Tutoring Jocks

I'd remained on campus during Spring Break along with a few other
students. My roommate Jason, had gone home to Boston for a couple of weeks,
leaving me with some quiet time. I'd planned to catch up on an essay I was
preparing for one of my classes.

I went down to the kitchen to get some ice before I settled down to
study. As I went through the living area, I spotted Kevin King, talking to
one of the other guys in my Frat. He looked up nodded then winked at me. I
retrieved a bucket of ice from the kitchen and hastily went back up the
stairs to my room trying to avoid him. Kevin excited me sexually, but I
didn't want to let him know.

He was one of the football players here at the college. He had a body that
even straight men would take a second glance at. He was an extremely hot
guy, and he knew it. I'd always had the `hots' for him, but knowing my
roommate didn't trust him, I stayed my distance. I went back to my room to
continue my studies when a light knock was heard at my door. When I opened
it, there stood Kevin.

Kevin was a genuine hunk, but I understood he could also be a real asshole
and bully at times. He and Jason didn't always get along. My roommate Jason
was refined and cultured and Kevin was more `trailer trash redneck'. Kevin
was almost as good looking as Jason in his own way. Jason had dark hair
and fantastic dark brown eyes and Kevin had blond curly hair and sparkling
blue eyes. They were both about the same height and weight.

I'd seen Kevin in the football dressing room after a game wearing nothing
but a bulging jockstrap. I was immensely impressed by his compact muscular
body and rippling abs. He was no doubt secure about his body.

"Hey dude. Is Jason around?" Kevin said as he looked around our room.

"No. He has gone to Boston for Spring Break. You can come back in a few
weeks if you need to talk with him." I said trying to avoid eye contact
with him. The quickest way another guy knows you have a thing for him is
eye contact.

I had fantasized about having sex with Kevin, but thought I'd never have a
chance with this `stud muffin'. He was a `pussy hound' and was fucking all
the girls on and off campus. He had a reputation of rough and demanding
sex, and never fucked the same chick more than a couple times. Jason
warned me to be cautious of this guy.

"Cool. I really wanted to talk to you anyway. Can I come in?" Kevin said
as he pushed his way into the room. "I need some tutoring in one of my
classes and heard you were the man to see."

"Fuck dude, this is a real nice apartment. I bet you could have some hot
parties here. I know Jason is a real pussy magnet, and you're pretty cool
too. So do you get laid much these days?" Kevin continued.

"I do some tutoring but I can't take on any more until next semester. What
do you need tutoring in anyway?" I said trying to avoid his last question.

"Sex Education" Kevin said with a straight face. Then he softly laughed. "I
know how to fuck and eat pussy, but never had a blow job from a cock
sucking fag. I've heard you're a good cock sucker, so thought I would
check you out."

"Get the fuck out of here, Kevin. I've heard you were an asshole, and I
have to agree with them. Get out!" I said as I started to open the door,

Kevin stepped in front of the door and grinned. I didn't have a chance at
throwing this guy out of my room. Not only did he have about 50 pounds on
me, but he was such a desirable hunk. I knew I would just melt if he even
touched me. He made me uneasy with his presence.

"Aw, come on dude. Sorry. I didn't mean to insult you. I just thought we
might experience some extra fun while your `guardian' was out of town."
Kevin continued. "You're well built, and a good looking for a 'gay dude'
and even straight guys likes to get an extra 'blow job' now and then. I've
heard that gay dudes give the best head because they know how another guy
likes to have it done. Come on Ray. I've never had head from a guy
before. I'd sure like to have you swinging on my dong. So what do you say,
Ray? I won't let on to your friend. I promise. Be my 'teach'. Please."

