Wife Pleases - XI

Photo session - continued

Turned out the "nice" comment had to do with the bulge in his pants after making some touchy, feely adjustments in her pj's. I heard the conversation as he snapped pictures and commended her on her beauty and sexiness. She expressed concern that the session was going to be too expensive since I was a student with not a large income. He assured her not to worry.

Then, he asked if she would like to pose for some nude shots. She inquired who would see them. He said: "Just you, me and some friends of mine." "Friends?" she inquired. He said, "Yes, I have a select clientele for my pictures and models." She said: "Tell me more!"

"First", he explained, "This session will cost you nothing if you agree to the nude poses, then, when my clients see your modeling results, they may express an interest in spending some private time with you. Would you be interested in that?" She answered with a question: "What would they want to do in a private session with someone who has given birth to several babies when they could be with younger, tighter girls?"

His response: "Many of these clients prefer someone with real-world experience like you have. What do you think?" "Really sounds good. I can't get too much sex and we are very short on money. Would they be willing to pay for a session with me?" His answer: "Most definitely! And, you would not have to handle any money. They pay me and then I reimburse you after my agent's fee of 20%. That would leave you with ~$80 for a 1-hour session."

She said: "Let me think about it (translation: let me get permission from hubby!). He said: "There's one prerequirement." She said: "What?" He replied: "Before I arrange any sessions with any of my models, I have to have experienced the model myself." She asked: "You mean you want to make love to me?" He said: "Yes!"

I heard the rustling of clothes (sounded like she got my ESP message...YES, YES, YES!

She said...."What a nice piece of equipment...I am ready!"

The bed was tested as he pounded her for more than 30 minutes and then they both yelled when the end came....

She said: "Did I pass your test?" He said: "Yes, better than I ever believed...your performance with me will result in you getting $120 per session if you don't put any restrictions on things." "What kind of restrictions?" she asked.

"You will be willing to accept any client I think is okay for you and do whatever they want and you have my assurance they will not require anything that is beyond the pale and they are free of disease."

"What do you think?" he asked. She replied: "I am willing to give it a try. When do we start?" He said: "I will call you tomorrow and let you know when your first engagement is scheduled. What about your husband?" She assured him that she would take care of that part of the equation.

"...any client..." would bring some interesting interactions as we continue the story later...oh, his cum tasted great...and it was obvious he had not been in his wife in a while as he was "loaded!" As I often say: "Yummy!"

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2 years ago
your story made my cock very hard