Lads Holiday Chapter 6

I woke up to our fourth day in Berlin before the others and lay there for a
while staring across at Charlie as he slept. I felt a lot better about it
all after yesterday. They seemed to have got over the hardcore stuff from
the other night and it was just playing around now. And it wasn't like I
didn't fucking love giving Jumbo a blowjob.

Charlie looked like an Abercrombie and Fitch boy, lying there with the thin
sheets d****d across his lower torso, giving me an amazing view of his half
naked body. I probably lay there for ten minutes just watching before it
struck me that my phone was just on the floor next to me. If I could
switch it to silent, I could get a few pictures that I could then sit and
look at whenever I wanted. I reached down slowly, picked up the phone and
returned to my previous position as quietly as I could. The others all
still seemed to be asl**p. I scrolled through and turned the phone to
silent, then switched on to the camera mode. I took a couple of pictures,
then moved slightly to get a better angle. As I took the third, Charlie's
eyes opened and he caught me in the act.

He blinked the sl**p out of his eyes, then sat up and swung his legs out of
bed and onto the floor and sat looking at me.

"What you doing?" he asked, not angrily, just curiously.

He walked across and tried to grab the phone. I pulled it away and behind
my back.

"Give me the phone fag" he said, calmly but authoritatively. I shook my

"What, you're disobeying me now?". I didn't respond. He laughed and
reached behind me to grab the phone. I still resisted and he grabbed me
and wrestled me to the floor. Once he had his hands on me I knew I was
going to end up submitting. He easily rolled me over onto my back and
ended up kneeling on top of me, his knees pinning down my arms beneath
them. The tight white boxer briefs, that were all he was wearing were just
a few inches away from my face.

He grabbed the phone from my hand and looked through the photos, laughing.
The other two had been woken by the wrestling and were sitting up in their

"What is it?" Pete asked.

"Fag's been taking some photos of his hero" Charlie told them.

Pete laughed. "Ahh, sweet".

Charlie looked down at me. "Man, you're really getting off on being my fag
aren't you?". I just smiled dumbly. His face hardened. "I think you need
punishing for trying to papp me while I sl**p though fag".

Before I could say anything, he swivelled his body round to face the other
side of the room, but still astride me, and rested his hot firm ass down
onto my face. I could no longer see anything, and could only smell and
feel the soft nylon of his briefs and his incredible man smell. My nose
was wedged up into one end of his ass crack, but most of his ass was
resting across my mouth.

"Open wide faggot" he ordered, and then ripped a loud deep fart inside me.
"Get a taste of what a real man smells like" he said and joined in laughing
with the other guys.

"I gotta tell you, you're the fuckin man Charlie" I heard Pete say in
between killing himself laughing.

He got up off me, and went back to his bed. I almost wished he'd stayed on
top, so at least the other guys wouldn't all be able to see me face, and
how embarassed I felt.

I started to get up and was going to get back into bed to sl**p some of the
shame off, but I was stopped in my tracks.

"Wait there fag" Fowls said. By now he had got down from his bunk and
started changing. "I got some more for you".

I wanted to say no, but for some reason I looked up to Charlie. He saw
what was in my mind.

"Don't even think about moving fag" he ordered and I reluctantly lay back

Fowls was bollock naked, as he was in the middle of changing, and I saw his
dick soft for the first time. He took exactly the same position Charlie
had been in, only this time it was an actual ass crack resting on my nose
and lips instead of soft material.

"Open up fag" he ordered, and I opened my lips wide circling around his
ass. I could feel him squeezing hard to f***e the fart out and when it
came it was louder and stronger than the last one. I could feel the stench
entering straight into my mouth and I closed my eyes, accepting the

"Oh shit" I heard Fowls say, lauging hard.

"What?" Pete asked. Then Charlie clocked on and started laughing hard too.

"What the fuck Fowls!" Charlie said, rolling back laughing.

"A bit of piss came out when I farted" Fowls said, in between fits of

Then I felt it, the warm liquid running down my chin. Fowls got up off me
and stood up and Charlie came and joined him. The two of them stood there
looking down and laughing. Charlie had his jeans on by now and pulled his
phone out of his pocket. He quickly hit onto the camera and crouched down
to get a photo of me with yellow liquid down my chin and neck. Not that it
mattered now. They had more than enough evidence on film of what a fag I

Charlie put the phone down and walked back across to me purposefully. He
grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up onto my knees, then half dragged me
across to the full length mirror on the wall.

"Kneel" he said, and I obeyed. He kept hold of me by the hair.

"Now look at yourself fag, and compare yourself to the other three men in
the room. Over the last few days, you've knelt for us, you've called us
sir, you've been in bars with us where we've ordered you to fetch drinks
and pay for them, then we've made you kneel on the floor instead of sitting
at the table, and you just accepted all this. We offered you to an old
german guy to facefuck, and you just accepted it. I fucked a girl in your
bed, then let her sl**p there and made you sl**p on the floor, and you just
accepted it. Now you've just swallowed our farts and let a man piss on
your face, and you've just accepted it".