Kevin was leaning against the door dressed in a white stretch body shirt,
emphasizing every rippling muscle of his stomach, his awesome pectoral
muscles, and his protruding nipples. His tight tailored jeans gripped
every curve of his sculptured body and trim waist. An excellent bulge was
pressed against the front of his jeans and was on the rise as he talked
about the prospect of a blow job. The top buttons of his jeans were
unbuttoned and exposed a soft fuzzy cluster of hair to further entice his
admirers. He was a sex magnet, and he flaunted it very well.

"Please?" Kevin said one more time. "I know you want it. Don't think I
haven't noticed those quick glances at my crotch. Huh? You wouldn't leave
a guy hard and horny like this, would you?" Kevin said as he grabbed his
crotch area. "I've got a nice bundle hanging between my legs and some low
hanging balls just loaded with man juices that need to be
released. Please?"

"Aw fuck! Come on in." I said, then smiled and laughed at Kevin. "You're
like a little puppy in heat. Lock the door and take your shoes off. Would
you like a soda or something?"

"No dude! All I need are your lips around my prick. Shit man, I'm so
fucking hot today. All my `fuck chicks' have gone for the week and my dick
is throbbing for some loving." Kevin said as he continued to take off his
clothes and jump on one of the beds. He stretched out with one arm behind
his head, grabbed his hard cock, and lifted his balls with the other.

"Look at that beauty. Did you ever suck on a cock this big? I've been told
it is 11 inches long and 6 inches around. I can't find a good cock sucking
chick that can get me off. Come on dude. I need some head in the worst way.
Jump on this baby and make me cum." Kevin said, starting to get more

"If I'm going to be the teacher, then you'll have to let me do the
teaching. Lay back, relax and let me do it my way." I told Kevin.

I opened the bedside table drawer and obtained a bottle of body oil. Then
I poured some of it onto Kevin's body, and began rubbing the oil on his
well-developed chest. This was just an excuse for me to explore Kevin's
firm torso, upper body and his hard nipples. Kevin relaxed, closed his
eyes, and seemed to enjoy my sensitive massage.

I placed my mouth over one of Kevin's nipples while my fingers caressed and
tweaked the other one. It seemed to excite him because I noticed his dick
throb and flex. He was anticipating my warm cock sucking mouth deriving his
cock and consuming it.

He gripped his cock starting to masturbate, but before he could manipulate
it, I moved my hand down his taunt abs, gripped his cock and held it
tightly. It was an amazing cock indeed. My hand could barely reach around
it but I managed to get in between Kevin's legs and begin kissing, licking,
and nuzzling his low hanging balls, inhaling his musky, manly scents. His
large scrotum hung snugly between his legs. I kissed Kevin's cock shaft
and started licking my way up his big hard throbbing cock, and licked the
clear oozing pre-cum from the head of his dick. His liquids were sweet and

Kevin sighed as I placed my mouth completely over his cock and ran my
tongue around the sensitive tulip shaped cock head and into the opening of
his piss slit. One hand was guiding Kevin's prick into my mouth as the
other hand was exploring the moist area of his virgin ass hole. Kevin
parted his strong athletic legs giving me trusting admission to this
receptive private place.

I pleasured Kevin's manhood until he was about ready to blow, then I would
ease off, and then begin again, building Kevin up to another sexual
frenzy. I was amazed I could swallow down more than half of his cock during
each downward move.

I continued sucking Kevin for about ten minutes and had eased two-fingers
into Kevin's asshole, and was working on a third. This brought Kevin to a
`point of no return'. He started to whimper and writhe about on the bed
like a wild man. He gave a howl of eagerness and started to tremble with
uncontrollable passionate enthusiasm. He arched his body upward and huffed
for air while he blasted squirt after squirt of man liquid into my welcome
oral cavity. I swallowed quickly after each gusher. His zeal and passion
was almost too much for me to keep his spurting dick in my mouth as his
body squirmed all over the bed in ecstasy. .

"Oh hot damn!" Kevin shouted out as he released a well-needed orgasm. "Damn
you're a fucking, first-class cocksucker! Ah yes! Yes! Yes! Drain my
cock. Oh man, man, man!" Kevin said as he continued to enjoy several more
releases of cum into me.

