Wife Pleases - VII

The doctor would be dropping by to pick her up to go for a "drive." But, she had other plans for him as she said: "Better get your listening devices set up because I am going to see if I can get him to spend his valuable time in our bedroom and I am sure you want to monitor the 'action.' An understatement, for sure!

I had gotten earphones to attach to the receiver, so I could listen without disturbing the c***dren. She nursed the baby...one side only...lucky doctor...the picture of her tits posted on my profile were during this time.

She had dressed in her patented white shorts sans panties and silk top sans bra and secured the door to her room and was set to let him in via the outside entry which was near the secluded driveway. I heard his car drive in and got my equipment where I could hear.

They exchanged pleasantries and he said: "Are you ready to go?" She responded: "I told my husband that you had an eye test to give me which needed to be done in full darkness and that it would take 2 or 3 hours..maybe we could just stay here?" He was speechless, finally responding: "But what if he happens to come in?" She said: "The doors are all locked and he would never think of interrupting an important medical procedure...LOL"

She said: "I saved you the left breast milk and it really needs to be sucked away...are your ready?" Redundant question! Obviously she unbuttoned her silk top and he was in awe of her uncovered breasts with their large aerolas. Soon the slurp, slurp sounds were heard and she began to moan...the rule with her: Get to her breasts and everything else will be quickly available...and so it was in this case.

She said: "Would you mind removing your clothes after you help me undo my shorts?" Another redundancy! He was in awe of her pussy, beautiful legs, and ass....and began to do his thing with them as her moans picked up momentum...she exclaimed: "Your dick is so long....I know it would reach parts of me not touched by anyone else's dick (a gratitous statement to excite me!..would you like to let me feel it deep inside?" The redundancies were frequent.

She gasped as he obviously entered her and shoved it "home" and the sounds of the bed receiving the action were apparent...He finally came and she said, "Keep going!" She liked nothing better than getting a man to cum twice without stopping. I could occasionally, but in cases of her lovers, I found that the excitement of a new pussy belonging to someone else made accomplishing this much easier.

Lots of kissing, purring, and loving which she dearly loved and did not get much of from me...then he dressed and told her he would be in touch soon...

After his car left, she whispered into the speaker..."Time for cleanup, lover."

His come was different than her earlier lover and I enjoyed draining it out and then using the remaining lube to screw her with, but it only lasted a short time as cum lube is so exotic, I could hardly hold back...and she didn't need to cum as he had done a job taking care of that....then she said.."oh, there's a little bit of breast milk left, Want some?" Another redundancy.

Finally she sucked my nips (my control buttons) and said: "I really enjoyed that and hope you will allow me to do it some more.." YES!

I can hardly write this as I get so hot just remembering the taste of their mingled juices..

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