He looked down, and my eyes followed him to the tenting in my pants.

"In fact, you didn't just accept it. By the look of it, you fuckin loved
us doing all that shit to you"

I couldn't believe I was so rock hard. Everything he was saying was true.

Charlie laughed. "You're a fuckin dog man"

"Fuck yeah" Fowls added, "like the human dogs in that sex museum".

By now, Pete was down from his bed. He just shook his head. "Fuckin dog".

I couldn't argue with any of it. They were right.

After we'd all had a shower, that whole episode seemed like it had been
forgotten and everyone was acting normal again. We met the other guys in
reception and all headed out again into the city.

Dan and Rich led from the front, and Charlie hung back a bit and summoned
me to him with a flick of his finger.

"Listen fag. I don't think it's any secret that controlling you is pretty
hot for me, yeah?"

I nodded. My heart was speeding up with excitement. Any kind of attention
he gave me turned me on so badly. I wanted to please him so much.

"There's something I want you to do for me though"

"Anything!" is what I wanted to say, but instead I just nodded.

"Alright, it's totally hot that i've got all these guys to call you fag
every day to your face, like everyone's accepted that's your name and
that's all you are. I hope every time someone says it, you remember every
fag thing you've done in the last few days to serve us real men yeah?"

I nodded again. I hadn't really been thinking of it like that. But now
Charlie told me that's what it meant, I would from now on.

"Well, everyone calls you it, except Rich. For some reason, he still
thinks you're a regular guy, and doesn't want to see you like that. I want
to hear him say it though boy. Even if its just once. Make it happen for
me yeah fag?"

I nodded and he just smiled. Then he ran on ahead to catch up with the
guys at the front, and I walked a bit quicker to catch up with Dan's two
Uni mates, Jumbo and Ben who were straggling at the back of the group.

After lunch we all wandered some more and I walked along with Rich for a

"Ste" he said, cautiously. I could tell there was something on his mind.
I'd known him longer than any of my friends.


"Are you, you know, ok like?"

I turned to him. "What do you mean?"

"Just, you know, being in with Charlie and the boys. Its not a bit weird
is it?"

I shrugged. "Nah, its cool. They're all pretty cool guys".

Rich nodded, but I could see he wasn't convinced.

"This whole thing with them calling you a fag though..."

I laughed. "Rich, cmon, its cool. I'm 20, we're not k**s bullying each
other in the playground. It's just a joke. Like Jumbo got his nickname cos
they found out he had a massive dick".

"Yeah?" he asked, still sounding unsure.

"Seriously Rich, i'm cool with it. They're just messing around. It's not
like they're homophobic".

"Yeah, I guess" he said, sounding satisfied. "I'm not gonna call you it
though" he said. I felt my heart sink slightly. Charlie's instruction
echoed loud in my ear. What could I say?

"To be honest Rich" I said, "I actually think Charlie's pretty hot"

He turned to me, and for some reason looked genuinely surprised. It was
cool talking about guys and sex with him, but I think this possibility had
just never crossed his mind. He grinned, "Seriously?"

I laughed, "Hell yeah. You've seen his six-pack"

Rich laughed and shook his head. "Man, i've never even looked"

He was quiet for a few seconds, then he laughed again as the thought
obviously struck him.

"Man, I bet you're totally getting off on him calling you a fag boy" he
said teasing.

I laughed and blushed a little. "I do like a guy in control..." I said

He just laughed and shook his head again. "Man, we're so different. It's
dead weird adapting to one of your old mates being gay"

I just smiled. From the first second I came out to him, he told me it was
cool, and it didn't change anything. And he'd been true to that. I liked
that he was getting used to it all, even if it took a while. Which is also
why I was so scared of him finding out all the other stuff. That would
definitely be too much for him to deal with.

"You'd best not let Charlie know it turns you on when he calls you fag"
Rich said laughing. "He might freak out".

I laughed, but moved the conversation onto other things.

By the evening we were all pretty pissed again, and ended up in a busy bar
with dark neon lights all around and tacky looking cocktails. It was like
being in some dodgy Costa Brava bar instead of Berlin. Some of the guys
had managed to get some weed from somewhere and had been going out the back
to puff on it between pints. d**gs were really not my thing, so I avoided
it, but Dan and Rich were properly getting into it with Jumbo and Ben, and
the others were nipping out from time to time to have a smoke.

We drank and danced a bit. The guy who sold them the weed came back across
and I saw Dan talking to him close up. A few minutes later Fowls had
bounded across to where we were seating and was excitedly telling us they'd
got some mushrooms. I was defintely not going anywhere near those.

