House Guest 2

Not much took place until the following week end. Saturday was a big game
with a rival team and with the help of Chuma we won 78 to 96. Needless to
say that was the big news story of the day. As I said I was never a big
sports fan so I just listened to music and graded papers. Chuma came in
around eight thirty in the evening. I got up and congratulated him on the

"We're gonna celebrate tonight!" He said.

I stared at him. "By we you don't mean me do you?"

"I sure do. Get your robe on." I said, closing the door to the bathroom.

"My. My robe? You don't mean my bath robe?"

He shouted from behind the door. "You heard me! Get your clothes off and
get your fucking robe on. NOW!"

I thought about Pavlov's dogs as I reacted immediately to Chuma's powerful
voice. I stripped off my clothes, put on my brown robe, tied the sash in a
knot as I stepped into some slippers. Chuma was in the kitchen now,
shoveling down several hot dogs and a beer. Chuma picked up a pair of
leather shackles that were sitting on the kitchen table. "Put your hands

Which I did and he cuffed them with the shackles.

I looked up at him, "this is not necessary you know."

Suddenly I heard a horn honk. "That's our ride."

I wanted to ask our ride to where but Chuma shoved me outside and into a
waiting car. The driver was Chuma's friend, the same one that had been in
his room the other night. The one that ****d on the bed. I was not
surprised to see he still had a cigar in his mouth.

I took a deep breath. "Might I ask as to where we are going?"

The driver looked back at me through the rear view mirror. "You might ask
if you wanna get bitch slapped! That's all!"

Chuma turned around and gave me that mean look. "Keep your mouth shut!
Unless you got a dick in it!"

I could see this was going to be a horrible night.

We wound through some streets down town before we turned into a ally way
and parked by a large steel door. "This is Dante's Den!" Chuma pulled me
from the back seat as he did my robe became unfastened. "I think you're
gonna like it here professor." I was more concerned with my open robe.

We went through the steel door and downstairs to what looked like a night
club of some sorts. Then we made a sharp turn and went into another room.

In there was a small bar with several stools, a poker table, a pool table
and another strange table. I found that table was known as bondage bench! I
was stripped of my robe and led to the bench. Two padded arms that my knees
went on. Another longer section that looked like an ironing board except it
had leather padding on it. Another two more padded arms toward the front
that my forearms rested on. I could see that it was designed for complete
immobility of the person.

I could only imagine what I looked like from behind. My legs spread apart,
my ass up in the air with my genitals dangling unprotected between my
legs. Straps went over my arms to hold them down as well as one strap over
my back held me tightly to the table. My head was conveniently at waist
level which made it extremely easy for anyone to walk up and slide his
penis into my mouth. This became very evident through out the night.

Chuma grabbed a leather paddle. "It's time to turn this white ass into

He did exactly that, the burning brought tears to my eyes. That was only
one of the many indignities I suffered that night. Chuma sat at the bar,
watching his friends ejaculate in my mouth. Some of his friends thought it
was more fun to just squirt their sperm in my face. Others thought it was
more fun to just fuck my ass. I really lost my will to resist anymore.

When they had enough fun with me on the bench, I was untied and led to a
small platform by the end of the bar. There was a rope hanging down from
the ceiling which my arms were attached to and stretched above my
head. Chuma's friend strapped a ball gag into my mouth and fastened it
behind my head. There was a spot light above the bar that was turned
directly on me.

"I think it's time the professor gave us a show," laughed Chuma.

He brought forward this little instrument about the size of a billfold. It
was called an Estim, short for electronic stimulation. An electronic device
used to stimulate muscles. One lead was strapped at the base of my penis
and the other around the head of my penis. When the machine was turned on,
it made the muscles jumped back and forth at a rapid rate. Everyone knew
what the result was going to be except me.

The electricity created an intense stimulation to my organ. It soon
realized it would be impossible to control ejaculation. With my hard
electrified penis twitching up and down, it only took about one minute and
my penis began squirting forth it's semen. I was completely unaware that my
hips were gyrating and bucking in rhythm to the electronic stimulation.

Everyone clapped and whistled, I had given them a great show. The
humiliation was almost more than I could bare but I could hardly run and

The big black man with the cigar grabbed me by the balls and tugged

"Com'on professor! Let's see you and your cock preform some more."

The Estim machine was left running and attached to my genitals. Another
black man came up from the bar and gave my ass a spanking with his bare
hand. After about five minutes, another orgasm reached my dick. It twitched
and I bucked but not much sperm shot out this time. I think my supply was
depleted so they took the machine off me. I hung there from the rope, my
feet just touching the platform.

Drool was running down my chin from the ball gag, my chest was covered with
it. The patrons at the bar were pointing at me and laughing. It was at that
moment I realized I had been broken. I had no more self respect, my self
esteem was gone I had no willpower. If it was Chuma's intention to own me,
then he had succeeded.

I was released from the platform and the ball gag was removed. Chuma
stepped up to me. "Get your white ass down at the end of the bar. Wait till
someone wants a blow job!"

I obeyed without even thinking. As I stood there, two black men came by and
felt me up.

"Bend over professor. Show us your white pussy."

"Yeah, you got a little hair around there," he immediately jammed his
finger into my anus. "Nice and tight. You'd be a good fuck."

The other man took his hard cock out and slapped my face. "Suck it dry,

Chuma and his friend dropped me off at home but I don't know what time it
was just dark. I remember getting into the hot shower and just standing
there forever. The next day I woke up sprawled out on the bed naked. I had
no recollection how I even got there or when.

