Backpacking with a friend

A few years ago, when I was 18, just before I went to university, I
travelled round Asia for 6 months with someone I knew from school. We'd
known each other since we were about 12 and were pretty good friends, but
us being travelling partners was largely down to the fact that we both
wanted to travel, but didn't want to go alone. I'd never really thought
about him in a sexual way, but there was no denying that he was pretty good
looking. His name was Nate, he was just less than 6 foot, skinny but with
pretty good muscle definition, dirty blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.
I, on the other hand, was a bit shorter than him, skinny but not as defined
as him. I had brown hair, which was quite long at this point.

To save money we'd ended up sharing a room a lot of nights, and in a lot of
cases sharing a bed. It didn't really play out like a porn film though,
and this story doesn't really take place until the very last two weeks of
our 6 month trip. By this point we'd become pretty tight friends, having
spent a lot of time in each other's company, and sometimes only having each
other to talk to. I'd confided in Nate a couple of months into the trip,
over a somewhat d***ken night, that I'd been thinking more and more of late
that I might be gay. He didn't freak out, said it didn't bother him at
all, even though we were sl**ping top to tail in a bed. He said he was
happy I felt that I could tell him, and even said that he'd been through a
phase when he was 14 or 15 when he thought he liked guys, but was now in no
doubt that he was straight. I was happy with his reaction, looking back it
now it could have so easily gone far worse.

We spent that last two weeks of the trip in Goa, hanging out with a group
of friends we'd made on our trip, mainly drinking and smoking, and
generally making the most of the remaining time of our trip. By this point
we were really comfortable with each other, and I even got the impression
that he enjoyed knowing that I was stealing glances at his tight, tanned
body, and uncircumcised cock, as he walked around the room naked after a
shower. One night, after spending the evening drinking and getting a bit
stoned we ended up back in the room in the early hours watching T.V.
Because of the state I was in, I can't remember exactly how it happened, or
who instigated it, but we started wrestling on the bed; seeing who could
pin the other down. He was much stronger, and a fair bit bigger, than me
so he easily pinned me down. As he was lying on top of me, holding me
down, I felt sure that I could feel his hard on pressing into me. This got
me instantly horny, but I put it down to him being d***k and a bit stoned.
He went off to clean his teeth and I got into my sl**ping bag liner (anyone
who has been to goa in the summer can tell you that even that is too much
cover really) and turned the light off.

He came back into the room, and I could see in the moonlight that he was
already naked, and looking a bit fat down there. He got into bed as well,
and after a while he asked if I was still awake. We chatted for a bit, and
then he started up with some trash talk about how he could always pin me,
he was stronger etc.; I got the impression he was trying to goad me into
wrestling him again. I played along, after the incident earlier I was now
a little curious to see where this was going. A couple of minutes of that,
and I could take it no. more. I jumped at him, wearing nothing but my silk
sl**ping bag liner, and with a raging hard on. Again, he easily pinned me,
but instead of just pinning me down, he led full on top of me. I loved the
feeling of him putting his weight on top of me. There was no getting away
from it this time, both of us were naked, and with only a couple of sheets
of silk between us, our erections were pressed against each other. He
rubbed against me for 30 seconds or so, and then I think he lost his nerve
and got up, telling me that he'd one again.

"Seems like someone's a bit excited" I said to him as we were led next to
each other on the bed, and then reached down and "playfully" grabbed his
erection. He laughed, somewhat shocked that I'd gone that far. He made an
excuse about it having been a while, and then there was a bit of a silence.

"So what should we do now?" he asked me.

"We could do that again, but without the sheets?" I said. In all honesty,
my reply was intended as more of a joke. I was extremely horny by now, and
much as I might have wanted it, I'd never expected him to take it

"umm, yeah ok then" was his reply.

There was another pause, I think we were both a bit surprised by his
answer. I knew that this situation was probably never going to present
itself again, so I seized upon it. I went over to him and started to pull
his sheet away, and he lifted up his hips so that I could pull it all the
way down. My heart was pounding as I grabbed his cock in my hand. It was
about 6 inches long, uncircumcised with a slight upward curve. He was
clearly pretty excited by now, he was rock hard, and his dick was leaking
pre cum. I jerked him for a bit, and after a while he reached over and
lowered my sheet down to reveal my own cock. I was slightly bigger than
him, at around 7'', uncircumcised and probably the hardest I had ever been
in my 18 years. We led next to each other, jerking each other off. It
felt so amazing as his hand slid up an down my cock, and realising that I'd
wanted this to happen for so long. By this point he was leaking a lot of
pre cum, and my hand was pretty slick.

I decided to see how far I could take this. I pushed him back and
proceeded to climb on top of him. Our bodies were pressed together, now
slick with sweat in the warm hotel room. Our cocks were pressed together,
his pre cum mixing with the sweat and lubricating our flat stomachs as we
slid up against each other. I began to hump against him, and I heard him
groan. It was such a turn on, to be in the dominant position, that I had
this muscled boy rutting against me, and knowing that he was really
enjoying his first time with another guy. I wanted to kiss him, but
thought that it would freak him out. We kept up a steady rhythm for a
while, I humped my dick into him, as he raised up to meet me. By now he
had his hands on my ass, pulling me down onto him with every stroke. Then
suddenly, almost without warning, he took me and flipped me over so that he
was on to.

I led there, he was completely pinning me to the bed, and he'd taken over,
humping against me. I was, again, loving the feeling of being completely
dominated by him. His head was buried in my neck, my nose was filled with
the smell of his hair. His breathing was heavy and erratic; I guessed that
he was pretty close. By now we were both moaning and I was pulling his
slightly hair ass down onto me as he thrust his hard cock against mine with
increasing f***e. "oh god, I'm gonna cum" he blurted out and I pulled him
down hard onto me as I felt him tense up and his cock start to twitch.
This was too much for me, and I began to cum as well. I was holding onto
him really tight now, as we both came together, our cum forming a sticky
mess between us. When the orgasms had subsided, he was still on top of me,
breathing heavily. Things suddenly seemed like they might become awkward.
I really wasn't sure how he was going to see things in the cold light of
post sex. "Wow" he said "so that's what that's like". I didn't really
know what to say, and he got off of me and went to the bathroom. I cleaned
myself up the best I could and rolled over, deciding it was best not to
f***e him to talk about anything when he came out of the bathroom. Sure
enough, I heard him come out, and get into bed in silence and go to sl**p.

The next morning he had already gone to breakfast by the time I got up.
When I caught up with him there was a really awkward moment. He was
clearly having a bit of a hard time with what had happened the night
before, and he told me he didn't quite know what to make of it. I think he
felt that to admit he enjoyed it, made him gay. I reassured him the best I
could, that there was a difference between enjoying something like last
night, and having an actual attraction to members of the same sex. After
our chat he seemed to return to normal, and said that he really had enjoyed
the night before. That he had always been curious about doing something
with another guy, and had figured that since he had got past the
experimental sl**pover stage without anything happening, that was it. He
also said he was glad it was me that it had happened with, that he would
never have felt comfortable enough with his other male friends. I liked
that. For the rest of the day things went back to normal, we met up with
our friends, sat on the beach all day, went to the trance club at night. I
was almost certain that the night before was a one off, and I didn't want
to give him the impression that I was expecting anything, so when we got to
the room I just collapsed on the bed and went to sl**p. However, it turned
out I was wrong again, and what happened in the days after that will be the
topic of my next story . . .

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10 months ago
Loved your story ...looking forward to the next instalment ☺
10 months ago
Keep me posted!