My. Co-worker part 1:

I have been working in the Student Life department at Miami Dade
Community College (MDCC) now Miami Dade College (MDC) for about a year
and I never thought about doing a story about this but now I am. Gus
started working for in the summer term of this year. He is one cute guy.
He is about 5'10 black hair brown eyes and about 180 lbs. one day I
started hitting on one and he was like what the fuck are you doing I told
him nothing. I went to the storage room to get some refreshments ready
for an event that was happening, Gus followed me to the storage room and
I said what do you want he said water I told him no. and he said why I
said I will give u all the water you want after you strip for me and let
me suck your dick.

I couldn't help but grin my mind going straight to the gutter "well
depends on how good you are at it.... in your case probably about 30
seconds.. 42 if you're lucky..." As I nudged him with an elbow
And then.... he kissed me so softly his tongue just passing my
Lips and barely touching mine, then he pulled back sharply. I had a look
of surprise on my face I could feel it, I just stared at him, his was a
look of shock and fear, which soon turned to terror as he quickly began
to apologize and explain how he didn't mean to do it and it'd never
happen again and how sorry he was.. He started to turn away I heard his
voice choke as he wiped his face... he was sooo incredibly cute I put my
hand on his shoulder and turned him to face me. I moved my hand from his
left shoulder to the base of his head and neck I wiped his face with my
left hand and gently pulled him closer and kissed him... lightly at first
I pulled back and said "me too" I led him to a back of the storage room
and kissed him again. He pulled us together tightly and let one of his
hands slip down my pants to find my ever hardening member, as he gave it
a squeeze I couldn't help but slide my hand down his back to his
perfectly round bubble butt... it was the greatest ass I've ever seen or
felt. he ran his hand up my shirt and pulled it up over my head then
kissed me again hard this time, as he backed me up against a wall (he
seems to like doing that..) his kisses got softer as he began to work his
way down my chest pausing briefly at my nipples as he worked his way down
I could feel his
Hands working on my belt then he quickly and swiftly pulled my pants and
boxers to my ankles. There he was on his knees starring face to face with
my cock he had the biggest grin on his face and proceeded to lick from
the base of my cock to the tip and back down again three or four times
then with his eyes locked on mine took my cock deep in his throat then
pulled back out when he got to the tip he sucked hard then took me back
in his throat he continued deep throttling and sucking every once in a
while he'd take my cock completely from his mouth and lick along the
shaft and around
The head. I noticed his cock in his own hand. I hadn't noticed him pull
it out. It was a beauty a perfect cut 7 " or so. In between one of his
sucks he wet his finger with his mouth and reached around to my bud. He
pushed in slowly soon adding a second finger to join the first, never
taking his mouth off my swollen dick. I spread my legs as wide as I could
be that my pants were still around my ankles. I whispered loudly "fuck
me, please... fuck me!" Without saying a word he stood up and turned me
around placing my hands on the wall above my head as if he were placing
me under arrest, and spreading my feet as wide as my pants allowed. . he
stepped up close behind me and began to rub his cock along my ass crack
spreading his precum along his dick then in one motion rammed his cock
right up my chute. I jumped and threw my head back trying to keep from
screaming... it hurt, but felt so good at the same time.

He finally spoke again whispering in my ear "You asked for it."
Then started to pump my as using long and slow strokes... he'd plunge in
deep then flex his cock in my ass it felt incredible... his body pulled
lose to mine as he fucked me and kissed my ear and the back of my neck..
He was starting to go a little faster when we heard someone knock on the
door. I said whose there, Scott it is Jenny are the drinks ready. I
screamed out yes Jenny I am clearing up I will be out in 10 minus. Ok
Scott. Make sure the closet is clean. We finished in a hurry. We cleaned
each other off and I pulled my jeans back on and my shirt over top we
walked out from the closet. I then went to the Student Life Cafe to get
Ice for the drinks.

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