House Guest

I was working at the local university as a professor of English literature
when the basketball coach approached me. He knew I lived alone in a large
house so he asked if I could provide a room to one of his basketball
players until the end of the current semester. He told me his name was
Chuma that he was from Zimbabwe and a great asset to our basketball team. I
was never that caught up in sports but I did think the coach was quite an
attractive man and there were only eight weeks left in the semester, so I

I was divorced ten years ago because my wife found out I was gay. I lived
alone mostly in my eight room house. I had a large room upstairs over the
garage which was connected to the house. There was also a separate entrance
to the room from the outside. I thought that would be a perfect place for
this Chuma fellow. When I met him to say I was surprised was an

I would have to say he was the first real African black man I had ever
met. He was six foot eight inches tall, 217lbs, very black and very
intimidating. He told me he was from a village called Kezi which had many
hunters and warriors. I had to look up name because I never heard of it. He
seemed to settle in quite well. The only thing his room didn't have was a
bath so he had to come downstairs and use the guest bathroom which was by
the garage.

Things went along fine until one Saturday morning. I was in the kitchen
making my coffee I heard Chuma in the bath. I never thought any more about
it until he came out and down the hall. I just stood there with my coffee.
He was completely naked with an erection that must have been nine inches
long. I was surprised to see he was circumsized. I just thought borne and
raised Africans would not be. Obviously a stupid assumption on my part.

He walked up to me and looked down on me. "Do you have some coffee?" I said
before his size was quite intimidating and the tone of his voice was even
more intimidating. I swallowed. "Yes. Yes, I have some. Would you like a
cup?" He reached down with his hand and rubbed his huge erection. "Yes."

I quickly got a cup and filled it with coffee for him. "Do I make you
uncomfortable being naked?" I glanced up at him for a moment then down at
his erection. "No. No, not at all." Under my robe my own cock was swelling
up hard. Then I said something that was stupid. "I sometimes walk around
the house naked also." Which was a lie because I never did.

Chuma reached down, pulled the sash free on my robe. "Take it off." I was
not an aggressive man in fact I was quite passive in nature. I might add I
was easily intimidated by aggressive men. I swallowed again, removed my
robe letting it fall to the floor. I was naked in front of this black man
with my much smaller erection jutting out in front of me. He smiled, "I
thought you would be hard."

He reached down and encased my whole dick with his huge hand. He squeezed
it then rather roughly yanked it upward. I flinched as I was pulled
forward. "Look at me!" He ordered. I raised my head up to meet his eyes.
"My cock needs a release. Get your mouth over it!" I swallowed hard this
time. I wanted to run from the room as fast as I could but my legs wouldn't
move. He put his hand on my head and f***ed me down.

I was staring at his huge black cock and the two bear-sized testicles. "I
see you will need some assistance," he said taking the rope sash from my
robe. He quickly stepped around behind, tying my arms and hands tightly
with the rope. He pulled me to my feet. "Now I'll feed you my cock! Like a
baby." He grabbed me by the shoulder and pulled me into the living room. He
f***ed me to kneel down in front of the sofa. He sat down on the sofa,
spread his legs open and grabbed my head with his his two enormous hands.

The next thing I felt was his huge cock going deep in my mouth. He shoved
it in so far that I immediately gagged on it. He thought the gag reflex was
funny so he did it several more times before pulling the huge organ from my
mouth. "How do you like black cock? Have you ever sucked a black cock?" I
was too frightened to speak I just shook my head no.

"I'll bet you never sucked black balls either. He pulled my face into his
scrotum. "Lick them! I want to feel your tongue and mouth all over my
balls." I took one of his testicles into my mouth, licked it then switched
to the other. "Now you can teach a class on how to lick black balls and
suck black cock!" He laughed, pulling my head back away from his testicles.

"Open your mouth!" He ordered which I did promptly. Once again he shoved
his hard cock deep into my throat. With a steady rhythm, he moved my head
back and forth over the first few inches of his dick. I could feel the
thick glans rubbing over the roof of my mouth. I was definitely not ready
for what happened next. His cock began ejaculation which pumped load after
load of semen into and down my open throat.

As he quickly moved my head back and forth over his cock, heaps of semen
dribbled from my mouth and ran down my chin. He pulled his still hard cock
from my mouth and rubbed the head over my nose, eyes, lips and forehead.
"Now you are marked with my black seed!" He took my robe from the floor,
wiped his cock and balls dry from the semen and saliva. "Stand up!"

