Nephew Ryan

I turned on the computer and logged onto the net. I went to my e-mail site
and checked my messages. A few work-related notes. And one that
immediately caught my eye. It was from my nephew, Ryan.

Ryan was a freshman at a college that was a few hundred miles away. This
was his first year away from home. While he was at college, his parents (my
b*****r and s****r-in-law- they had adopted Ryan when he was just a few
months old) moved to the other coast. So, for the summer, Ryan was planning
on living with me. This was his home town, and this is where he wanted to
spend his summer.

Ryan and I had always been very close. He spent quite a lot of time at my
house while he was in high school. I think he and I were actually closer
than he and his father. He always enjoyed coming to my house. It is a
"Father-knows-best" house (at least that's what I call it). Kinda like the
house in "Father of the Bride." Ryan always loved this house, almost as
much as I do. He would frequently come here on the weekends and we'd play
Ping-Pong in the basement, watch movies in the living room, play table games
in the kitchen, or swim and hot tub in the pool I had built in the back
yard. The two of us became very close as he grew up.

One of Ryan's interests in high school (other than football) was
bodybuilding. He loved lifting weights and working his diet so he could get
huge and lean. And Ryan was a knockout! By the time he was a senior, he
was about 6'4 and 240 pounds of fat-free beef.

The girls flocked to Ryan. He had a steady girl during his senior year. He
brought her over to my house once. She was cute and small -- a beautiful,
petite contrast to his huge, muscular teenage body. I remember that day
vividly. Ryan and Jen hung around my place for a few hours. We all ate and
talked. Ryan was wearing jeans and a white tank top- the ribbed cotton kind
that hugged every square inch of his rippling muscles, especially caressing
his bulbous chest. His mammoth, round shoulders dominated the room. And
Jen was transfixed on his body. She found every opportunity to place her
feminine little hands on Ryan's huge shoulders and arms. At one point, Ryan
was sitting on the floor and Jen was sitting on the couch just above and
behind him. As we talked and laughed, Jen had her fingers all over that
guy's shoulders and triceps. She even moved her hand down and felt his
nipple once, and then squeezed his pec. Ryan didn't seem to mind the
attention. After they left, I went into my bathroom and shot my load all
over the sink and counter. I nearly didn't get my pants unzipped in time.

His smile always melted me. He and I joked around a lot, and we innocently
wrestled and played in my f****y room. Ryan just made my heart skip when he
smiled or laughed. He was just gorgeous. He never posed for me (other than
flexing his arm for me once), but we did talk bodybuilding a lot. He liked
to go to contests and watch the other guys pose. I always encouraged him to
pursue the sport, knowing my eyes would benefit from his involvement.

Ryan was going to arrive at my house in about a week. I really looked
forward to being able to see him all summer. I planned for us to spend many
quiet, lazy days together by my backyard pool.

I opened his e-mail: "Dear Uncle Mark, I am really looking forward to
seeing you in a few weeks! I should arrive late Friday afternoon. I am so
excited about spending the summer at your place.

"I don't know if you will recognize me, Uncle Mark. I have been eating like
mad and working out like a horse. Since you saw me last fall, I have gained
20 pounds! And in the last few weeks I have been increasing my cardio
workouts too, so by the time you see me, I should come in at under 4% body
fat! I am excited to see what you think. Oh, and I just measured myself
last week. I've grown another inch in height this year!"

My heart thumped loudly. I loved it when Ryan called me "Uncle Mark." It
made me feel like he was submitting to me or something. I loved the thought
of that huge muscleman respecting me and obeying my every command. I
couldn't imagine what Ryan must look like at 260 pounds!

I read on: "Last January, a few of the guys on campus and I started a
bodybuilding club. The only rule we have is that your arm measurement has
to at least equal your age. That's fine with me. If I don't even ad
anything to my arms, I'll be assured a place in the club until I'm 21. <G>"

I placed my hand on my jeans and began to massage my hardened dick.

"The club meets every Tuesday night. We do a lot of posing. There are five
other guys in the club. Often we will invite visitors to attend private
posing sessions after the meeting. I've just gotta tell you about this one
guy I posed for. I've never had anything like this happen.

"After the posing meeting, this guy asked if I would pose for him. So, we
went upstairs and I stripped down do my trunks. (I just love watching guy's
eyes bug out when they see me strip down!)"

