By the time I was 14 years old I'd figured out I was gay. I wasn't a sissy
or anything, I just knew that guys turned me on and girls didn't. I beat
off thinking about sucking on big fat dicks, but because of my home life
there wasn't much I could do about it. See Dad's a big, macho kinda guy and
I knew he'd never dig it. So for four years my sex life consisted of only
what my hand and imagination could provide.

My Dad on the other hand was a big time stud. He not only got it on with
Mom five or six time a week, he also kept a good number of the ladies in
town with a smile on their faces. We live in rural Florida, the area known
as the Nature Coast. Dad runs a fishing camp for rich guys who come down
for a week or two of fishing, drinking and bullshitting. It's a straight

What I'm about to tell you happened this past summer. I graduated from high
school in June and decided to stay put and work with the old man until I
figured out what I wanted to do with my life. My choices had boiled down to
joining the service (Navy) or going to college. Neither option gave me a
woody, so I was biding my time.

Anyway, no fishermen come down here during the hottest time of the year. So
during this time we do all the repair work that had been ignored while
there was money to be made. Mom left every July and August to spend time
with her folks in Michigan. She hates Florida in the summer. I used to go
with her but not since I was 15. I works for everyone; she gets to visit
with my grandparents, Dad gets the opportunity to sow his wild oats with no
restrictions and I get to do whatever I want after chores are done.

Mom left right before the Fourth of July and Dad and I began to reshingle
the roofs of three of the guest cabins. Things were going just fine. We'd
work all day and after I'd cooked supper and we'd eaten Dad would go into
down, not returning until 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. I would stay home,
watch TV, look through my hidden stash of gay porno magazines and stroke
off at a slow and easy pace. Some nights I even unloaded twice.

It went like that for about two weeks; Dad and I just taking it slow in the
Florida heat, sometime jumping into the river for a cooling swim. We were
starting to get close for the first time ever. We talked and he discovered
that wasn't just some weird punk k**; I learned that he was really a fun
guy. And sexy too. While I call him the old man, he really isn't. He's
just 37 and at 6'1" he's about 3 inches taller than me. He also bigger. I
weigh in at a firm 165, while he's a muscled 205. His arms and legs are
sinewy and strong, his black hair is curly without a hint of gray, and his
dark mustache makes his already manly face even more masculine. His steely
gray eyes contrasted with his dark hair and tanned skin seemed to be two
shinning balls of silver causing me to shiver when ever they stared at me.
All that I'd known, but the one feature I'd not noticed, or perhaps
deliberately did'nt want to notice, was the huge mound of meat he toted in
the pouch of his cutoffs. Working side by side with him, I couldn't help
but notice. And it was having an effect on me. At night my sexual fantasy
life was limited to thoughts of breaking the strictest of all the sexual
taboos. I was hungering for my old man's fat cock.

Then just as we were finishing up on the second cabin's roof tragedy
struck. Dad was coming up the ladder with a stack of shingles slung on his
shoulders. Just as he reach the roof line, as he was about to step off the
ladder, his foot got twisted up and tangled in the rung. The load of
shingles threw him off balance. His leg went one way, his body the other
and then he pitched back and down 15 feet to the ground. I'd seen the whole
thing, but it all happened so fast that I didn't have time to react.

It was bad, but it could have been much worse. As it was Dad had a compound
fracture, translated into a very badly broken right leg. He was in the
hospital for three days and when he came home he was restricted to the
couch in the Florida room because his cast ran from his hip to his ankle.
He couldn't sit up, hell he couldn't even to go to the bathroom, had to
piss and shit in a potty pan. I became his nurse. I even had to sponge
bathe him, which means I got close and personal with his ass, cock and
balls. It was the first time I'd ever seen them, so it only gave fresh fuel
to my own sexual desires, especially since Dad, horny dude that he is,
always got a hardon when I touched him with the warm damp wash cloth. The
fucker has 8 of the thickest inches of man meat you can imagine. I had all
I could do to restrain myself while it was bobbing up and down right in
front of me. He just laid back and seemed to enjoy all the attention I was
giving him.