Following a frantic discharge of sexual exhilaration, Kevin settled down to
a stress-free disposition. I slowly pulled my three fingers from Kevin's
humid asshole, and then continued to savor the large amount of sperm
released from Kevin's big penis.

Kevin's cock was sensitive but he enjoyed me licking all the cum from his
cock shaft and his balls. Kevin realized I was a first-rate cock worshiper
and cum slave and he could depend on me to satisfy his sexual needs when he
needed release.

I took some sanitary wipes, washed and dried Kevin's dick and balls while
he relaxed. He was so attractive lying there with his eyes closed, and his
big semi-hard cock resting on his soft ball sack just waiting for more
attention. This dude was so much more desirable naked than with his
clothes on. What a well-developed guy! I'll let him rest for now then
later launch him on his next lesson of `Sex Education.' I knew I wasn't
through with him yet.

I went to the bathroom to get myself ready for Kevin's next lesson. I had
always fantasized that this football hunk would fuck me someday, and now I
had the chance to show Kevin how enjoyable it could be to plant a load of
fresh sperm into a nice tight male ass, instead of some loose female cunt.

Almost thirty minutes had gone by since Kevin had fallen asl**p. I had
cleansed my body and lubed the entrance to my anus. I stood over Kevin for
a brief moment to admire his magnificent and flawless body. Kevin stirred
as I placed my mouth over the cock head to savor the remaining ooze of
fluids seeping from his piss slit. He slowly became rigid as I kissed and
caress his flexible penis and engulfed his member down to his pubic hairs
before he enlarged to his full 11 inch shaft.

"Hey dude. How long have I been asl**p? I'm rested and feel horny again.
How about another round of cock sucking? That was awesome dude, just
awesome! Ah yeah. That's nice the way you do that. Go all the way down on
it again. Un huh. Just like that." Kevin said as he lay back on the bed to
enjoying the attention I was giving his cock.

"I think I have a better idea. Since I'm teaching you `Sex Education', I
thought we might do something else. How about we try some deep ass
fucking? Don't panic. I have douched and lubed my ass and I want you to
fuck me. You have an exquisite big cock: not only long but thick, and I
know I can take it if we take our time. Would you like to give it a try?"
I said softly to Kevin.

"Shit yes!" Kevin said as he set up in bed on his knees. "Let's go to it
dude. You have such a hot body and firm round bubble butt, I'm ready to
fuck. Let's do it. Never fucked a butt before."

"Whoa. Slow down big boy. We've got to do this right otherwise your big
thick cock could split me open. I want it as much as you do, but take your
time so we can both enjoy it, stud." I had to laugh at Kevin's
enthusiasm. It sure didn't take much to convince Kevin to fuck me.

I laid on my back and told Kevin to move between my legs like he was going
to fuck one of his chicks, and then he should lift my legs and place them
on each of his shoulders. Then I instructed him to scoot under my body,
guide his dick to my ass hole, and slowly move the head of his cock into my
lubricated male pussy, move closer, and then guide his dick into my tight
anus, move closer again and then it should slither right in.

Everything was moving perfectly except Kevin's big cock did hurt me a
little when it started going in. Kevin sensed I was in pain. He stopped
and waited for me to get comfortable then he moved in again. Kevin paused
once more and then gave another push into my sphincter and promptly was
nestled all the way into my fuck track with his balls resting against my

"Oh my god! Oh my god! Fuck dude. I'm all the way in, and it feels
fantastic." Kevin said excitedly then laughed. "I didn't know an asshole
could feel so great. Shit, I just may give up pussy and fuck some of my
buddy's ass. Whoopee dude. Let's fuck. Let's fuck." Kevin said as he
grabbed my ankles and started to fuck. He threw his head back and once
again howled like a wolf calling for his mate. "AHHOOOO?."