I could imagine Ryan's huge grin as he laughed.

"Well, I started going through my routine, flexing my arms, chest, back,
legs- everything. I really like to take my time and accentuate every
muscle. It really freaks guys out to watch. And this guy was REALLY into
it. I find I do a better job of posing if I know the audience is enjoying
the show. This guy was just blown away. Anyway, after I was about half way
through my routine, the guy started holding his hand on his crotch. He put
his coat on top, so I couldn't see what he was doing, but when his whole
body started to jerk and he started to bite his lip, it was only too evident
what was happening! I really didn't know what to do! I thought maybe I
should stop and get dressed, but I kinda felt sorry for the guy. I imagine
he was pretty embarrassed! So, I decided to humor the k**, and I just kept
posing! He must have jerked off for two or three minutes while I posed!

"When he was done jerking, I stopped posing. I just grinned at him and said
'Well, I sure am glad you enjoyed yourself.' He was really turning red. I
said 'The posing session is free, but if you want me to help you clean up,
there's an additional charge.'

"The guy tried to make sure his pants didn't show anything, and then he
bolted for the door! He was out of the building before I could even get
dressed! I didn't tell anyone about it, but I had the best laugh of my

"It was kind of awesome, to think that someone could have such an
overwhelming reaction, just by looking at me. I'm trying not to let it go
to my head. <G>"

I looked down at my own crotch and realized that I had just completed
masturbating. The thought of seeing Ryan pose like that, and then having a
guy jerk off while watching, sent me into an orgasm. I pressed hard on my
cock a few more times, and a couple more squirts of cum entered my shorts.

I finished reading: "Anyway, I will see you Friday! I can't wait!
Sincerely, your huge nephew, Ryan."

I closed the e-mail site and logged off. I went into the bathroom and
cleaned up. I swear there was a quarter cup of liquid in my briefs.

* * * * *
I nearly went nuts waiting for Friday to arrive. But finally it came. I
left work at noon and didn't return. I had the house all clean, and I
nearly paced the floor, anticipating Ryan's arrival.

At about 3 pm, the doorbell rang. I leapt to the entryway and opened the
door. On my porch stood Ryan, and he was the biggest hunk of gorgeous flesh
I had ever laid eyes on! Ryan didn't waste a second. He was inside the
door in a flash, lifting me up and giving me a tight bear-hug.

"Oh Uncle Mark! I'm so glad to be here!" he almost squealed. He pulled me
close and nudged his neck next to mine, holding me about six inches off the
floor. His powerful arms tightened, and even with this friendly hug, I
could feel the incredible strength of my nephew. Our necks rubbed together,
and Ryan held me tight for just a second or two longer than what might
otherwise have been appropriate. He almost seemed to be teasing me. It was
as if he knew I was melting in his arms.

Ryan stood me up and he stepped back. He just smiled at me. My mouth must
have dropped open, because he started laughing.

"Ryan. You're HUGE!" I gasped. Ryan just kept laughing. He lifted one arm
and flexed his biceps muscle in a k**ding way. Even under his beige coat
his huge gun swelled. It bulged against the fabric of his sleeve,
stretching it very tight.

"I told you, you might not recognize me!" He grinned. He was so playful!
Just like a k**. He wasn't dumb or anything. No, not this premed major.
It's just that when it came time to have fun, Ryan was first in line. I
loved that about him.

One of the first things I noticed about Ryan was his neck. It had become
some kind of massive, muscular column! And with those dimples and square
jaw, he looked like a blond bodybuilding version of Eric Lindros!

Ryan looked around the entryway. He smiled as he recognized some of the
familiar pictures and furniture. I studied his huge body.

"Here, let me take your coat," I prodded. Ryan quickly took off his coat.
My heart pounded as my eyes feasted on his upper torso. He was wearing a
tight-fitting white T-shirt. I took his coat, and Ryan continued to
rediscover my house. He moved into the living room as I hung his coat in
the closet. It was perfect. Ryan seemed genuinely distracted by all the
memories. He was really enjoying looking at my house again. His eyes ran
all over the room, studying things and making comments. It gave me a great
opportunity to study his upper body.