The guys all came back across to the seats, just as some big party tune
came on. Charlie who was sitting next to me, grabbed my arm, and jumped up
"Cmon, we gotta go dance boy"

Rich stumbled over and put his arms round me, "Yeah, cmon fag, show us your
moves" he said, smiling and shooting me a knowing glance like it was an

Me and Charlie were the first of the group over to the dance floor, and as
we got there, d***kenly facing each other with the loud music raining down
on us, I saw his big smile. He put his forearms on my shoulders and leaned
right in so his mouth was millimetres from my ear. Just the feel of his
breath on my skin made my cock twitch

"You've done good fag. I might even let you have a final night treat for
that". Then the others arrived and everyone had their arms round each
other and we danced happily like d***ken, stoned fools.

Rich, Dan, Jumbo and Ben went on to devour most of the mushrooms, then
within half an hour became mental. They were hugging people, making
friends, telling stories, making up jokes, stading on the table to make
speeches, then jumping around and headbanging on the dancefloor. They were
partying hard. The other four of us started to get tired around 1am and
decided to head back, so we left them to party on.

I saw Pete speaking to Charlie and then disappearing off somewhere, and so
it was just me, Charlie and Fowls that headed back to the room.

On the way back we stopped to pick up some bottles of beer just so we could
chill out back in our room. Charlie pointed to a pack of 24 he thought
looked good, and I agreed and picked them up. I offered to pay for them
and Charlie just said "yeah" like it was obvious I would. While I was
paying, the other two headed out and started walking back, leaving me to
carry the pack of bottles back and walk quickly to catch back up with them.

We got back in, took our trainers off and Charlie went and sat on his bed
and Fowls sat on mine.

"Fetch us both a beer fag" Charlie said, "and get one ready for Pete too".
I fished into my bag and found my penknife with a bottle opener on, to open
up the beers. I passed the guys their beers and put an opened bottle on
the side for Pete, then went and picked out a fourth bottle for me.

"We only need three for now fag" Charlie said, as a clear instruction.
"There's only two guys here, and one more on his way".

I didn't know what to say to this, but luckily was interrupted before I had
to respond. The door opened and Pete came in, holding a black plastic bag
that looked like it had a few items in.

Pete went and passed the bag to Charlie.

"Cheers man" Charlie said, "i'll pay you back yeah? That's your beer on
the side man".

I watched as Charlie looked into the bag and sifted through the items
inside, smiling.

"Alright, who's up for staying up til dawn and having some fun with our
fag?" he said to the other two, and they both just laughed and d***k more
beer. I realised I was still just standing in the same spot i'd been in
since Pete returned. I felt nervous.

"Fag" Charlie said, "I know you want this. And as you've been such a good
bitch for us all holiday, we thought we'd give you a little treat that
you'd remember. So Pete has gone out of his way to go to a little shop we
spotted and get some stuff".

I had no idea what was coming, but my dick was rock hard.

"Get naked fag". This was from Pete. I wasn't used to orders from Pete,
and hesitated.

Charlie walked across and slapped my face. "When a man gives you an order,
you obey it fag" he said straight into my face. "Take all of your clothes
off so you're bollock naked bitch. Do it now".

This time I didn't hesitate. I pulled my tshirt over my head, then pulled
down my jeans and pants together, taking my socks off with them as I went.
I wasn't even thinking, I was just obeying. The guys were laughing, but
all I could hear was Charlie's voice in my head.

"Good. Now, get down on all fours bitch". I dropped to me knees, then
rested forward onto my hands. Without knowing why, I arched my back,
pushing my ass up into the air, and that made the guys laugh again.

"Fuck me, the bitch is in heat" Pete said, and I felt myself blush.

Charlie came and crouched down next to me. He'd stopped laughing now and
he looked in my eyes and spoke fairly quietly. Right now he was speaking
to me, not for the entertainment of the others.

"Fag, for the next few hours, I don't want to hear a single human word from
you. You're gonna stay on all fours, and you're gonna be our dog. My dog.
You don't have to think about anything, you just have to crawl, and listen
and obey your master. Do you understand fag?"

My cock was so hard it might have burst. Right now i'd do anything for
him. It was my privelege to be his dog. I nodded and smiled.

He smiled back and reached into the bag. He pulled out a black rubber
object, with a ball at one end, and a thin tube coming out from it,
tapering down to the far end. He also pulled out a small bottle of lube.

"Crawl into the bathroom fag, and I don't care how you do it or how much it
hurts, but don't come out until you can shake your ass and wiggle that tail
for us".

It was only when he said it that I realised what the object was. That
black rubber ball at one end had to get inside my ass, and then the tail
would stand up and i'd look more like a proper dog. I nodded and went into
the bathroom.

