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I only have this to say about dating a T Girl! i have been in a long distance relationship with an Asian T girl from Toronto. I have been seeing her and dating her steady since then! I love her to DEATH! She is the most sensual and sexual person I have ever known!

The first time we met...she gave me a blowjob I will always remember! And about two days later we had intercourse! It was the best sex I have ever had...until we met again! i just got home from a military deployment...i went to see her in Niagara falls Canada!...she let me fuck her bareback...and she said she wanted to feel a mans cum in her ass! she will feel what it means to be a woman! So..i did what she asked...I jizzed right inside her!

We have been fucking bareback ever since. I have to tell everyone here. She was my first T Girl...and it was the best sex ever! I sucked her ladycock the first time we met...but when we fucked bareback...i really into sucking her ladycock and she said I do it so well! I have to say...I love the feeling of her jizz jetting into my mouth! To feel he spasm and fuck my mouth like it was a pussy!...I swallowed her so entirely..then I kept on sucking and loving her for a while. She was so turned on..she bent over and gave me the best sex ever! When I came, we were both in the standing position.

We have fucked over 30 times since then, and she never makes me wanting! I jizz in her! She jizzes on me!...its the best sex I will ever have! I will say this...even though genetically she is a man...i have never seen her anything other than a woman. Her and I will get married one day! I love my Asian ladyboy that much!
Posted by john960 2 years ago
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2 years ago
good lucky on that