His dominant feature was- well EVERYTHING. But I couldn't get my eyes off
those shoulders. They had thickened and filled out so much more than when I
last saw him. And those pecs! They had a huge overhang, jutting out
powerfully, filling that T-shirt with bulging muscle. His arms were
unbelievable. They almost had a square look to them, with the triceps
forming a hard, box of beef at the back of his arm. His biceps had a
dominant vein of strength coursing down. Every time Ryan moved, his arms
seemed to pulse with power.

Beneath Ryan's overhanging chest stood a pair of cobblestone columns, each
clearly visible through the stretched cotton. The brickwork swelled with
each breath he took, then receded as he exhaled. His abs were taut and
incredibly lean. His torso narrowed insanely, to what I estimated to be
probably 30 fat-free inches.

Ryan was still oblivious to my obsession with his body. He kept checking
out the living room, thoroughly engrossed in it. He picked up a photograph
off my piano. His huge guns bulged as he held it. I nearly began to fill
my briefs with milk. As it was, my penis was throbbing, since it was f***ed
to point downward in my pants. I moved behind a wing-back chair and
discretely adjusted my member, so that it could point up at an angle under
my jeans. Immediately, it filled to its fullness, and achieved total
stiffness. I sighed silently as my dick enjoyed the relief from the

Covered in tight denim, Ryan's legs were awesome. I couldn't remember ever
seeing someone with such huge, powerful-looking legs. His butt was the most
beautiful work of art imaginable. Round, bulbous glutes filled his pants.
They were tight, muscular, huge globes. I moved closer to Ryan, approaching
him from behind, studying his ass. My estimate of Ryan's waist had been
inaccurate: I checked out the leather badge on his jeans. Twenty-nine inch
waist. Thirty-six inch inseam. My stomach churned as I pondered these

My eyes moved upward and were f***ed to a stop by Ryan's flared lats. They
were unbelievable! His back could be used as a highway sign, or perhaps a
billboard! I examined Ryan's arms again. That square muscularity was
incredible! And his skin. Maybe that was what it was. His skin seemed to
be without any fat, without any oils. It was so lean and clear. So...
so... muscular!

Ryan's body was a lesson in geometry. At the top was his neck: a thick,
cylinder. Yes, it was an irregular cylinder, because it bulged with veins
and moving muscles every time he turned his head. But it was a tower of
muscular, beefy beauty. Like none I had seen or even imagined. Slightly
lower were Ryan's t****zes muscles, forming huge t****zoid blocks on top of
his shoulders. Then, there were Ryan's spherical cannon balls that
compromised his deltoids. Hanging like two cubes of steel on the sides of
Ryan's body were his square, bulging triceps, forming two blocks of
impenetrable muscle. On the front of his arms were two oblong, rounded
masses of biceps muscle. Ryan's back, still to me, was a perfect inverted
pyramid of latisimus dorsi- overhanging his lower torso. On his front,
lower torso, Ryan's abs formed beautiful mounds of rectangular muscles.
Lower, Ryan's glutes were perfect spheres, altering their perfection only
occasionally, as he shifted his weight. This alteration was by no means a
negative thing. His massive upper legs held the shape of elongated globes,
swelling with every movement of his quads and hamstrings.

Ryan turned around and smiled, motioning to the picture in his hand. "This
is you and me!" he laughed. "I remember that trip! We had the best time
camping!" The picture was taken when Ryan and I had spent a weekend in the
woods. He was probably 15 at the time. Even then, I was impressed with his
emerging manly physique. I could tell that he had the building blocks for
an incredible body. But I had no idea back then what kind of man Ryan would
turn out to be. My wildest imaginings couldn't have predicted that he would
have turned into the Adonis -the Hercules- standing before me.

Ryan put the picture down. I asked him if he wanted to get settled in his
room. He agreed, and we went out to his car to get his things.

I took one suitcase out of his trunk and set in on the driveway. I was very
heavy, probably 70 pounds. I grabbed his duffle bag and an overnight bag
and started for the house. Ryan grabbed the heavy suitcase and another
identical one out of the trunk and followed me. He made them look like

We made our way up the stairs and across the walkway to Ryan's room. His
room was directly across the entryway balcony from mine. I sat his bags
down and he entered the room. In spite of having just carried probably 150
pounds up the stairs, he wasn't even breathing heavy. He sat his suitcases
down lightly. His arms and back bulged as he bent over. Then he stood up.
He began looking around his room, just like he had downstairs. His face lit
up. He was pleased. He inspected everything. He walked into his private
bathroom and checked out the large bathtub and the oversized shower. He
liked it all. He came back out and his eye caught the large full-length
mirror I had installed just for him. He smiled. "All RIGHT," he grinned.
"Now I can practice my posing before I go to bed."

