Wife Pleases - II

The next night I called to see what progress had been made. She, with much disappointment in her voice. related that she had not had any success getting a baby sitter for 4 youngsters. A further complication was that the baby was still nursing (6 mo old at the time) and she was afraid that an "extended" night of her away "dancing" might leave the nursing baby fitful. Remembering the earlier nights-out, this was something which needed to be considered.

She then asked me what I would think if she invited him to our house after the c***dren were in bed. I said we don't really have a "dancing music" setup, but she countered with an interesting suggestion: they could just talk and get to know one another a little better. Always check the definition of "talk"! :>)

This sounded like a plan, so I told her to go ahead and check with him and see if he was willing to come to our house...little doubt on this one! His wife away on business, my wife's husband away on military duty...urgent needs not being met at either home...so the natural thing would encourage him to make his schedule fit her suggestion, if you get my drift. Sort of like a "gimmee" in golf!

I called back the next night and she said they had enjoyed a very enjoyable conversation and it was set for them to "be together" the next night...now we don't have to have definitions of that one, do we?

I encouraged her to have fun, to remember the tiny things (and the big things, too) so she could fill me in later...

More later...
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2 years ago
...cock is hard and READY...
3 years ago
Suspense building, I am getting hot!
3 years ago
OK, but not much to it
3 years ago
nice continuation