Wife Pleases - IX

With the regular fucking she was getting, I was able to enjoy a lot of cum from 4 different nuts. Nice, to say the least.

One day I came in from school and she was unusually bubbly. I found out when we went to bed. As was her usual procedure when she wanted to take control, she latched onto my nipples and gave them a working over....naturally, I wondered what was up as she was about as busy as she could be in the sexual line anyways. Then she said...the doctor called today and asked if I would consider doing him and his friend during the same session....visions of sugar plums danced in my mind...How much cum could they produce in a joint session?

She said: "What do you think?" Trying to contain my enthusiasm I countered with: "Well, you are going to be on the receiving end, what do you think?" Really, I was the ultimate receiver, but no need to emphasize that now. She replied: "It has always been one of my fantasies, but this is the first time the opportunity has presented itself and I would really like to try it at least this one time!" And, so, the die was cast.

Come Friday night, I heard them both enter her (our) bedroom and the small talk, then the getting down to business. I thought she was cute when she told the doctor, "You get to go first since you are the smallest (snicker)." She said to them both: "I left more milk than normal in my breasts, so please have at them...." Yummy!

The sounds of heavy fucking were to continue for 2 hours. I could not tell exactly what was happening, but later she said: "The doctor came in me, his friend came in me, the doctor repeated, and the friend repeated twice..."..a total of 5 loads of cum in her pussy in one session. Visual observation would agree that this was an unusual cum drinking opportunity for me (10 nut emptyings). I sucked it all out, that is, all that I could, then added 2 more nuts worth to her night...outstanding!

Later she told me about one position where the friend was lying underneath with his cock in her pussy and the doctor was fucking her at the same time from the top....I said: "How did that feel?" She said: "You don't want to know, or else you might think I am a wanton woman."

In a couple of weeks things would ramp up some as a local photographer came by to solicit business...and, yes, he got the business.

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