"I thought you'd like it," I smiled. Ryan stepped just a bit closer to the
mirror and lifted one arm. He studied his biceps muscle carefully,
examining every striation, every exposed vein. Then he flexed it. It grew.
He smiled. I silently wept. Ryan hardened his arm more, and twisted his
forearm just a bit. The 21 inch gun jumped and bulged. It was the most
awesome display of muscle I had ever seen in person.

"Holy shit," I finally mumbled.

Ryan smiled and turned his face to me without putting his arm down. "You
like it?" he prodded.

"Shit Ryan," I said. "You SAID you had gotten bigger, but I had no IDEA you
turned into Mr. Olympia!"

Ryan burst into a laugh and put his arm down. "Well, I don't know about Mr.
Olympia, Uncle Mark, but I'm glad you like what I've been working at."

"LIKE it?" I joked. "I'm just glad you're going to be here for the summer.
That way I can cancel my security service for a few months!

Ryan and I both laughed. Then he said "Uncle Mark, you have given me a lot
on encouragement with bodybuilding over the years. Would you be interested
in critiquing my posing routine?"

I nearly lost all my air. There was nothing I would enjoy doing more.
(Well, I guess I would have to qualify that last statement, but you get my
meaning.) "Sh- sure," I choked out. My mouth was dry. I couldn't
for-the-life-of-me imagine seeing anything more beautiful than the image
that was in front of me at that moment. Ryan's cotton-clad upper body and
his denim-covered lower body was the most astounding visage I had ever
witnessed. I couldn't imagine that a posing-strap clad Ryan would look any
better. But then he hadn't taken anything off yet.

Ryan tossed one of his suitcases up on the bed, next to me. He opened it
quickly. His clothes were folded immaculately. He shoved his hand into the
clothes and dug for a second. His forearm bulged with striated veins as his
fingers wiggled their way between his garments. Finally, he withdrew his
hand. It was holding three cotton posing trunks. They were skimpy at the
top of the leg, but the part that covered his- his... his genitals seemed a
little more voluminous than usual. Of course if EVERYTHING on his body were
as exaggerated as his muscles, then I could see the need.

"Here," he grinned. "You choose which one you want me to wear. I need to
take a pee. I'll be right back." He turned and went into his bathroom and
closed the door. I grabbed the three briefs. One was a dark teal color,
one was royal blue, and one was red. I brought all three to my face and
smothered myself. His body scent was absolutely intoxicating. It was an
aphrodisiac. I took deep breaths, moving the fabric all over my nose and
face. Did I detect a hint of semen odor? Oh my heart pounded as I let my
nose enjoy the feast. I quickly tucked the teal green one into my jeans
pocket. I'd definitely be able to enjoy this later. I threw the blue one
on the top of Ryan's open suitcase and held the red one in my hand. I heard
Ryan pee, so I lifted the red briefs up to my face again and enjoyed the
warm scent of Ryan's crotch one more time. I closed my eyes and breathed

The bathroom door opened, and I quickly lowered Ryan's briefs. He emerged,
still completely clothed. However, he didn't bother to zip up his jeans
after peeing. He was wearing boxers. They were black with small red hearts
all over them. Ryan walked toward me. "Ah, the red ones it is then." He

Ryan suggested I make myself comfortable on the bed. He moved his suitcase
onto the floor. I laid back against the pillows and tried to place my hands
so as to hide my raging hardon.

Ryan began to undress. It became immediately apparent to me that Ryan was a
master in suspense and teasing, not to mention sensual posing and muscular
display. He slowly untucked his tight T-shirt. He didn't look at me much.
He kept his eyes on his work. His muscular, long fingers pulled at the
fabric, and taunted me.

