Wife Pleases - X

Things rocked along with an average of one session a week, either with the doctor or his friend. This was enough, barely, to satisfy my increasing need for sperm to eat. I had come to the realization that I was a "cum addict" with all that entails.

One night when I got in from school, I noticed that the wife was in an unusually bubbly mood. I did't inquire as the background would soon come to the front, if the past was any indication.

When we got in bed that night, first a wet kiss on the mouth, then she began to go after my "command buttons", as mentioned before, my nipples. I knew there was something new in the "game." She finally said, "I had a visitor today..." Naturally curious, I sought for more details.

Well, it seemed that a local photographer was canvassing the community looking to increase his business. She said she told him that she had been wanting to get some fresh photos done, but with me in school and limited income it didn't seem like we could afford it. He asked her about coming to his studio so they could discuss the situation. She declined, telling him that finances were such that she could not get a baby sitter.

Then, she posed an alternative. Could he come to our house one night and go over what she wanted and how much it would cost. He said: "Any night, as my wife is gone on an extended trip and I don't have any evening committments." She responded, "I will check it out and be back in touch."

Now, as she slid down on my cock, she said: "Would tomorrow night be okay with you?" How do you say "no" in such a compromised position?

She had bought a satin dress a few months earlier. It was virtual see through and the beautiful nips shown in the photos here could be seen through the fabric and there wasn't enough room in the top for a bra. She laid that out in her room and gave him the instructions for getting into "her" or "our" bedrooom. Unbeknown to me, she also laid out some skimpy underwear, just in case the question of more revealing pics came up.

The "listening devices" had been checked, were in good order, and he showed up, actually a little early. He had inquired about my presence and she assured him that I would be fully involved in taking care of the c***dren.

I heard the knock on her door and she, dressed in her satin dress, invited him in and he set up his equipment to do the shoot. He marvelled at her dress and her beauty...and, she, rather coyly, thanked him.

He got her to sit in one of the nice chairs in our bedroom and began to give her instructions for different angles. Along the way, he declared that she was beautiful enough to be a model. Would she be interested? Again, the problem of baby sitters, etc., shortage of money, and he said, "If we can get a small income stream going, would it be possible?" Not knowing what I would think of that, she said, "Let me think about it and I will call tomorrow and let you know."

Almost like ESP, he said, "It would be great if we could get some shots in attire other than the dress. Do you have anything you could use?" The advance planning had paid off!

She excused herself to the bathroom and proceeded to change into a set of pretty much see through silk pajamas. When she came out, he sounded breathless. Since she was in night clothes, he asked her if she would turn the bed down and pose on the sheets with pillows in the background.

"Would it be okay if I adjusted the PJs?" She said okay. And then there was a long period where I didn't hear much. Then she said: "Wow, that was nice!" Here I am thinking....what was nice...sugar plums began to dance in my mind with the possibility of a fresh source of supply for my hungry mouth...


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3 years ago
Nothing could possibly please me more....yummy!
3 years ago
Scrotie Mcboogerballs wanted to dump a LOAD of nutt snott in you bucket mouth.........Sweet