Income Producing Wife - II

Well, things rocked along nicely. She had regular dates, I had regular cum to eat from her pussy, she used the money for nicer clothes and to pay down our bills, and I was quickly becoming a major cum addict.

One night I got home from school and she seemed unusually excited. When we went to be, she asked if I would like to see a movie she got for me. I said, "Sure!"

She plugged it in and it was a great IR movie. She nursed my nips as we watched and slowly jacked me back and forth. When it finished, she asked, "How did you like that?" I replied, "It looked great to me! Do you think you will ever get an IR date?" She grinned as she said, "You are, indeed, a mind reader! The first one is set for Friday night. Are you ready?"


He arrived right on time and I am in position to listen to the bedroom activites. Small talk, kissing, hugging, her complimenting his body, then his equipment, which according to the advance material would be the biggest one she ever had. Clothes were heard to be shed and the rustling of the covers on the bed. Ohs and awes were many. She explained that she was in "milk" as he began to suck her nips...that was not a problem, he loved "Mama's" milk!

I heard her say "Let me feel it inside me!" He replied, "No condum" and she quickly said "NO, put it in!"

Over the next hour, she came at least 5 times and then he finally shot his load. She said, "I have to go let the baby nurse. I know your time is up, but this has been so good, if you will wait I will come back and you can have some more at the price you have already paid..that okay?" He agreed and said to her, "Bring the baby back and I will suck one side and he can have the other...." She said, "Let me see."
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1 year ago
She is an angel,,,,loves fucking and earning and letting you eat her afterwards,,,what more could you want
2 years ago
Good job, I like your stories....They excite me. I dream of my wife becoming a slut wife and letting other men have there way with her....Write more please
2 years ago
Sounds like she's going to be nursing babies for a long time!
2 years ago
Hope you'll share more.
2 years ago
Uuuuhhh, "" should be "...bed..." :))