Finally, he grabbed the base of his shirt, crossing his arms. I
subconsciously held my breath. Ryan pulled the shirt up. It caught on his
chin, but his muscular arms pulled harder, and the fabric popped up, off his
head. His abs were so deep, I thought there was no skin on them. His chest
was so round and full that this pecs must have hung out over his abs nearly
three inches- no exaggeration! His nipples were bigger than silver dollars.
Probably closer to the circumference of the top of a beer can! And the
tips of his nipples were like two oversized peanuts, jutting forth and
yelling to the world: "Look at me!" Ryan smiled as he saw my reaction to
his body. My mouth must have been gaping. I found myself, and closed it

Ryan's arms and shoulders seemed to breathe, now that the constrains of the
shirt were gone. They bulged and pulsed with muscular life. Ryan slowly
danced his pecs, just a bit. I think I licked my lips, but I HAD to or else
I would have started drooling! He tightened his arms as they hung at his
sides, and his horseshoe triceps muscles protruded, as if there were little
a****ls crawling around under the skin or his arms. He exhaled, and the
skin of his abs receded into nothingness, accenting the rectangular mounds
of abdominal muscle.

I nearly began to cream in my pants. I had never been privy to a private
posing session. The best I had been able to do was to rent and buy
bodybuilding videos. This was WAY beyond that. And Ryan was WAY beyond any
bodybuilder I could ever want to spend an evening with. I was lost in
intoxicating lust.

Ryan began to pull his pants down, keeping his eyes on his progress. His
arms bulged. Finally, they were f***ed down, over his quads. He stepped
out of them, his calves swelling as he stepped.
Then, without fanfare, Ryan pulled his boxers down and stepped out of them
as well. He stood before me completely nude. His genitals were hairless,
except for a small triangle of blond/brown softness, neatly trimmed above
his privates. He obviously took very good care of his body, manicuring
every inch for the maximum effect.

Ryan reached down and took the red briefs from my sweaty hands. He began to
fumble with them, trying to ready them to be put on. He held them just
below his chest. His arms bulged. My eyes were glued not to those arms,
however. At the moment, my retinas were affixed on the mammoth length of
meat which jutted between two large egg-sized nuts. The whole bouquet was
pushed forward by the beefy slabs of vein-crossed quad muscle. I fear my
mouth dropped open again as I examined the inches and multitude inches of
prime wiener beef. He was cut. His dick was... well, it was... it was
MUSCULAR! I couldn't BELIEVE that a man could have such a striated, muscled
cock! Veins fed the organ from every conceivable point of entry. It seemed
to have a life of its own, as it dangled to and fro. The testicles were two
orbs of solid rock, encased in flowing, moist sacs. Ryan, seemingly
ignorant of my staring gaze, continued to adjust his posing strap.

About three years sooner than I would have liked, Ryan bent down and put one
leg, then the other, through his posing trunks. He slowly slid them up his
legs. I thought the fabric would tear when he manipulated them up over his
quads, but they reluctantly stretched. He moved them up, and began the
arduous task of tucking his genitals into the pouch. He got them somewhat
inside, then moved his fingers around the back, adjusting the straps around
his waist. Then he moved to the front again and repositioned his thick meat
and balls. He pulled the front down far, stretching the fabric long, then
brought it back up in front of his penis, positioning it just right. He
fiddled with the fabric just a bit, pushing on his nuts, trying to get them
to lie just right. He messed with the straps on his hips again. Then, to
my total amazement and joy, he did something I will never forget.

Ryan, seemingly dissatisfied with how his trunks were containing his
manhood, pulled them down far, straps and all. They hung tight on his
quads, exposing everything. "Sometimes I like to get my cock just a little
engorged and thick. It makes it fill out the trunks better. Looks more
powerful when I'm posing." He talked matter-of-factly. I was ready to die.

Ryan, with his trunks halfway down to his knees, began to touch himself.
Immediately his penis began to grow and thicken. He closed his eyes just a
bit, and fondled himself. I pressed on myself, coming so close to loosing
it that I had to stop. Ryan's whole body froze in a statue of picturesque
eroticism. His muscles were extreme. The tips of his fingers tickled his
scrotum, just behind his balls. He brought one hand forward and touched
himself at the sensitive spot just below his penis cut, on the back side of
his mushroom. His cock grew and thickened more. It was semi-limp. It
throbbed as he pleasured himself, growing higher with each heartbeat.