I finished up the second cabin and started on the third roof. It went slow,
not only because there was just me working, but also because I had to check
on Dad every hour or two. Each trip took at least a half hour, a ten minute
walk each way and the time it took to do whatever he needed.

Mom had been gone about a month, and it was a week and a half after Dad's
fall, on a Wednesday afternoon. I'd made grilled cheese sandwiches and
lemonade for lunch. After we'd eaten Dad had to piss and then asked if I'd
wash him down since he was still sl**ping when I left that morning.

I prepared the wash basin and undid his robe (the only thing he could
really wear) pushing it down so that his body was totally uncovered. I
started at his neck and worked my way down his arms and torso to the
waist. Then I switched and did each of his feet and legs. Finally I gently
passed the cloth over his cock and balls. The reaction was instantaneous.
The monster leaped to life, growing to it full length in less than a
minute. It was ramrod straight and the hardest I'd seen it over the past
few days. For the first time I noticed thick, clear pre cum oozing out of
the slit on the meaty head.

I started to shake, my hands trembling visibly. I hurried through what I
was doing and quickly helped Dad cover himself with his robe again. I left
the house as quickly as I could without looking like I was rushing out in a
panic. I was just calming down as I approached the guest cabins. Suddenly I
realized that I had to take a dump and that it might not be a bad idea to
dump a second kinda of load at the same time. I could have used the
bathroom in one of the cabins, but it would have been like a sauna with no
air conditioning. I decided to go back to the house and use the bathroom
upstairs to shit and cum.

I came quietly through the sliders just off the Florida room and went in to
let Dad know I was in the house. I walked into the room and froze in my
tracks. There was Dad, flat on his back, staring up at the ceiling, his
fist wrapped around the steel hard shaft of his dick, trying to pump it. In
his awkward position, it wasn't going too well. I must have gasped, because
Dad raised his head just enough to look at me, making eye contact. He
didn't move his hand or freak out or anything.

He just said quietly, "You just gonna watch or you gonna give a buddy a
helping hand here?"

"What?" I'd heard him, but it just didn't process right.

"I said, how about giving me a hand job? I need it real bad, and just can't
seem to get the right rhythm."

"Are you sure? You want me to, uh, uh. . ."

"Beat my meat. Never surer. I'm so horny I could fuck a knot hole."

I walked over and knelt next to the sofa. He let go of his dick and put
his head back down, closing his eyes in anticipation of my next move. I
reached out and wrapped my right hand around the shaft of his cock. He let
out a slight moan as I began to pump him slowly. My head was swimming, it
was my fantasy come to life. I increased the speed of my hand and with the
other moved in to caress his big, hairy balls. He started groaning softly.
I moved my thumb over his glans, spreading the thick liquid gushing out
over the tender skin, causing the groans to become louder. I stared at the
object in my hand, the symbol of all my lust. I wanted to taste it, to take
it into the far reaches of my mouth and throat. I got up on my knees and
pumped harder. I lead forward and came closer to it with my face. I gently
blew on it, sending a rippling shudder through my Dad's body. He let out a
deep sigh.

"Go ahead. Do whatever turns you on. It's OK with me."

That's all it took. I moved in and opened my mouth. I engulfed it and
wrapped my lips tightly around the shaft. My tongue laved every inch of
skin, I savored its flavor. Dad and I went out of control. His hands
around my head, moving it up and down. Me eating him like a man who'd been
deprived of food for too long. I'm not sure if it lasted for seconds or
minutes, but too soon I felt the b**st swell within my mouth and suddenly I
was flooded with the warmest and most pungent liquid I'd ever had. My
senses were stripped raw. I drank down the seed which had made me. I
yearned for more.

That was nearly five months ago. Mom's been back since Labor Day. Dad still
feeds me what I most want in the world, at least three or four times a
week. Mom still gets her share. It the ladies in town who aren't smiling
any more.

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21 days ago
"give a buddy a helping hand", "do whatever turns you on". a stiff has no conscious!!!
6 months ago
sexy story