How to train your dragon sex with toothless. part

Something was wrong with Astrid, and Hiccup had no idea what it could be. Ever since last wash day she has been far friskier then ever before. Hiccup couldn't turn around without Astrid barreling down on him, ripping his clothes off and doing every dirty thing under Sol's sun. She would show up at the forge and basically pounce him; or the one time in the mead hall while everyone was eating supper, she stealthily slipped under their bench and gave him the most amazing blow job ever. Hiccup couldn't understand why she was suddenly so... un Astrid like.

He wasn't overly concerned, it was Dragon mating season which could effect humans, but it was taking up a lot of his time. He had been trying to find his best friend Toothless, who had disappeared, again after last wash day. The connection never dawned on him, until he awoke in the morning to find Astrid sobbing at the end of their bed. Astrid sobbing? Those two words are rarely ever used in the same sentence, Unless its 'Astrid kicked Snotlout in the balls so hard he kneeled over and cried.'

So immediately Hiccup shot to the end of the bed and wrapped his arm around Astrid.

"What's wrong Ast..." He started to ask, but when Astrid turned to look at him, he noticed the sadness leak from her eyes and an eerier look of lust settle on her features. Without so much as a squeak, Hiccup found himself pinned to the bed. Trying to form some sort of defense, something to snap her out of her lust induced state, Hiccup tried to speak. Unforchanitly, this provided an opening and Astrid pressed her lips to his, slipping her tongue into his mouth. Whatever defense he could think of melted away as her hand strayed to the waistband of his trousers. Slipping underneath to gently caress his now excited member.

With his will sundered under her touch, Hiccup pulled her closer, eliciting an excited squeal from Astrid. With an experienced hand, Hiccup strips Astrid's night tunic over her head, barely breaking their lip action. He ghosts his left hand across her back, then her side before cupping her left breast in his hand. Taking his calloused thumb he starts gently massaging the nipple while gently kneading the rest with his palm. Astrid lets out a lusty purr, and with Hiccups aid, slips his trouser lower exposing his now erect member.

She marvels at it for a moment before gently kissing the head, and sliding her tongue from the base to tip. Hiccup lets out a guttural moan as she takes it into her mouth. Astrid relishes the taste of her man, gently sucking on his manhood, while watching his face light up in pleasure. She can feel her center heat up, it feels far to hot ever since Toothless violated her. Damn that dragon, damn this lust... Thank the gods for Hiccup. The man in question is nearly reaching his limit, and stops his loving wife before he can reach his climax.

Astrid glares at him, nearly protesting, before Hiccup reverses the pin. With a sheepish grin, he ghosts his right hand to her core, and gently explores her folds in search of her love bump. Astrid lets out a squeal of pleasure and takes the time to capture Hiccups mouth. Hiccups inquisitive mind is a god send in the bedroom as he methodically explores ever inch of her core. Two years of marriage and he still manages to find some way to surprise her. Finding the bump, caressing it, then leaving it to explore more of her sends Astrid to the edge faster then she would like. Her toes curl and she relinquishes Hiccups mouth to let a joy filled scream.

Hiccup, however, is not finished, and slides down to the end of the bed. With an evil grin he takes a deep breath, savoring the smell, before returning to his ministrations. Only this time replacing his fingers with his tongue. Astrid is pulled from her after glow as something insanely hot pierces her core, and she moans out and thrusts toward it. Looking down to see Hiccup lapping at the juices that were flowing from her, she lets out a second moan before snaking her hand into his hair. Its warm, hot and feels amazing; and she wants more as she rides his face. Again she lets out a cry, her body shaking from the strength of her orgasm.

Hiccup glances up and their eyes meet, without word he knows what she wants and crawls towards her. Positioning his throbbing member over her entrance, Hiccup nibblers on her ear, whispering his love for her before thrusting into her. His pace is gentle at first, and they capture each others mouths. It isn't long before Astrid lets out a hitched breath and asks for him to go faster. Hiccup picks up the pace, knowing he wont last much longer, their breaths come out ragged as they both race for the cliff.

"Close?" Hiccup manages, and Astrid can do nothing but let out a purr, before she starts meeting his rhythm. She lets out her third and final lust filled shriek as she climaxes, her core strangling Hiccups throbbing member sending him over the edge. With a grunt, Hiccup barriers himself deep into Astrid before releasing his seed inside her. The couple collapse to the bed, Hiccup with a pleased smile and Astrid with a happy giggle, before they pass out in each others arms.

