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After cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast, I turn to check my email. Then I turn to check our xhampster account. I see a couple of friend requests and couple of comments. I smile.

Then I check some of my favorite videos and pictures. I so enjoy seeing all the wonderful cocks available. I let my imagination wonder and enjoy. Sometimes I do this at the kitchen table or take the pc to the bedroom.

I often wonder why I am so fascinated with the wonder of a man's cock and balls. His strong chest, arms and hands. But I am so drawn to look at a man's cock. To see them move and swell. To see the glistening of the pre-cum slowly come out of the time when excited. My nipples swell as I gaze upon this amazing male member. I move my legs and feel myself tingle. My pussy longs to be filled slowly with your hardness. Your swollen tip dripping lubricates my outer labia lips. Slowly pressing to me. Desiring me. I feel your tip parting my pussy and entering me. Yes.

I so love that initial moment when your tip presses and then enters me. Filling me.

So many options... do I lay on my back and spread my legs?

... do I lay on my tummy and move to my knees to let you take me from behind?

... lay on my side?

... do I stand and turn around so you can enter me from behind?

... do I sit on the kitchen counter or dresser and let you move toward me with your throbbing cock and enter me?

... do I let you lay on the bed and facing you lower my pussy to you?

... do I turn around and let you guide your cock into my pussy?

Do you want to kiss me all over first? Focusing on my neck, my ears, my face, eye lids, cheek, lips? Moving down my back or down to my now erect nipples?

My clit is swelling and tingling.

Or do I just take charge and focus on your swollen cock and moving ball sack?

So many desires. So many memories. All flash through my mind.

As I look at your cock I want to touch you. I want to caress your balls. I want to move closer to smell your musky male scent. Some cocks are cut and other uncut. I enjoy looking at your cock tip, your veined shaft throbbing before me. My hands move up your strong legs. Then move to gently cup your balls. So big and heavy. I feel them move. I hear you moan.

I nuzzle in to kiss your balls... some are hairy some have been shaved. I imagine you feeling my silky hair touch you. You feel my kiss on your balls. My tongue licks up underneath your balls. Oh I smell your male scent filling my nose with you. I move away after kissing and licking underneath both our balls.

I caress up to the base of your shaft. You moan again. I feel you move your hips toward me.

Oh you want me to love on your cock. So sexy.

I look and see your pre-cum starting to drip from your tip. I look up at you and open my mouth. I let your clear pre-cum drip onto my tongue for you to watch. I want you to know I want you totally.

I feel my pussy inside my panties getting so wet for you. My nipples are so erect. I am so excited. So enjoying looking at your hard cock.

I want you inside my wet pussy. At the same time I want to please you. I want to give pleasure to you. So want to please you baby. Let me please you.

I want to lick your tip. I want to lick your swollen shaft. Feel and hear you react to me mouth and hands on you.

Now let me open my mouth and take your tip into my warm wet mouth to taste your cock. Feel your cock tip fill my mouth. My one hand around your shaft to gauge your desire to thrust into my mouth. My other hands moves to your balls. Your heavy balls rest in my palm and my fingers move just underneath your balls and feel your soft skin behind your balls.

Your hips move to guide me as to the speed you want me to move in and out of my mouth.

Your moaning now. Tell me baby. Tell me what you are feeling. Tell me what you want? I want you to guide me. Talk to me. Tell me.

My panties are soaked... my clit throbbing and tingling.

I want a cock inside me.

Oh yes, baby. I want you to cum for me. Will you cum for me?

I move my hand away to take you deeper into my mouth. I long for you.

I relax to let you move your cock deeper in my mouth. You are kind and careful. My hands are on your hips just in case I need you to slow or pull out slightly.

I feel your powerful hands move to my head. You move my head and mouth as your cock slides in and out of my mouth. I'm so careful to keep my teeth covered for you baby. Use me as I want to use your cock.

I move my hand to your anus and play around your sensitive skin.

I listen to hear your moaning. You are thrusting slowly then faster. My lips tighten on your swollen tip ridge. I feel and taste your pre-cum flowing into my mouth. Your silky pre-cum is mixing with my wet mouth.

I feel your power, strength and your desire.

I relax my throat as you press deeper. My mouth is stretching for you.

Will you cum soon?

Can you give my mouth a rest baby?

Do you want to cum deep inside my mouth?

Do you want to pull out and stroke your cock to shoot your cum into my mouth? Let me taste your thick warm cum?

Do you want to cum on my face so I can watch you shoot your cum on me?

What do you want?

I'm so aroused as I imagine all the options. All the choices.

I look at your cock and imagine what it would be like to suck on you... imagine where you would want to enter me? My pussy? My ass? What are your desires? Where does each of these cocks want to cum? Imagine your breathing, your moaning. Your longing and desire.

I hope you do not mind me looking at all these cocks? Imaging and fantasizing about your cock.

My memories as a teen, then in college, dating seeing boy's and men's cocks. Each different and yet so much similar in the desire. I love a man's desire. I love a man's cock.

As I sit hear with my panties wet... I enjoy imaging you. Imaging your cock... in my mouth, my pussy in my ass... where would you like to cum? I want your pleasure. I want you to use me now.

Cum with me now.... Oh baby. Tell me where you would cum...

Thank you for sharing your cock pictures with me. Letting me enjoy imagining you.

xx linda

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10 months ago
Very nice Linda. You should write more. Pease read our blog, my lover has the same gift of writing that you do. Please let us know what you think.
1 year ago
So glad you enjoy cock here. Mine is always available to you whenever you need one to play with. I do so enjoy you will take me in your mouth and take my cum. That you take my hand at times and let me jerk off into your open mouth and watch you swallow my cum. It was very sexy the time you told me you wanted me to cum on your face. You know I love to cum inside your pussy and on your panties which you know I enjoy. I also was very excited when you guided me into your ass for the first time and cumming inside you. A first for me as you know. You are so giving to me. I'm a lucky man.