I looked at the clock and it was noon! I though how the hell could I sl**p
until noon? I went upstairs to see if Chuma was awake but his room was
empty. I went back to my bedroom, pulled a robe from the closet and put it
on. Made my way to the kitchen, made some coffee and sat down to read the
paper. I found myself reflecting on last night at that club, Dante's Den.

As my thoughts began recount the evening, I had a pleasant surprise. My
cock began to swell into a full erection. It was completely stiff. I dashed
into my bedroom and stood naked in front of the mirror. I smiled because I
thought I looked pretty damn good for a middle aged professor. I thought to
myself Chuma wanted me naked so I would just stay that way around the

Around one o'clock, Chuma came in. He stopped in the kitchen "You learn
fast," he smiled. "Now, go turn my shower on. I need a bath."

Chuma entered the bathroom completely naked and stepped into the shower. I
sat the towels down on the toilet seat and was about to leave.

"Where the fuck you going?"

"I was going to let you shower in private," I muttered.

"Get your naked ass in here and give me a bath!"

That was probably the most erotic thing I had ever experienced, giving
another man a bath. My feelings could be seen almost instantly as my dick
sprang to attention. My soapy hands slid over his muscled body.

"Be sure you clean my ass good! Get your hands up in my crack and wash it!"

I slid my hand between the two large mound of muscle and felt his anus.

With two of my fingers, I rubbed around and around his tight sphincter. I
could see his cock growing as I explored his ass. The urge was so hard to
resist, I wanted to slip my fingers into his black ass. I reached around
and touched his swollen black cock. "Do you want me to take care of that
for you?"

"Not now." He reached down and rubbed my hard cock.

He knelt down in front of me, taking my testicles in one hand and my hard
cock in the other. He literally swallowed my whole cock and my balls in his
mouth. I couldn't describe the feeling but it was sensational. I rocked my
hips and watched my penis glide in and out of Chuma's large lips. Suddenly
I groaned and bucked. Chuma grabbed me by the ass cheeks and held me in
tight. His tongue slid over and over my sensitive glans until I was limp.

Chuma stood and grabbed me by the arms. "You better never tell anyone about
this. You understand me?"

I quickly nodded my head. "YES! Yes, I understand. I would never tell
anyone. You have my word."

"Good," he said. "Now you can give me a hand job."

I grabbed his thick hard cock with my right hand and began to slowly pull
it up and down. I hand never felt anything so big before it was almost like
he had received two dicks combined into one.

"Yank it!" He shouted. "You ain't gonna break it!"

I quickened the pace, taking faster and longer strokes paying attention to
his large black glans.

"His breathing quickened. "I'm ready to cum! Get your hand on my balls and
roll'em around in your fingers!"

I no sooner grabbed his testicles and his cock shot out a thick stream of
sperm that hit me straight in the abdomen.

Then there was another and another and a rush came over me. I was yanking
his cock and making him groan and moan for more. For just a brief moment, a
rush of power came over me and I liked the idea I was controlling his

The rest of the day I spent grading papers, naked in my study.

Chuma came in and tossed a cock and ball harness on the papers in front of

"Put it on!"

I stared at it for a moment. It fastened with snaps under my scrotum and
around the base of my cock. Another small strap came up between my
testicles separating them from one another. Hit also snapped to the first

"You wear that until I tell you to take it off. Understand?"

I swallowed once before I replied. "What about when I go to classes on

Chuma glared down at me. "I said wear it! Everywhere!"

I sighed, he had made it quite clear.

I went to class Monday morning feeling a bit strange with that harness
attached to my genitals. I also felt a little self conscious. Every black
student I saw, I wondered if he might have been at the club Saturday night
and saw me. Then there was that damn harness, which I was totally aware of
the whole day. I thought to myself, Chuma knew this harness would irritate
me all day. He must really be enjoying this.

Like anything, after a few days it didn't bother me anymore. In fact I
began to enjoy it. When ever I though about my cock and ball harnessed up
like that, it usually made me hard. Another thing that made me hard as a
rock was the thought of going back to Dante's Den. Being the subject of
sexual abuse and humiliation. I didn't understand why that aroused me so
much but it did.

It was the stupidest things I ever did but I asked Chuma to take me back
there and he did. Saturday night after another game which our team
won. Upon arriving, I was ordered to strip, remove the ball harness and my
hands were cuffed behind my back. Chuma fastened a black leather collar
around my neck and attached a leash to it. This time they didn't strap me
to the bench.

Instead, I was passed from stool to stool via the leash. If the patron on
the stool didn't want oral sex at that time, I was passed to the next. If
they did want their penis sucked, then I had to kneel and preform oral
sex. There were a few patrons that preferred to fuck me instead. For that I
was taken to a room in the back that had a sofa and a bed.

As for the electronic stimulator, they tied me to a chair this time. They
installed another device called a penis plug and glans ring. The plug,
about three inches long, was inserted into my urethra. The ring was slipped
over my glans which held it in place. They locked a metal ring at the base
of my cock, attached a small wire to it and another small wire to the penis

Well, my bobbing and twitching cock gave them a lot of pleasure once
again. The machine actually f***ed me to get an erection then ejaculate
me. My penis went soft again and they increased the stimulation. With the
machine still running, it eventually worked its magic and gave me another
erection and of course another ejaculation. I had this done to me three
time that night.

That night I heard someone call Chuma's friend by name, Randy. He unhooked
me from the Estim machine, took me in the back room and gave my ass a work
out with his hard cock. I remember walking into my bedroom but that was
about all.


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