Hiccup isn't sure how much time has passed as he sorts through the memories of that morning. When he pieces it all together, he asks questions without thinking.

"What was that all about Astrid?" He asked, somewhere between confused and concerned. "I mean first I wake up to find you still, here..." Astrid glares at him and he waves his hands defensively. "... your never here on Laugardag, your in the cove taking your bath." Astrid shyly nods. "Not only that but you," He gestures to her nude form. "Were crying! I have never seen you cry, and I was with you when..." Hiccup shook his head, and Astrid looked away. "... When your b*****r died," He finished sadly. "And not only that but you have been acting weird all week, I mean not that I mind..." Hiccup blushed. "... the mead hall thing was exciting, though my dad though I was sick, and then you were there not even flushed, and mhmm" He blinked away the pleasant memory. "And then there was the forge, and the creek, and then when we were flying on your nadder..." Hiccup added, while Astrid was growing more angry by the moment. "So what gives?" He asked, and Astrid had enough.

"You want to know what's up with me?" She asked, and Hiccup gulped. "Its your damn fault, if it hadn't been for your damn best friend Toothless." The name tasted vile on her lips. "None of this would have happened." She seethed, and Hiccup blinked owlishly.

"Toothless? what has Toothless got to do with this? He hasn't been in the village for the last week." Hiccup stated and Astrid blanched. To say she hated Toothless would be false, she didn't hate him, she couldn't. The b**st had been a true friend to Hiccup in a time where all she ever showed him was scorn and distaste. He was Hiccups silent guardian, always ready to protect him. The fact that he was missing after what had happen worried her, and the same time she came to an understanding. Toothless must have realized what he did was... wrong...

"Midgard to Astrid? What does Toothless have to do with this?" Hiccup asked slightly irritated that she spaced out, honestly? That was his job.

"Your stupid dragon ****D me." She growled, and Hiccups eyes bulged.

"He what?" Hiccup asked dumbly.

"Your stupid dragon used his stupid pheromones and ****d me." She snarled, and Hiccup shook his head.

"You can't be serious! Why would he do that?" Hiccup asked, and immediately regretted it, seeing the pain he caused her.

"Thanks Hiccup, I should just go out into the village and shout free sex," She muttered dejectedly. "When your own wife tells you something and you doubt her..." She shook her head. Without any real aim, she got up and dressed, while Hiccup sat there on the bed like a idiot. After a few moments, he heard the crash of dishes and Astrid's rage filled screams float up to him. He slowly walked down stairs to find Astrid sitting on the bench, facing the fireplace.

"I'm sorry Astrid, I should trust that you wouldn't lie about something like that." Hiccup said quietly, He expected her to give him the cold shoulder. Instead she turned and socked his shoulder.

"I... I can understand that you would want to take his side over mine, he was your first friend back when we treated you like shit." Astrid said honestly. "I'm not..." She shook her head. "... that's a lie, I am very mad at Toothless for doing that to me, but I really do hope he is okay." Astrid glared at him for a moment, a blush creeping across her face. "The reason I have been... jumping you." She started before glancing away. "Is because I keep reliving that day, and it makes me horny." She admitted and Hiccup raised his eyebrows, wisely remaining quiet. "I... Don't know it felt amazing, and every time I think about it..." Her blush deepened. "... I wonder what it would feel like to have you there, in me as well." Hiccup blinked owlishly.

"You mean, to um fill both holes?" Hiccup stuttered, and Astrid turned and even deeper shade of red.

"I don't know, just... I love you Hiccup," She stated fiercely. "But the way he made me feel, pheromones or not... its the same way I feel when I'm with you..." She hung her head in shame, and Hiccup really didn't know what to say.

Before he could think of a reply the door creaked open, and Toothless slowly entered. Ignoring the two humans, one with an expression of relief mixed with sorrow the other cold rage, he passed them and headed to where the Haddock weapons were stored. Taking Astrids axe into his mouth he turned and marched up to Astrid, gently shoving the weapon into her hands. The he plopped down, giving a sad trill to Hiccup, before turning to Astrid and emitting an equally pitiful sound. Astrid and Hiccup looked at each other then to Toothless who shifted his head to the right exposing the soft under skin of his neck. He gave Astrid another sad warble, looking from the axe to Astrid before closing his eyes.

"Hiccup? what is he doing?" Astrid asked slightly confused.

"I think... I think he is offering you his life..." Hiccup sobbed.
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