Blackmailed by sisster part 1

I stood naked in my parents room, my young teenage cock throbbing as i rubbed with a pair of my m*ms small black silk lacey panties, their senstaion sending shivers over my body. My other hand pressed a red pair of silk cami knickers to my nose , the aroma of musk further fulling my already boiling and seething mass of hormones. My cock was twitching, my balls begging for release full of my young spunk. Fuelled by lust , teenage experimentation , frustration and hormones i was wearing a pink pair of her french knickers, the feel of the matierial on my ass exciting me further, my eyes closed in exctasy
My eyes where closed , release of pent up spunk and lust imminent, lost in sensations , dreaming of when i would see real women naked and touch them.
A sound and flash drew me back, but i was alone it was outside and i was so near and needed so mush to empty my aching lust filled balls. I was too far cock twitching throbbing aching, again the sound and light, omg i was about to expolde , my hand dropped the panties and cover the end of my exploding manhood, eyes flicked open searching for tissues..shit shit shit i ahd gone to far
Flash, whirr a sharp intake of breathe
My older s****r stood in the doorway, my parents instamatic in her hand,( yes this dates me, in the times before digital ,kodak developed a point press and self develop camera) a picture hanging from it, two pictures wafted in her other hand.
My head spun , a blackness opened up , i felt sick, she had seen ...
I paused numb dumbstruck.
She looked at me in my m*ms pink french knickers, spunk dribbling through my fingers, my face reddening, my cock whilting ,
She chewed her lip.
Time stood still
"what will m*m and d*d say..what will your friends say"..
"i er er mm er" i mumbled
My cum was oozing onto the carpet from between my fingers.
"your in so much shit " she said and turned quickly dashing to her room and locking the door.
What to do, panic welled up in me, quickly i got some tissues cleaned up , stripped , washed my hands and replaced the lingereie in my m*ms secret drawer which i had discovered recently.
I went to my room and dressed, i felt sick with fear, what had she seen , what could she prove, the i remembered the camera.. I lay on my bed and waited for the world to end.
My teenage hormones had undone me , not only had my own s*ster seen my masterbate and cum , but i had been wearing my m*ms panties, and she had taken pics..Life was not bad could get any worse!
After what seemed an eternity, i heard the front door open and my parents return from shopping. I heard them shout "John , Clare , come down and give us a hand unloading the car"
My s****rs door unlocked , and i heard it open and her go down stairs! Now was my chance i darted in to look , the camera sat on the bed, a note beneath it..the pictures are hidden in the bra i am wearing...
Shit she was older stronger and wiser than me.
With a heavy heart and growing fear i went and helped.
All she did was help unpack sweetness and life to all, the world didn't end , nothing happened, i began to feel better.
Over tea she thanked my parents for letting her borrow their camera and said her best friend Wendy loved the pictures they had taken on her 1^ th brithday and asked if she could borrow it again . They agreed and where proud of how responsible she had been.
The day passed , what the hell was going to happen , evening wore on , it got later and later, eventually i couldn't take the waiitng and went to bed. My m*m came up to see if i was ok and i pretended to be ill , going for sympathy, she fell for it and went to get me a hot chocolate, a knock on my door let me know she had brought it, and shouted her to come in.
It wasn't her it was my s*ster, with a huge naughty grin on her face.
I was in bed in my pyjamas, the duvet pulled high and defensive, she in her dressing gown, long warm , slippers on her feet.
She put the drink by my bed and sat on the bed room chair by my bed. Starring at me , slightly red in her face, breathing quickly, time passed we looked at each other , the fear returned.
"Your chocolates going cold "
"ok thanks" i said taking it and sipping it, eyes avoiding hers..what was going to happen?
"M*m and D*d are watching a film ...its just started... and they opened a bottle of wine"
"oh " i mummbled
This meant they would be all lovey with each other and snuggle together on the sofa and later it would get noisey and i would get embarrassed normally.. but tonight time was dragging slower than it had ever s*ster was lookng at me..
" What would you do to stop me showing your friends and M*m and d*d thoose pics?
Light dawned , ah odd jobs , her chores, money! "anything" i blurted out.
In hinsight this was the wrong thing to say but i was young, she smiled and looked at me like a cat looks at a mouse..
"Anything?" she said
" i want to see you do it !" she said grinning and gazing at me with a new intensity..
"wwwwhat ?" i stammered this was not what i expected!
" I want to see you play with your willy.. i want to see you make your hands sticky.. i want you to do that now in front of me"
"no " i yelped
" i will tell!"
" no " i trembled
She stood and turned , as she reached the door i whispered "ok"
"just don't tell..please"

I felt so small so humilliated.
She returned and took up her place staring at me.." good boy.. so...let me see"..she demanded ..
My hands froze but then gently began to push the quilt down. I lay squirming in my pyjamas, checks flushing with shame, a weird feeling growing inside.
" let me see"
my hands moved to my waist band and lowered them so the tip of my cock was showing, she leant forward staring intently.. "all the way down"
Out of control now and following her instructions robot like i pushed the waist band down past my groin . My limp cock flopping gently under her whilting stare..
Take them off completely and your top then lie back
Strangley compelled i did so so many emotions surged through me.
"Good from now on, i want you to sl**p naked all the time, i want to be able to see your cock when i come in"
This was wrong but strangly exciting.
She paused , "if you do as i ask i will give you one picture back every month.."
"Month" i swallowed " no please, every week ..i will do as you say for a week"
Her grin widdened she beagn rockng to and fro on her chair and banging her knees together under her dressing gown.
"every two weeks" she said licking her lips.." you do what i say for two weeks for one pic"
Beaten naked and feel humiliated i agreed.
" now rub your willy , make it hard"
Again numb with the shock of it my hand moved of its own to my cock and began to rub it , to pinch it to squeesze it to stretch it. It felt good but my cock stayed soft.
" well ?" she demanded
" i don't know "i said " i just have to feel like it , it comes on me at all sorts of times"
" where you imaging naked women earlier?"
"yes " i nodded
"and them being naughty"
i ! well not until that moment ..
NO NO NO.. again pause not until then, when i dawned on me , m*m and clare where women..shapely ones too , pretty in their own ways..
My cock twitched and grew..
MMMM she purred thought you did
She stood up turned around her back to me, her gown opened she bent forward and then stepepd out of her panties...turning back to me gown closed she saw my cock buck and twitch as it was now fully erect...
"you liked that"
and handed me her warm panties.. they where small blue with ties on the side, "sniff them"
i did
her musk and aroma was strong rich warm ..they where young cock was eager excited , this was new.. a wave of excatcy passed over me, a jet of my spunk shot up and landed on my belly...
" naughty boy " she giggled " you can keep thoose tonight"
I was shocked stunned excited thrilled , emotions whirled ..
" Now lie still" she said, she bent forward and kissed my forehead before dipping a finger in the spunk on my belly...she drew patterns in it covering my belly.." now remember , two weeks one pic, no pyjamas any more..just your gown at breakfast, and every breakfast"
she reached down pulled my quilt over me and left
In the doorway she paused , "i wonder what games we wil play this week?" and with that sucked her finger thoughtfully and left..
I lay there shell shocked , i had enjoyed it , masterbated before my s****r, i nuzzled her panties and drifted off to sl**p with them on my pillow..
to be continued
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I like ;-)
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Hot stuff, thanks!
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Great start, excited to keep reading it
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Good stories JohnBadd. Keep them cuming
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