I struggled a bit trying not to loose my balance. Chuma reached down and
gave my erection a hard slap with his open hand. "What do you call that
small white thing there?"

"My--My penis." I said softly.

He laughed then slapped it hard again. "Is that your little white cock?" I
nodded my head slowly and he slapped it again. By this time it was
beginning to sting.

"If we f***e your little cock to squirt, will we get
anything?" I replied softly again. "Yes."

"What will we get?" He said in a loud voice.

"Sperm," I replied. "I would like to see."

He grabbed my dick and began pulling hard up and down. This was not the
first time I had been milked my a man but it was the first by a black man.

"Com'on," he said. "Make this little cock squirt for me. I don't have all
day." That was all it took I felt my glans explode and I ejaculated in his
huge hand. He took his hand and immediately smeared it all over my face.
"I'll bet that wasn't enough to wet your lips," he laughed as he shoved me
face down on the sofa. He untied the rope then went back upstairs to his
room. I immediately went to my bathroom for a much needed shower.

As I showered, I tried to organize my thoughts to see were things went
wrong. I didn't remember doing anything to invite what happened. I guessed
Chuma probably found out from other students I was gay. I didn't think that
would make him do what he did. I wanted to look at all the options except
the real one. The fact he intimidated me and he knew it. I deduced that in
his country, comprised of hunters and warriors, they took what they wanted.

Take whatever they wanted. I thought about that for a minute and it began
to make my dick swell. I imagined myself all tied up in a remote African
village. The only white man, while the natives danced around me naked. All
those large black cocks were going into my mouth and other places. Yes,
that was enough to make my white cock stand up hard. I quickly pulled on my
sweat pants and sweat shirt and put that thought out of my mind.

I went to work on grading some of my papers, however I found it hard to
concentrate on work. I kept thinking of being tied up and f***ed to preform
oral sex. I had to admit the thought excited me. Simply because it was
completely different than anything I ever experienced before. Maybe the
feeling of helplessness and the humiliation was the driving f***e. I went
back to my papers .

I went out with a friend and came in late Saturday night but he was still
not in. I did not see him until Sunday morning when I saw him go into the
bathroom. I rehearsed, no I memorized what I wanted to say to him.

"Listen, Chuma. I am the owner of this house. I am a respected professor at
the University. You are a temporary house guest. It's not polite to expect
or demand certain things. It may be the case in your country but not here."

He slowly walked into the kitchen with his massive erection swinging back
and forth. He came over to me, his huge frame towering over me and looked
down at me. I swallowed hard and could not remember one word of what I
wanted to say. I know it sounds stupid, I don't know what happened. The
next thing I was in the living room again licking and sucking his huge
black cock.

In my mind I kept saying over and over. "It's not polite to expect or
demand certain things." Like his black cock pumping in and out of my
face. All I could remember was he demanded, I obeyed and my mouth was ready
for another sperm bath. He shoved my face into his crotch. "You made a
slimy mess of my cock! Clean it! Clean off my balls!"

He pulled me up from the floor and shoved me to the stairs. "Get your white
ass upstairs. In my room!" I made my way upstairs, hand and arms bound
tightly behind me. I stopped because the door was closed. Chuma opened it
and shoved me inside. I stood there in the center of the room in a sort of
shock. There was another black man sitting at the table with a cigar in his
mouth and a drink in his hand.

"So, this is your white man bitch?"

"Yeah. Professor Thompson."

The black man laughed, "Professor? Bring your white ass over here. I never
seen Professor cock before." The both of them laughed at me. He grabbed my
hard cock and yanked me close to him. "You like to suck black cock?" I was
too frightened to speak. I didn't know what to do so I nodded my head.

Suddenly there was a painful smack on my bare ass. Chuma had hit me with a
wide leather belt. "Tell the man you'd love to suck his cock!"

"I--I--I would like to suck your cock," I said quietly. Chuma whacked my
ass again with the belt. "I have an African name for him," Chuma said to
his friend. "Swak!"

"What the hell does that mean?"

"Weak. Not powerful." The man stood up, removed his pants and pointed to
his hard black cock. "Get your Professor mouth over that and suck the juice
out of it!"

Again I found myself on my knees sucking black cock. While I was bobbing up
and down on his cock, the two of them started a poker game. They were
dealing cards and betting all the time I was sucking. Suddenly, he grabbed
my head and jammed it down on his cock as he gave out a loud groan. My
mouth was filled with another huge load of semen.