I was immersed in Kevin's excitement and the great feeling of having this
hunk using my body for his pleasure. It hurt at first when Kevin's long
thick dick stretched my hole and made its entry, but once he slid it all
the way in, it was great and almost made me cum. I hadn't been fucked by
such a large one for quite some time and I welcomed being fucked
again. "Man it felt good," I thought to myself.

Kevin knew from experience how to move his body while fucking. He gripped
my ankles and spread me like a wishbone. He was plunging his dick in me up
to the hilt. I could feel his big balls slapping against my buttocks.
Kevin must have thought he might be hurting me, but after awhile he
realized I wanted it rough and hard.

"Hey dude you're a damn good fuck. If I fucked my ladies like this, they
would already be crying for me to stop, but not you Ray. Fucking a solid
muscular dude like you is so much better than I'd ever dreamed."

"Fuck me Kevin! Fuck me long and hard! Use me! Use me! Oh fuck, Kevin
you're a damn good fucker. Fuck me, dude. Fuck me!" I grunted
out. "Harder. Harder."

Kevin was in absolute sexual ecstasy. He love to fuck, and have orgasm
after orgasm, but never thought fucking another dude could be so great. He
slammed his cock in and out of Ray's gripping ass muscles with vigor. How
could sex like this be considered wrong when it felt so damn good? I
wrapped my legs around Kevin and gripped him tighter, pulling him closer to
my body. Kevin fell forward placing his hands on the bed. He looked down
into my face. His passion gave in, and he leaned closer and kissed my
sweaty forehead.

I reached up, pulled Kevin to my lips, and began kissing him. Then the
heavy fucking really began. We kissed and fucked in every position we
could, but after about 30 minutes of wild fucking, Kevin went wild and
released a tremendous gushing load. He came so much that the love juices
ran out of my well-used ass and soaked the sheets.

Plunge after plunge, Kevin buried his hard cock deep into the moist caverns
of my body. Kevin had rubbed my prostate so much that I came at least
three times during the wild session. Finally we both collapsed in utter
pleasure and exhaustion.

The scent of body, sweat, and male sperm filled the room. Only the sounds
of heavy breathing from two sexually satisfied men could be heard. A slight
move of the bodies, then I broke the silence.

"Get the fuck off me! You're crushing my nuts with your knee."

Kevin laughed and moved his hot sticky body off me.

"You better get accustomed to bodies being on you because I'm telling some
of my buddies in the Athletic Department to sign up for 'Sex Education'
with you over the next few weeks. Do you think you can handle them? We all
need some advanced Sex Education and I have selected you to teach us."

"Damn!. Do they ever have a treat coming from you when you suck their
cocks and give them some of that hot ass of yours."

"Yeah. I think I can handle it but why don't you fuck me the rest of the
night to get me in shape?"

We fucked the rest of the night and into the early hours of the next
morning. I lost count of the times Kevin's cock spewed loads of cum in me.
He tole me he was thankful they didn't have football practice the next day,
because he was weak and exhausted from all the fucking.

That afternoon after I had cleaned up and slept a few hours, a soft knock
was heard at my door. When I opened it, there stood the center from the
college basketball team. His head almost touched the top of the door frame
of my room.

"Hey. Are you Ray? I understand you will help me with `Sex Education'.
I'm rather new at this but Kevin King told me you were the best."

"Sure. Come in and let's get started. Take off your clothes and let me take
a good look at you. Umm...My god, what size shoes do you wear anyway? If
that is any indication..." I said without finishing my sentence and stared
at his huge soft cock.

That week was a busy one for me. Kevin wasn't k**ding when he said he
would line up more guys for my `Sex Education' classes. Several times, day
and night, I took in more new students. I often insisted several of the
guys should return for more instructions. Kevin was still my favorite
student and would come over every night for more sessions. He was a good

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