Physical exam with my Stepbrother

During the first week of August, Paul said he needed to have a sports
physical so he could join the wrestling team. He said he was going to book
an appointment with Dr Banks for Friday morning and wanted to know if I was
available to take him to the appointment. There were two cars in the
driveway so the fact that he was asking me to take him must mean that he
wanted me to go to the exam with him. I said "sure, I'll take you". The
appointment was for 9:30 am and we got there about 9:15. The nurse showed
us both into an exam room and said the doctor would be with us shortly. It
was a different exam room from last time, it was smaller and the exam table
was lower. There was a chair on the other side of the exam table and I sat
down in it. Paul sat down on the end of the exam table until the doctor
came in. Dr Banks said "hello Ian, hello Paul, how are you both doing". We
both said we were doing fine and Paul handed him the exam form from the
athletic department. He gave us a big smile and said, "OK then, Paul,
please strip down to your underwear".

Paul removed his shoes, socks, shorts and t-shirt and the bulge in his
boxers told me he already had a semi-hardon. The doctor motioned him over
to the scales and recorded his weight as 159 and height as 5'8". I
remembered my last physical exam with Dr Banks and my cock started to get
hard in my shorts. He asked Paul to sit on the exam table and he checked
his eyes, ears, nose and throat. Paul's back was to me so I couldn't see
much at this point. He listened to Paul's chest and back and then asked him
to lie down on his back. Paul's cock was still making a tent in his
boxers. The doctor checked out Paul's arms, shoulders and chest and then
examined his stomach. When he got to the waistband of the boxers, he asked
Paul to take them off. Paul raised his hips and slipped them down and
off. His semi-hard cock popped out and curved out and slightly down from
his crotch. The chair I was sitting in was only a couple feet from the exam
table so I had an excellent view. His big knob was clearly outlined in his
foreskin and precum was already oozing out of the puckered opening.

The doctor continued his exam of Paul's stomach and when he reached Paul's
cock he put his thumb and forefinger on either side of the shaft just below
the knob and pulled his foreskin back slowly. The doctor examined his knob
and shaft and then picked up his balls and examined them. He examined
Paul's legs and feet and then asked Paul to stand next to the table. Paul
faced the doctor while he performed the hernia check. My cock was getting
harder and was making a tent in my shorts near my left hip. I adjusted my
cock in my boxers so that it had a bit more space and hid the bulge with
the bottom of my t-shirt.

Dr Banks then asked Paul to turn around and bend over for the prostate
exam. Paul turned to face me and I could see that his cock was now fully
hard and his foreskin was pulled all the way back. His big purple knob was
shiny and wet with precum. Paul put his hands on the exam table and bent
forward. The doctor put on gloves, got a tube of lube and got into position
behind Paul. He told Paul to relax and then I saw his cock throb as the
doctor's finger entered him. Because the exam table was low, I had a clear
view of Paul's cock and balls. His cock throbbed and twitched as the doctor
examined his prostate. He was leaking precum and his balls were swaying
between his legs. I looked up at Paul's face and saw that he had his eyes
closed and it looked like he was enjoying the exam. I watched as Paul's
cock throbbed and his balls slowly drew up closer to the base. Precum
continued to ooze out of his piss slit and drip to the floor.

The doctor had been working on him for about 5 minutes and his nipples were
hard and he was making a quiet grunting noise. He opened his eyes, smiled
at me and then bit his bottom lip. He closed his eyes again and
groaned. His cock throbbed and his cum started flowing. He didn't shoot, it
just flowed out of him. I watched as 5 waves of cum flowed out of his piss
slit and fell to the floor. The doctor pulled his finger out and said
everything seemed fine. He removed his gloves and went over to his
desk. Paul stood up straight, wrapped his fingers around his shaft and
pulled his foreskin forward to cover his knob. This caused more cum to ooze
out of his piss slit. He looked around for his boxers which were on the
floor on my side of the exam table. I bent over, picked them up and handed
them to him. He wiped the cum from his cock onto his boxers and then bent
over to wipe up his cum from the floor. He then pulled on his shorts and
t-shirt. His cock was still semi-hard and it made a big bulge in his

He rolled up his boxers and held them out to me. He smiled and said "can
you hold on to these for a bit ?" I took them from him and my fingers felt
the wetness of his cum. He went over and sat down in front of the desk
while Dr Banks filled out the exam form. I stood up and saw that my hard
cock was still making a bulge in my shorts and there was a wet spot where I
had been leaking precum. I rearranged myself so that the bulge was slightly
less obvious and pulled down my t-shirt to cover the wet spot. When Dr
Banks gave Paul the completed physical form we both thanked him and
left. When we were in the car, Paul said "Dr Banks sure does give a
thorough prostate exam". I laughed and said "That's for sure, it got me
worked up just watching". We both laughed and didn't mention it again.

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