Kate's descent - part 1

This story is written in the third person but I'm "Alan". Although fictional, I have an old girlfriend in mind! This is my first story so be gentle but advice welcome as I want write more!

Helen stands outside her daughter's bedroom shaking with nerves. She can feel her heart pounding and her stomach in her mouth.

"Oh god, I can't do this but, god, I need to" she says to herself.

She can hear Kate moaning and the movement of the bed.

Closing her eyes and counting to three she pushes the door slowly open. The way the bed lies means Kate and her boyfriend, Alan, won't see her - immediately.

She has to bite her tongue to stop the moan escaping. Her 15 year old daughter is on her knees and elbows, her arse in the air and face turned sideways on the duvet. Alan's buried in her pussy while holding the sides of her backside for support and to pull her towards him.

"Aw fuck, Kate, this is so fucking good."

"Huh huh" is all Kate can manage.

Helen stands watching for what seems like ages. She hears Alan's cock slurp its way in and out of her daughter's cunt . She can feel her own pussy getting wet and concludes "At last, no more denying myself. No more standing outside the door. This is what I need. "

Helen moves round to watch them more side on until Alan sees her out of the corner of his eye.

"Oh god, Mrs Chalmers!! "

Kate suddenly comes to. "Mum, what are you doing!? "

Helen aims to reassure. "Alan, don't come out. Keep fucking her. "

There's a pause while Alan and Kate try to take this all in.

Alan has kept moving his cock slowly in and out anyway but he notices his cock's slightly harder and the desire to cum has increased.

"Kate, I'm sorry but I need to cum. " says Alan as he resumes to fuck his girlfriend hard.

"Oh Jesus! You can't. .. Oh fuck, that's good. " Kate's pause is filled with groans before exclaiming "fuck me. That's it. Fuck me deep. Cum in me. "

Kate opens her eyes to see what her mum's doing. Helens eyes are wide open taking everything in. She can see her bite her lip and shift from foot to foot as if she's bursting for a pre but Kate recognises the telltale sign of a sensitised pussy. "Dirty bitch" she says to herself as she realises her own pussy feels wetter.

Alan continues to fuck Kate, his own groans getting louder and strokes longer, deeper and harder. As the climax gets closer so does Helen. She's almost beside Alan. She can smell her daughter's sex and groans inwardly. God she wants to touch herself so badly. Alan looks up. Their eyes meet. He can see the same dirty, lustful look he sees in Kate's eye. "Fuck! She's getting off on this. " thinks Alan.

It can't last. "Oh fuck, Kate, I'm coming! "

"Yes, cum in meee"

And with that, the relaxation is tangible. Kate collapses flat onto the bed with Alan collapsing on top of her. Both are oblivious of Helen. Alan curves his arms around on top of Kate's and burys into her neck to kiss her. Kate purrs appreciatively.

Helen interrupts. "That was so good watching you! I'll leave you alone. "

Alan and Kate lie facing each other in silence.

"Em, what did you think of that? " Alan finally says.

"It was kinda weird. "

"I know but it was kind of exiting. "

"It was, wasn't it? "


"Do you think it's a one-off? "

"Dunno.......... Would you like to do it again? "

Alan pauses not sure what answer Kate wants to hear but he doesn't get a chance.

"I do."

"Really? "

"Yeah, I was so wet and I just Know you liked it. " says Kate smiling.

"How do we make sure it's not the last time? "

"You can try and bring it up in the car tomorrow. "

And so, the plan is hatched.
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good but short
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very good
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Very nice.