Wife Pleases - VIII

Things rocked along nicely with the doctor. He visited her every 2 weeks and we both enjoyed our parts, her getting fucked and me getting the leftovers along with another go using someone else's cum for the most delicous lube known to man! One week he called and said that he had to be out of town to a medical meeting during the time they would normally be having a "session." She was a little let down by that, but there was cause for optimism as the doctor had a close friend who was being somewhat deprived at home and obviously they had discussed my wife, the delightful arrangement, and that it would be nice to do some "sharing" of the bounty.

The doctor asked if it would be okay for his friend to call, that given what he had seen of the friend's endowment she would not be unhappy with meeting him. It did not take her long to give her approval, checking with me in the interim...naturally, it sounded like a winner to me!

The friend was prompt, calling within 30 minutes. He was especially grateful for a secure location as he was a well known business man in the community and did not need to have his dalliance known around town. In their discussions it was also evident that the doctor had made it known that there would not be a problem with the husband, as he took care of the c***dren in a part of the house well separated from her bedroom.

It was evident as the appointment evening approached, that she was excited. New dress had to be obtained, tried on, approved of as being provocative and presented her to this new found friend as someone oozing sex. It was white, close fitting, so much so a bra was not possible and her beautiful aerolas (see profile pictures) were clearly visible. Her tanned legs were bare and her panties were absent.

The night got there, I assumed my listening position and she waited on him at the entry door to what would be their bedroom for the next few hours. I had a chance to get a look at him as he arrived. Very attractive and well dressed. When he got in the room there were the customary introductions and mutual compliments, then he held her close and they had their first kiss. She suggested they get more comfortable so her aromas would not get on his clothes and give him away at home. Rustling of clothes and small talk could be heard. He gave an OMG when he saw her breasts and I am sure made her feel good...did he know she was still in milk? I think so as it seems the doctor pretty much briefed him on what to expect.

He said: "May I kiss you there (breasts)?" She said: "If you like, but I warn you they are still in milk for my baby and you have to leave him some....I was just about ready to shoot my load thinking of that scene! After a while, he said: "My wife never allowed me such pleasure...thank you a thousand times!" She replied: "You may experience a lot of things here that you don't at home...ENJOY!"

It was her turn for an OMG when he dropped his pants and shorts....later she would say that this was by far the biggest cock she had ever seen..she latched on to it and made it even bigger by giving it artificial respiration. Then she pleaded: "PUT IT IN ME, PLEASE, NOW!!" From then on the sounds of the bed and her many orgasms loudly proclaimed let me know that we had reached some kind of apex in our experiences. He fucked her 3 times and she was like a wilted dish cloth when I went in to get my tasty treat.

The cum flowing out was copious and I lapped it all up, then mounted her...she said go ahead, there's no orgasms left in me now...

In a quieter moment later she said he was at least 8+ inches long and 6+ inches around, touching places deep inside and also fully filling her entryway, despite her having given several vaginal deliveries. Needless to say, we would see him often as he brought pleasures not afforded by many.

There would be an interesting additional element of sexual pleasure which would come as a surprise to us both. We will discuss this next time. Oh, and she kept seeing the doctor too, so it is safe to say that she was a busy little "beaver" for the time being...
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3 years ago
good thing Hubby the felcher was there to clean up her sloppy fuck hole........Sweet
3 years ago
love storys like that wish I lived out a couple of these
3 years ago
Very nice.
3 years ago