Kate's descent - part 2

Alan jumps in the car for the daily trip into town with his girlfriend's mum, Mrs Chalmers.

He's been thinking how to bring up last night. He's still thinking resulting in an awkward silence.

After a few minutes, Helen breaks the silence. "Alan, about last night. I hope you weren't creeped out. I guess that it looks really weird and you, and Kate, must think I'm scary. " She doesn't really mean it but she wants to give an easy way to let Alan talk about it. It works.

"No worries. We talked about it and we weren't freaked out."

"I'm so glad. I haven't seen Kate this morning so I expect a mother to daughter chat will be called for this evening. "

"No, I think Kate is pretty cool with it. I don't think you need to worry. "

"Really? That's reassuring. " Helen pauses. Now part 2.... "Alan, I won't say anything but can we talk frankly? "

"Of course. "

"You and Kate seem to have taken last night in your stride.... I was just wondering if you, err, kind of liked it? "

"Mmmm, if you thought YOU were weird, well, mmm, we talked, like I said, and we did kinda like it. "

"It's not weird at all! I'm so glad you did. "

"Really? "

"Yes. Do you mind telling me how you liked it? I won't tell Kate and I'd really like you to be frank. "

"It's kind of embarrassing but I'll try. Err, god this is hard. I liked you watching us, errr, fuck. You know when we looked at each other? " Helen nods. "Well, you should have seen your face. It was just like Kate's when she's, mmmm, turned on. "

"Really? I need to look at myself in the mirror next time. " she jokes. "Anything else? "

"I'm not sure I should tell you but you asked. I felt harder and Kate said she felt it too. "

"Oh, Alan, that's wonderful! What about Kate? "

"Kate said she felt wetter. "

"Alan, I'm really pleased you're telling me all this. What was wetter? Was it her pussy? "

Alan's taken aback my Helen's forthrightness but, god, he's getting hard. "Yes, it was. I noticed it too because it was easier to... "

Helen finishes his sentence. "fuck her? "

"Oh my god. " he says to himself. "I hope she doesn't look down because she can't miss my hardon. "

"Err, yes. "

"Good. "

"Mrs Chalmers.... "

"Helen. I think we're away past Mrs Chalmers. "

"Ok. I wanted, actually, we wanted to know if last night was a one-off or if you would do it again? "

"I see... Would it turn you both on thinking I might enter the room to watch you? "

A very dry mouthed "yes" escapes.

"Well, I'm glad we had this chat because I know I can safely say yes. "

This time "Oh god" is audible.

Silence descends over the rest of the journey.

They reach the car park but Helen drives past their usual spaces and parks away from the other cars. The engine's switched off and seatbelts unclipped.

(The story is set in the UK so it's a righthand drive.)

Helen turns to Alan. Alan turns in sympathy.

"Alan, before you go, there's something else. You've been very open and frank which is I hoped you'd would be. "


"It's just that I think you deserve a treat as a thankyou. " She places her right hand on his right knee and continues "because I certainly do! "

"Helen, I... mmm... don't know what to say. "

"Don't say a word. "

Looking him in the eyes, she pinches the upper surface of her skirt, which is just above the knee but which has naturally ridden up her thighs, and pulls it further up till it's half way up. She takes Alan's left hand and places it on top of her left knee. She leans back against the corner where the seat and door meet.

Both pulses are racing but get even faster as she parts her legs so her knees are a teasing six inches or so apart.

"Kate doesn't need to know about this. "

Alan's thinks that's a slightly strange thing to say. You could almost add "but she could if you wanted her to. " Alan's not sure if HE'S adding it or not!

"Alan, I don't need to tell you what to do, do I? Just do it slowly. I like to anticipate. "

"God, Helen. I can't believe this and, don't worry, I know what to do. You won't believe me but I've thought many times about getting off with you. "

"Hopefully you wank each time. God, please tell me you're hard. "

"You wouldn't believe it. I'm leaking all over my pants. "

He moves his hand slowly up her charcoal stockinged thigh caressing as he goes and as well as a 17 knows how to. It can't be all bad because her eyes are partially closed and she's moaning. As he reaches the edge of her skirt, it also where her thighs are touching. Helen involuntarily opens her legs wider and issues a deeper groans.

With her head thrown back slightly, she hisses "yes Alan. That's nice. Tease me. "

Alan's just about shoots his load.

"Boy, it's hot under her skirt" notices Alan. Nobody could fail to feel the heat in the car.

He reaches the crotch of her tights beyond which is, oh Jesus, her panties.

Helen also knows where he's reached. Almost all at the same time she exclaims "Oh fuck Alan, I wish I hadn't worn tights. " Swivelling in the seat to face Alan square on, she lifts her left leg up and places it against the seat back and foot on top of the handbrake. To allow this, she's had to grab her skirt and pull it right up in an unbelievably wanton manner so that it's not under bum and is bunched up around her waist.

Alan can't believe the sight before him. He's looking where Kate came out. Fuck, it must have fun making Kate with her. Helen's a fine looking woman probably why he sees so much in Kate. Helen's arse isn't too large but has a nice shape and it's tight. Her thighs, which are spread before him, complement her arse perfectly. Fuck, they look sexy as fuck.

Helen's eyes open and looks straight at him with an even more lustful look on her face than last night.

"They need to come off. "

What does a guy do faced with an invitation like that?! He reaches forward and hooks his fingers in the waistband and pulls them in one almost masterful move which doesn't go unnoticed.

"My! Someone's done that before and if I'm right, Kate only wears tights at school. " A mischievous smile appears on Helen's face.

Alan's smiles back. "She's a very willing practise partner. "

"I bet she is, the little slut. "

Alan's head is absolutely swimming and Helen's opinion of her daughter just about stops him dead, opened mouthed.

Helen puts his hand up against her panty's crotch and feels up his girlfriend's mum.

"That's good. "

"Helen, your panties are wet. You're pussy's not wet is it? " says Alan with a grin like a Cheshire cat.

"You fucking better believe it. Finger me! I need to have something in my cunt right now. "

Even Kate doesn't use the "c" word!

Alan's pulls her crotch to the side with his left hand and inserts his middle finger into her pus... cunt. He immediately realises one won't be enough! Helen is so fucking wet and her cunt is certainly not tight. Three fingers seem to get the response that tells him three is sufficient.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck. You bastard, that's it. Fuck me. Make me cum. " Helen grabs her tits through her blouse and throws her back. "I bet that little bitch doesn't talk to you like that does she? "

"No but I wish she did. "

Helen sneers slightly when she says "We'll need to change that won't we? Finger my clit - I need to cum and get to work."

Alan's up to the challenge. He finds Helen's clit and boy is it enlarged! As he starts to stroke it, Helen curses some more. She squeezes her tits even harder. Her eyes closed, her head's back.

"Jesus, keep going. Don't fucking stop. Oh yes, oh yes. "

This goes on for a few minutes. The air is thick with the smell of pussy. Alan's desperate for his own release. But Helen needs to be first. With one final thrust of her cunt and utterance of "fuck' she's satisfied.

She gets herself organised and then leans over and kissed him on the cheek.

"Is that it? " thinks Alan.

As if she heard him, her hands strays to his cock. Stroking his bulge, she apologises "That was so good but I'm going to be late so I can't take care of this. " She squeezes his cock. "You know what be really hot would be to take care of it yourself and maybe text me a picture of your cock covered in cum and we can maybe 'talk' about it on the way home tonight..."
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