Finally, Ryan was satisfied with the development of his erection. It wasn't
fully erect, by any means. But it was just swollen enough so that it would
fill those trunks to overflowing. He stopped pleasuring himself and pulled
his trunks back up. The effect was tremendous. Not that his generous
organs needed any improvement, but with his dick swollen, it really did look
awesome! Ryan looked at himself in the mirror and smiled. "When I start
posing, I'll keep excited enough to maintain this. Posing always gets me
pretty wound up," he said, matter-of-factly.

"Um... I was wondering..." I stammered. "Are you um... going to do the same
posing routine that you used when that guy jerked off?"

Ryan grinned big. "Well, actually. Yes," he smiled. "So if you are have a
tendency to do the same, you might want to loosen your jeans and give that
stick of yours some breathing room." Ryan looked down at my crotch and
showed me his pearly whites. I was embarrassed, but it was obvious that
Ryan was right. My hard-on was huge.

"You mean, you would pose for someone while they jerk off in front of you?"
I asked incredulously.

"Well, not just ANYONE," he answered. "But for YOU, I'd make an exception."

Ryan moved toward me. I was still leaning back against the propped up
pillows. He bent over and began to undo my pants. I thought I was going to
faint. His muscular fingers moved quickly and effectively. My cock sprang
forth, and Ryan f***ed my jeans down below my hips. His eyes nearly bugged
out as he looked at my genitals.

"Is that erection... just for ME?" he asked wide-eyed.

I said nothing, but nodded my head tentatively.

Ryan motioned to my genitals, and said "May I?" Again, I nodded. He
stooped over and began to cup my balls and dick in his hands, propping my
stick up with his finger. It rose high in the air, precum dripping all over
the place. Ryan looked at it as if it were THE present he had been wishing
for on Christmas morning. His mouth opened wide as he smiled. "Oh, Uncle
Mark... It's BEAUTIFUL!" he nearly laughed. He seemed mesmerized by it.
His eyes studied it carefully, seeming to memorize every vein, every
throbbing movement of it.

He kept his hands cupped, holding my genitals with the utmost reverence.
Finally, he moved his face close to it and examined it more. His face was
only a few inches away from it. He looked up and down it, microscopically
examining every inch. His muscular arms bulged with steel straps as his
bent biceps supported his cupped hands. Oh please put it in. Please put it
in. After an interminable amount of time, Ryan gently kissed the back side
of my mushroom. It was just a peck. Like a guy might give a sweet,
innocent girl on their first date when he didn't want to go inside with her.
Ryan immediately smiled. His lips had been moistened by my precum. He
licked them lightly. He slowly kissed it again. No tongue, just a lip
press. I tightened my cock in response. His fingers tightened around the
base, pressing it up harder. My cock tingled with unreleased semen. It was
engorged, just waiting, holding back.

Ryan moved his lips higher and kissed the tip. It swelled under his lips.
Then, he kissed it again, but this time he parted his lips just a bit and
tongued my slit hole. He lifted his face off. Oh PLEASE put it in! For
the love of Mary, PLEASE put it in! Ryan kissed the side of my shaft. He
gently hit it with seven or eight kisses, each successive kiss moving closer
to the base of my cock. His square jaw and dimples, along with his day old
beard, drove me insane! When he got to the base, he took a few of his
muscular fingers and began to move them up my shaft, gently tickling me,
pleasuring my hard, thick cock.

I began to ejaculate. My first squirt shot hard, landing on my shirt.
Quickly, Ryan moved his mouth up and cupped it over the end of my dick. He
began to tickle me with his tongue as blast after sharp blast of my warm
milk filled his mouth. Ryan smiled as he sucked, moaning slightly. I
groaned, nearly yelling. Ryan pushed down on my cock with his hand,
pressing more milk into his mouth.

In a few minutes, I was done. Ryan released my cock, and it fell, half-limp
onto my abs. Ryan placed his huge hand on my genitals, squeezed them hard,
forcing the last squirt of semen forth. Then he lifted his hand and stood
up tall, smiling. I was speechless, ashamed and afraid.

"Uncle Mark, you are so HOT!" Ryan said. I didn't know how to respond. I
had never had relations with a man before. Never allowed this to happen. I
was afraid that my relationship with Ryan was ruined. Little did I know.

