Kate's descent - part 4

Alan and Kate are making out on her bed. He's desperate to get into her panties. His hand runs over his fit 15 year old girlfriend. His hand moves down to her jeans. He undoes the button and zip. His hands slides into Kate's panties.

Kate breaks their hard, open mouthed kiss. "Calm down! What if mum comes in! " Desperately trying to kiss her, "it's been a week now. Face it, she's not coming in and I'm needing to cum so badly. "

"Patience, I'm sure she will. " A few minutes pass and the door opens.

Helen enters. "Starting without me? ", she smiles. "Mum, we didn't think you wanted to watch again. "

"Well, I'm here now. So, what are you waiting for? "

The flood doors open. The two k**s are all over each other. Alan gets his wish and gets his hand in Kate's panties. "Oh, you've been saving that up. You're dripping ! "

"Oh god, I know. Take my jeans off. "

Two pairs of jeans come off as does underwear. Alan goes down between Kate's spread legs, kissing her thighs as he goes. She moans appreciably as he goes. "Oh yes, baby, that's it. Mmm, lick me. Lick my cunt. "

"Someone's enjoying herself. " adds Helen.

Kate turns her head to look at her mum. Helen's legs are parted. Kate can see up her skirt but it's dark so can't see much but it's seeing her mum rub her pubic mound that gets her attention. "So are you. " Still looking at what mum's doing she continues "... lick me. Yeah, run your tongue up my slit. " Her mum's caressing gets more urgent. "You like that? You like watching this? "

"Oh, yes, baby. I want to see you cum. You're a just a little dirty bitch. "

Hearing her words encourages her. "Are you going to show us more? "

Helen slides her hands down her skirt and pulls it half way up her thighs and spreads her legs wider.

Alan looks up. "Oh fuck Helen, keep going. "

"hey! That's my mum you're lusting after. "

Thinking back to the events in the car the other day "you've no fucking idea! Get up on your hands and knees. "

Both are now naked. Helen gets up and goes over to Alan. "Is she wet? Show me. "

Kate arches her back down and brings her arse up. Alan puts his fingers either side of her pussy and pulls her lips apart. Both Helen and Alan take in the sight and exchange looks. Helen smiles. "Looks good enough to lick doesn't it? So why don't you. Lick her cunt. Get your tongue up her. "

Alan doesn't need a second invitation. Keeping her cunt wide open, he dives in licking Kate's cunt. Kate moans in response. Helen observes "you like that don't you? Look at you. Fucking slut. With your arse in the air. You'd take anybody wouldn't you? "

Kate's can't believe her mum's words but fuck, it's making her wet which doesn't go unnoticed.

"Jesus, Kate, you're drowning me. God, I need to fuck you. "

Getting up on his knees, his rock hard cock sticks out straight. "my, Alan, that's a nice gift for Kate". Helen takes his cock in her hand and wanks him gently. He groans causing Kate to ask what's going on. Helen tells her to look forward as she's giving Alan what he wants. Alan puts his arm around Helen's waist and pulls her in. They kiss. It's silent. Kate looks behind her. "What the fuck! " Both Alan and Helen tell her just to keep quiet. Helen issues an instruction: "fuck the bitch's arse".

Helen opens Kate's bedside table. "You'll need some of this " lifting out a tube of lubricant. "How did you know that was there? " "Oh, I know a lot of things"

"Right Alan, run some of this on your cock. " But instead of putting it on his finger, she puts it on hers and runs her finger slowly up and down his cock. "Do you like doing that? That's it, nice and slow. Run your finger over your cock head. Yeah, baby, that's nice. Bet you wish I was doing it to you. " "Oh god, yes, I need you touch me. I want you to make me cum. " "Alan, that wouldn't be proper would it? " Helen leans in to offer him her tongue wish he glady accepts. "now, get that cock up her. "

Alan lines up his cock and pushes in gently. "Oh fuck Alan, stick it up me you dirty bastard. Give my mum something to look at. "

"Kate, how do you know your boyfriend hasn't already given it to me? " Kate thinks the taunt could be true. "Bitch! "

Alan's cock's in deep. "Alan, take some more lube and run it round her bumhole. " But it's not Alan who does it! Helen squeezes some lube onto her finger and runs it around her daughter's bumhole as Alan's cock stretches it open. Alan starts to fuck her. "That's good, fuck her at the same time. " Alan and Helen exchange looks. Alan's completely overwhelmed by what this girls mother is doing to her.

Helen sits back down at Kate's end of the bed but she's managed to take her skirt off on the way. So when she sits down Kate says "mum! What are you doing? "

"I'll show you. " The chair gets pulled closer. She lifts a leg up and plants on the pillow naturally opening her legs. "Alan, tell your girlfriend to look at me. "

"Kate, look at your mum. Don't take eyes off her pussy. And keep watching. " Helen smiles at her daughter. "I'm so fucking wet. It's you two dirty buggers that made me wet? Look. " Helen pulls her crotch to the side and slides two fingers up herself. She curses and groans. "are you watching baby? Do you see mummy touching herself? I do this sometimes when I hear you fuck. This is your fault you little slut. "

Kate can only manage a "Oh fuck, oh Jesus " as she taken aback by her mum's wanton behaviour. Helen takes out her fingers and brings them over to Kate's face. "see? This wetness is your fault, you bitch. Smell my fingers. Does my cunt smell the same as yours? Alan thinks so. " Helen sees the reaction in Kate's face. "yes, your boyfriend knows what my cunt smells and tastes like. Yes, I can be a slut too. Oh fuck, I need to cum. " Helen's fingers are back in her cunt. She's fingering herself hard them takes them out. She brings them under Kate's nose and smears her juice on Kate's top lip. "there. Now there's no escaping my smell. "

"What about your taste? "

Helen looks at Alan who can't believe what his girlfriend just suggested. "well then, let's see. " Helen coats her fingers with more cunt juice and holds them in front of Kate's mouth. She opens her mouth but Helen doesn't move. "Please! I want to taste you. " Helen slides her fingers into her daughter's eager mouth. Kate looks Helen in the eye as she runs her tongue around her mum's fingers. Alan encourages her "Oh, Kate, that's so fucking hot. Lick them. Helen, give her more" Helen dutifully obliges. More "Oh fucks" fill the air.

Helen sits back and starts to go to work on her clit. "fuck, I need to cum. I want you watch me. "

"Oh, Alan, fuck my arse. Come up me. " Helen closes her eyes? She grunts, moans and curses herself to an intense orgasm. Alan can't hold out any longer and spurts his hot cum up his groaning girlfriend. The two lovers collapse.

Helen puts her skirt back on and then kisses the two before saying goodnight.

Alan and Kate are silent, both trying to take in what happened. "Oh my god, Kate, your mum does taste nice doesn't she? " "Mmmm, she does " replies Kate as they embrace.
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