Wife Pleases - XII

One afternoon I got home from school and she was super excited. The photographer was coming over with his "book of clients" pictures for her to see. Of course, she was anxious to see just what he had in his "stable of studs!"

When he arrived, there was the usual small talk, then he pulled out the book. I could hear her oohing and aahing as he thumbed through the album. I heard her say: "What are those numbers in the corner?" He replied: "That's their 'equipment stats'" She said: "They all seem to be on the well endowed side." He confirmed this and indicated that he tried to place such clients in situations where they could gain the most enjoyment and he had found that very tight situations did not allow as much pleasure for large packages.

That seemed reasonable, but it turns out he was quite a careful manager of resources, too!

He asked her about condums. She said in no uncertain terms: NO, NO, NO. I only do bareback. He said what about if you get pregnant? She responded, "Well, I always said I wanted a large f****y and you assured me your clients were disease free! Does that suit you?" He just said: "Wow! The pay is getting better all the time!"

Another thing they discussed was the length of a session. He indicated 2 hours usually, but that sometimes if a client really liked the service, he might want to spend the night. She responded to this possibility with: "Well, you know I am in milk with my baby, so I would have to interrupt the evening at least one time for the baby to nurse." He did not see a problem with that. What she was really trying to do was to keep my "head in the game" so to speak. By being able to leave their love bed for a few minutes, she could nurse the baby and I could clean her up....feeding two hungry birds with nature's finest liquids...yummy!

What she did not tell me was that a couple of the clients were natives of the Middle East and 5 or 6 were black. She wasn't sure how I would react to that, but by and by, she would find out how much I loved cum from these diverse sources. Also, there were a couple of females in his book, but knowing I may be hearing what she was saying, nothing was mentioned about there presence in his client book. I would only learn about them later.

He pointed out her date for the following night....she said a handsome white guy and she was ready....later for the first moneymaking by wifey and strange cum for me!
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