The Beginning 1

It was a fine summer day when I saw her walking down through the grounds of the deserted ruins, of the old Abbey.
I recognised her from the photos that i had been shown a few days earlier while i had been drinking with her husband, he had been drinking far too much and had started to chatter on about his wife and how the slut treated him and how she loved risky sex, and how she enjoyed a walk through the old deserted Abbey.
He had always wanted to share her with someone else and have them treet her as the slut she is.While he went to the toilet i checked his phone for the numbers i would need , as a plan was forming in my head.
She was wearing her jeans and a white top low cut with a frilly edge frameing her cleavage, and a floppy hat.
Her favourite place was at the rear of the old ruins where no-one else went, i had picked a spot where she would pass and waited behind a wall.
I stepped out behind her as she appeared and quickly slipped ablack hood over her head pulling the drawstrings tight,before she was able to struggle i had swecured her hands behind her back with a pair of handcuffs and gagged her so she was unable to cry out.Roughly pushing her further into the ruins and out towards the back of the old Abbey . When I had her far enough into the ruins i positioned her over a tumbled down wall i soon removed her panties and bra, poseing her with her legs spread with her cunt on display and her tit's hanging out of her top.
I found her phone and took a photo of her in this position,scrolling down i found her husbsnds number and sent him the photo.
It was less than 30 seconds when the phone rang. When I answered it it was him demanding to knoe who i was, i explained where i had met him and what he had told me he went silent at the other end and then asked me what i wanted.
Itold hom where i had her and that he had one hour to get here to pick her up.
Returning to her i ran my hands up her legs to her gapeing cunt by this time she was dripping wet and in a high state of excitement, i first inserted 1 then 2then 3 fingers into her soaking wet cunt she soon came, her tits looked so inviting and i started to sucn and nibble on her nipples then squeezing her ripe tits she soon came again.
I told her that if she would be silent I would remove her gag she nodded and i slowly undid the gag prepared to tighten it again if she cried out, but by this time she was so arroused and in need of cock that she obeyed, she begged me to turn her over and fuck her from behind but first i wanted to get my cock between thoes red lips and have her suck on it for a while. I placed my cock to her lips and she quickly sucked it in i pushed it deeper untill it was all in and she was gagging on it. I withdrew from her mouth and turned her over her tigh arse sticking up for all to see, I thrust into her cunt fully and started to thrust in time to her sobs, she started to quiver in another orgasm the walls of her cunt gripping my cock squeezing me dry as I spurted deep into her.
As we lay there recovering i told her how i knew where she would be, and all about he husbands indiscretions at the bar while he was d***k she was angry at hin and asked if i would help her get her revenge by bringing him to her in the same state as i had took her.
Agreeing to this i released her from the handcuffs and went to wait for him. Soon I heard him coming through the ruins, it was easy to repeat the process with him and soon he was bound, hooded and gagged and brought to the fallen down wall where she waited.f***eing to his knees in front of her i removed the hood and gag pushing his head down I f***ed it to her cunt lips and told him to lick and suck her she soon clamped her legs round his head pulling him tight into her.While she had him held in that way she asked me to gather some branch's from a bush behind the ruin it was obvious what she had in mind.

To be continued.

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