad Juny both had on stockings,heels and garter belts. I loved women dressed like this ever since.
The nex photo showed mom and juny skirts lifted and asses spread with several negro's looking on and enjoy the 2 ladies. Both ladies had hot brown assholes. Another life long love of my
By this time my cock with throbbing and ready to burst, but the hottest was yet to come. There were several more pictures of mom and Juny and a blond bomshell Beryl all showing their cunts and tits. I was surprised to see Beryl in the photos because I konw she and Beryl hated each other and had had it out a few times.

A few more photos of the ladies showing their cunts and asses and than one that made me shoot a load. Mom was siting on a Bar stool between Eddie and tom, 2 negros she worked with. Mom had only stockings, garter belt and heels and she both men's very large black cocks in he hand. Mom and the 2 negros all had their eyes close obviously in deep pleasure. The next group of photod were of mom, Juny and Beryl sucking th enegros men's very large black cocks. The one I remember most vividly was shot behind the bar with all the people looking over tthe lenght of the bar with mom sucking Joe the Bartenders very long black cock. I cound not see for sure but it looked like mom had scum dripping from her mouth. We called cum,scum back than.

Than there wer about 20 photos of mom, Juny and Beryl with long charcoal black cocks in their cunts. Many times people were watching. Many of the negros had their sippers open and their hard cocks sticking stright out. The next photo to spirit another load was mom behind the bar with Joe's cock in her asshole, another with mom, Juney and Beryl behind the bar and leaning on it with Joe, Eddie and om behind them with their cocks in their assholes.
The next group was of the 3 Ladies with Black cocks in their momths and scum dripping down their cocks.
The final set of photos showed Mom and Berly Having it out,in short skirts and stockings. With mom's hands buried in Beryl's long blond Hair and Berly'd hands buried in Mom's black hair. There was a large group of negros cheering on the two fighting ladies.
Another set of photos showed mom pined by Beryl with Beryl slapping her and mom pinning Berly and slapping her. But last sete made me spirt another load. It show mom and Beryl in Heels, stockings and Garter belts pulling hair and landing kiks to each other shins. The crowd behind looked to be in primative arrowsal over the 2 sexy fighting ladies.
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Well Damn!!!
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