They made me stand up and f***ed me to bend over. Chuma took a black dildo
from his dresser drawer, lubed my anus and painfully inserted it. Since my
hands were already tied behind my back, he ordered me to hold the dildo in
place and not let it slip out. Then they made me stand tight against the
table, my cock and testicles literally laying on the table.

The hard dildo kept wanting to slip its way out and I had to keep pushing
it back in with my bound hands. That motion was responsible for a wonderful
sensation my cock remained quite hard. "Hey! Swak! You know why that dildo
is up your ass?" I shook my head no. "Cause we gonna fill it with a real
black cock in a few minutes."

They were true to their words. They stuffed some underwear in my mouth then
taped it shut with duct tape. Chuma's friend threw me down on the bed,
stepped in between my open legs and casually slid his hard black deep
inside my bowels. Gradually I was stretched to accommodate the large
organ. When he was finished I waited for Chuma to **** me with his huge
tool but he was not interested.

Chuma rolled me over on the bed and untied my hands. "I'll be back late
tonight. You make sure I'm up for classes in the morning. You hear?" I
heard the car doors slam and they drove off down the driveway. I painfully
pulled the tape from my mouth then went straight to the shower to soothe my
aching muscles and relieve my throbbing cock!

I remembered what Chuma said so I went into his room around six thirty in
the morning. He was still asl**p so I shook him gently. "What the
fuck you want?" I stood there in my clean neat suit.

"It six thirty. Time to get ready for classes." He threw the covers back
and I saw he was completely naked with another erection between his legs.

He looked up at me and I could see anger in his face. "What the fuck you
doing? How you gonna service my cock with all those clothes on?" I just
swallowed hard and stared at him. I didn't know what to think. "Get them
fucking clothes off! Get your naked ass on the floor so you can suck my

I frantically removed all my clothes, quickly tossing them in a heap on the
floor and knelt down by the bed. "That's better," he said. "Start humming
on that cock!"

I thought to myself. Shit this what its going to be like for the rest of
the semester. His ejaculation was not a big as usual. I guess I was slowly
draining him. I took my clothes, got dressed again and went of to class.

That day during lunch I ran into the basketball coach and he told me how
grateful he was that I was taking care of his star player. I smiled,
wondering if he knew just how I was taking care of him. He said there was
going to be a private dorm room opening up next semester. Chuma was going
to be moving in there. I smiled again and wished him luck in the upcoming

Between classes and during my breaks, I often found my thoughts drifting in
and out of bondage. It may be strange but I was never spanked by my
parents. That leather belt was the first thing that ever slapped my ass. I
found some pictures on the internet of naked men bound and gagged. I was
surprised at my reaction was one of excitement. I kept thinking of how I
was bound, gagged and sodomized on Chuma's bed.

There was basketball practice so Chuma didn't come in until about nine. I
was in the study going over papers when I heard Chuma come downstairs. I
stepped out into the hall. "Was the practice good?" He
walked up and stood close to me. My nostrils flared out, I could smell that
heavy odor of male sweat. It was like he hadn't taken a bath in a week.
"Good." He said. I'm going to take an bathe then go to
bed. "Make sure I'm up in the morning."

Six thirty the next morning, I was shaking him awake but this time I was
completely naked. He rolled over, tossing the covers off. "Now
that's what I like to see. My Swak naked man ready to make my cock
happy." I showered, got dressed in a clean suit and stepped into
the garage to leave. Suddenly I heard Chuma shout. "HEY!"
I turned to see him standing by the garage door. "Is your cock
hard?" He asked.

I shook my head, "No."

"Strip down! Let me see."

I swallowed. "Here? Right here in the garage? Someone might see me."

He walked into the garage and up to where I was standing. "Get in front of
the car and drop your pants!"

I did as he ordered. He grabbed cock and balls, gave them a quick feel then
turned and walked away laughing. "I just wanted to see!"

I failed to see any humor in it other than it humiliated me.

I painfully became aware of what was happing to me. Chuma intimidated me
which made me weak and passive. Then he dominated me sexually which made me
obedient to him. I had taken a few semesters of psychology. I was well
aware of what was happening and my reaction was one of real pleasure. I had
never really engaged much in sex even when I was married. As for being gay,
I had a few friends but we did not have sex all that many time. This had
been the longest and the most exciting I ever experienced.

I actually looked forward to going to his room each morning and sucking his
hard black cock. I couldn't help it I was a creature of habit I had to have
a routine in order to function properly. Chuma had molded me into his
routine quite well.

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luved it ... great story