Little Half-s****r

One day me and my f****y went to the beach. Once there we rented out two rooms at a hotel. One room was for my dad, his girlfriend and k**s. The other for me and my older and younger s****rs. My youngest s****r is only my half-s****r because we don't share the same mom. She was bitch and rude and one day she needs to be fucked. Now she is only 3 years younger then me and she pretty hot for her age. She has nice B-cup breast and nice hips. She isn't fat about 120 lbs and 5'4 and Mexican.
Anyways we spent the whole days walking around. We went to many of the shops there. By the end of the day we were all tried of walking so we went back to the rooms. That night we all went back and drink abit and everyone was getting really d***k but me. I knew how much I could take but I played along.
Then about two hours later it was close to mid-night so we headed off to bed. Me and my s****rs wanted to watch a movie so we did. They both past out and I finish the movie. So I turn off the tv and the light and went to bed. Woke awhile later with a hard on so I started to stroke it hoping that it go down. For a hour I stroked it and it didn't go down. Them it came to me I began to think of my little s****r. But I only got harder so I got up and went to the bathroom were I saw her bra. I used it to rube my dick for awhile then I went to my little s****r bed and remeber that she took off her bra before going to bed.
She was laying there wearing short-shorts to bed showing her fine ass. It keep runing in my head that she my s****r. But half-s****r, then she role over and her breast were right there, it was dark but I could see. I slowly reach for her tits and I got a whole hand on it. I began to rub it then I rub her nipple and it got harder. She moved a bit so I rub the other one I try to lift her shirt so I could see her tits. She began to move more, so I stop and went back to my room.
After I got to my room it sounded like some one woke up. So I went back to sl**p. Then I some one asked "You awake?" I stayed still then they came up and pushed me a bit. I turned and it was my little s****r.
I said "What do you want?"
She said "Where you just up?"
"Maybe why?"
"You were, don't lie to me."
"What were you doing?"
Hoping that she wasn't awake because if she was she would tell my dad and he would bet my ass. Also she alittle bitch and would do that.
She then said "Whats that!?"
I looked where she was looking and saw that my dick was hard. It was run in my mind "fuck,fuck,fuck...etc" I didn't know what to tell her.
So I said "What!?"
She pull the cover off me and gasp. I had forgot to pull up my boxers so my whole dick was just out there. I looked at her and reached for my dick and began to jack off. She just sat there and watched for a few mins and then I reach for her leg and worked my way up. I could feel her starting to getting wet.
She didn't do much I got to her breast and told her to lift up her shirt. She did but with unsure in her eyes. I felt her up as I jacked off it felt so good but I knew that it was wrong.
I asked "Have you seen one before?"
She said "No"
I then told her to feel it and she did. I told her to storke it up and down. I then told her to suck it and she did. God it felt good as she went faster and faster and I put my hands on her head to push it down.
Then she stop and look at me and I looked at her and told her to take off the shorts and underwear. Slowly she did and she did it in a way as if she was teasing me.
Then she asked "Now what?"
"Get on it" I said.
She got on top of me and I put my dick in her. She looked like she was about to moun really loud so I put my hand on her mouth. She just sat there didn't know what to do. So we flip so that I was on top and then things started to take off. She started to cum and it felt good.
For an hour 1/2 we fucked, I got to suck her tits and lick/fucked that young pussy. In the end I cumed in over her pussy and I t-bag her face. I looked at her and said that she could never tell any one about this and she nodded her head yes and she simile at me.
She said "I'm going to bed"
She sat up and began to put her clothes on. Once she was dress she turn to me bend over and kiss on the lips. We made out fo a min, then she stood there and asked "Okay, anything else?"
"Yeah" "Come closer"
She came closer I pulled her top down and sucked her tits again. Then she went off to bed. The next day my dad and my older s****r left to walk the beach and find shells. Me and my half-s****r stayed at the room. She took a shower that morning and I was hungover abit.
I went to take a piss and wash my hands. She got out of the shower and she had a towel around her. She looked happy to see me then she walked in front of the mirror and started to fix her hair. I checking her out from the back. My dick got hard by looking at her so I rub it on her ass and began to play with her tits over the towel.
Asked her "Remeber Last night"
"O-yeah" she said
"Time for round two!"
As she fixed he hair I fucked her from the back. For about 20 mins we went at it. That would be the end of our beach trip. We went home and becauce she lived at my dads place I rarly saw her. But when ever we have the time alone we dry hump or I feel her up or she feels me up. That my half-s****r.
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3 years ago
sounds nice man
4 years ago
Nice. I hope you get to fuck her a lot more often.
4 years ago
very good story...congrats
4 years ago
4 years ago
lucky man!
4 years ago
sounds so hot