First Paki Sex Experiance

It all started when my School was off and I had come to stay at my Uncle's house for a week.
He has two daughters and both are Sizzling Hot.I liked the older daughter, Her name was Bia.She was sizzling Hot and had A HUGE Ass and Big Bouncy Boobs.

One day I was sitting in the living room and my Uncle had gone to work,Aunt was in the kitchen preparing dinner.
Bia always kept her phone locked and I always had the urge to see what she hides in her phone.So while Bia was taking a shower, I grabbed my Laptop and used a Software to bypass her Lockscreen.It went successfully and I got into her phone.
The first place I went inside her phone was Photo Gallery.I was looking through some photos while suddenly I was Shocked!

The thing that shocked me was her Nude Selfies in the Bathroom.I was suddenly rock hard by only taking a glimpse at her Pure Naked Body.
I quickly copied all the Pictures in my Laptop and saved them for a better opurtunity.

Later the next day I found a good oppurtunity and went to her.I said, I've found something on your mobile,they are your Nudes.
First she said I am lying, then I showed her the pictures and she started begging me to not to tell anyone about it.I said I will think about it.
Then that night she came to my room and said that she will sl**p here tonight.While she was laying on the bed I said that if you don't want anyone to see those photos you will have to go through some work for me.
She quickly agreed and said she would do anything to keep those pix hidden.

I said "If you Let me suck your Boobs and lick your pussy, I will delete those files.She hesitated a bit at first but then agreed.
First she took off her T-Shirt and exposed those Big Brown Juicy Boobs stuffed in a Soft Orange Bra.Then she took off her Jeans and there was a small Orange Bikini.Her Huge Ass was bulging out of her Clothing.I suddenly grabbed her by the waist and first gave her a Kiss then Slowly I went down to her Neck and then Pulled the strings of her Bra and it fell down I grabbed those Brown Boobs and sucked on Hard Nipples of her.While I was sucking on her, She started fingering herself.I pulled her finger out and Licked those.Juices off it.I threw her on the Bed and took off her Bikini and first took a soft bite on her Ass Cheeks, They were soooo soft and warm.Then I turned her around and started licking.her Light Brown Flaps of her Vagina.Then I pushed my tongue as deep as it could go in her Pussy.While I was licking she said that now she is too horny and could not let me go like this.
She pushed me Back and Took off my Jeans.
I was Rock Hard and then she started taking it in her mouth and going as deep as possible, It was A great moment when she took my Cock in her warm mouth.

Then she backed off and said the words that stopped my Heart Beat, She Said "Fuck Me in the Pussy".
I was so excited I quickly pushed my Cock Inside her vagina and it was such a joyful moment.
I was thrushing Back and Forth and she was moaning loudly.
Suddenly I realised I was about to Come I told her and she said Come on my Face.
I pulled it out and her Face was soon covered with my White Warm Cum.She licked around her Mouth and then wiped the excess off using a Tissue Paper.She then Gave me a Kiss and then went to the Bathroom to.clean herself.
Meanwhile I Copied those pictures to another location So I could Jerk Off on her using her pics.
When she returned, I deleted the original pics in front of her but kept the Copies with me.

That was my First Sex Experience that went very Great.On the other hand I thought of another thing.
I can use those Copies again to fuck my Cute Slutty Cousin Bia.
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