"Well," Ryan said. "Since you got to do it, would you mind if I took a
turn?" I shook my head, grinning only slightly. THIS I had to see.

"Maybe, if you feel like it," Ryan said, "you can help. If you want."

Ryan lifted his arms and hit a double biceps pose. Those arms could have
shot out the lights! They bulged with solid blocks of muscle. He flexed
and unflexed them, extending his arms wide as he did so. The muscles
throbbed and danced, rippling with veins and lumpy fibers of muscle. I
nearly went into another orgasm, and would have if I hadn't just completed
the cycle moments earlier. I couldn't BELIEVE the development of his arms!
Ryan kept his arms wide and began to dance his pectoral muscles. Slow,
erotic waves of muscle moved across his chest. His abs narrowed and bulged.
He tightened his legs, and insanely ripped muscles popped forth. He was

As Ryan posed for me, his semi-limp cock became harder and harder, pressing
ever more outward as it grew. Ryan turned around and hit a mind-boggling
back pose. While his genitals were out of my sight, he lowered the front of
his briefs and tucked them under his balls. He turned around, and this
MASSIVE cock was pointing right at me. Within seconds, it was pointed at
the ceiling, nearly pressed against his brickwork. It was a mother-fucking
LARGE piece of equipment. In my photo and video lusting experience, I have
found that most bodybuilders don't possess genitals of very noteworthy
proportions. But Ryan was definitely an exception!

Ryan continued posing, his mighty sword cutting through the air as he
flexed. He hit a side biceps pose and held it. His arms hardened into
marble. The gigantic muscles obeyed Ryan, despite the immense effort they
must have exerted to maintain their rocklike position. Ryan was sweating
slightly, and his muscular body began to glisten. His cock dripped with
precum. He almost seemed to begin to shake, as he commanded those arms to
remain at attention. They submitted to his authority, holding fast to their
huge proportions. They began to ripple uncontrollably as they strained to
hold their flex. Sweat began to bead on Ryan's forehead. His incredible
power took my breath away.

He released his mighty arms, and they relaxed. Ryan smiled, obviously
pleased with their obedience. He lowered them to his sides, and they
remained at ease. Ryan took a big breath and his bulbous chest expanded.
It kept expanding. For a moment, it looked as if it would continue
expanding until it filled the room. His dark nipples grew and became erect.
The cleavage between the lean slabs of beef deepened. Flanks of meat on
Ryan's back began to grow and push his arms out from his sides.

Ryan exhaled the air and relaxed. He reached down and tore the tucked strap
from his body. His triceps bulged as the fabric gave way. His cock was
still at 110% erection. Ryan moved close to me, his quads touching the side
of the bed. His muscular, sweaty body towered over me, and his meaty cock
nearly met my face. I leaned up slightly and began to kiss it and lick it.
Unlike Ryan, I did not have the control to keep my mouth from quickly
consuming that thing. In seconds, I was sucking hard on it. In seconds
Ryan was shooting hot bursts of his semen into my mouth. I looked up, and
Ryan raised his arms behind his head, pushing his body into a tight ab pose
as he ejaculated into my mouth. His hard cock was incredibly thick. I had
never tasted semen before. It was real good.

Ryan's penis jerked with powerful, noticeable throbs. The essence of his
person was filling me. I was tasting RYAN! And he tasted very very good.
Ryan held his ab pose. His tight body was so muscular that I began to cum
again, squirting onto the bed as I laid on my side. Ryan opened his eyes
and saw my orgasm and smiled. I nearly bit his cock off. But I don't think
my mouth could have dented this steel pipe.

We continued our joint orgasm. Cleanup was... well, it was... liberating!
For as long as I could remember, I had wanted to share myself, my inner
feelings with someone. Never could I have imagined that it would be with my
idol. Ryan and I talked and talked, sharing our common feelings. We
bonded. As we cleaned up our pools of milk, we laughed and shared, not
believing that we both felt the same way.

I looked at Ryan's huge body. I had fallen in love with my nephew. It was
the beginning of the most glorious summer of my life. And the two of us
ended up sharing many many years together.

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2 months ago
wasn't into body builders but I am now! wonder what you thought as you parted his muscular cheeks and worked your cock deep into his ass?
6 months ago
Beautifully told :P
6 months ago
great HOT story