Five minutes later, having used a lot of lube and bitten my lip hard as the
thick ball passed inside me, I was ready. I crawled back through and
waggled my tail with every step. The guys thought it was hilarious and had
already started taking pictures on their phones.

Charlie stood up and beckoned me across to him by the bed. "Fag, you're
awesome. I love that you have no self respect or any kind of manly trait
that might stop you from doing this shit. You just obey and let us guys
get our kicks from how pathetic we can make you".

He reached into his bag and pulled out a black collar. "Kneel" he ordered
and I obeyed, raising my neck to his waist level. He put the collar around
my neck and fastened it shut. Then he reached into the bag again and
pulled out a long lead, which he attached to the collar.

"Back on all fours" he ordered and I obeyed. "Bitch, you're now a proper
dog on a leash".

Then there was a knock on the door. My heart jumped. What if it was the

"Come in" Charlie shouted loud.

My mind did cartwheels thinking about the situation and my cock immediately
dropped down to semi. It could only be the others. Who else would knock
on our door at this time. Should I shout out to stop them. But then that
would be disobeying Charlie. But if Dan and Rich saw me like this, it
would be game over for our friendship. How would they look me in the eye
again? Even if I wanted to do somehing though, there was no time to act.
What would be would be.

The door opened and at the front I saw the excited faces of Jumbo and Ben,
and watched their faces go from laughing to puzzled to laughing again.

"What the fuck are you guys up to?" Ben asked.

The two of them walked into the room and I couldn't see Dan or Rich behind

"Come on in guys" Charlie said and they both went to grab a beer and take a

"You both know the fag's been serving us all over the last few days, and he
has this fucked up fantasy about being our dog, so we thought we'd indulge
him". I'd never said this was my fantasy. But I guess it made it easier
for Charlie to describe it that way.

"We also thought it'd be fucking funny training him up as a dog" Fowls

The guys laughed. "So what have you made him do?" Jumbo asked.

I don't know if it was the drink or the d**gs or some combination, but none
of the guys seemed to be that freaked out by this. They just all seemed to
think it was funny. I was pretty sure Dan and Rich wouldn't think it was
funny, but they were apparently still out partying.

"Well fag" Charlie said, still holding onto my leash, "let's show the men
what you can do".

"First of all, let's see you wiggle that tail. Show everyone how excited
you are to be in a room with five real men, every one of them your

I was totally lost in his control again. There could have been 100 people
watching and I wouldn't have cared. I was all about pleasing him. I rooted
my knees to the floor, arched my back and pushed my ass high and shook my
ass from side to side, making my tail waggle around furiously.

The guys loved the show and clinked their beers and told each other what a
total fag I was. They carried on taking photos and videos.

"Alright bitch, now bark for the men".

I looked up to Charlie. Was he serious? I didn't even really know how to
bark. He looked deadly serious.

He pulled the leash hard so it was tight on my neck. "Bark for the men
bitch. Show them you're a good dog for me".

I had no choice.

"Wroof wroof" I tried, then tried to sound more gruff and put more gravel
into it "gwroof wroof". The guys were killing themselves laughing.

"More fag" Charlie ordered and gave my ass a kick. I could tell he was
totally buzzing off the reaction from the guys at the dog on his leash who
he had complete power over.

"Wroof. Wroof. Wroof". I had accepted it. I had become a dog just
because he wanted me to.

"Dude, this might be weird" Jumbo said, but I really wanna jizz over the
bitch's face. You mind?". He was asking Charlie. I had no part in the

"Course man. Anyone else wanna help him out? Coat the fag in jizz?"

Then suddenly they were all up and standing around me as I knelt in the
middle of the room. Five dicks had been pulled out and were being beaten up
and down around my face. This was the kind of thing that could only happen
at 2am after a whole lot of drink and d**gs.

I'm almost surprised I didn't cum even without touching my dick. I wanted
their cocks and their cum so badly. My ass was twitching around the thick
rubber ball buried inside it.

"Head back fag, and don't move until I tell you the last man has finished"
Charlie instructed. I did exactly as ordered.

Jumbo came first, three thick splatters over my face and neck, then Pete
and Ben came almost at the same time, then Charlie standing right in front
of me shot a thick load which went part up my nose, then finally Fowls
behind me shot a load across my hair and face. Pete grabbed my t-shirt off
the floor, wiped his dick clean, then passed it to the others who used it
for the same, and they went back to their seats.

Charlie stayed in front of me and used his dick to slap my face and spread
the jizz evenly across every bit of skin. I could feel him getting softer
as he carried on, until his dick was almost totally soft. Even then it was
still a decent size.

"Charlie man, you are the champion fag trainer" Pete said. "Even in
America I never saw a guy who could take ownership of a fag like you.
Dude, those frat guys taught you well"

"Yeah man" Charlie said, "and now the crowning glory. Open up fag" he
ordered and rested his soft dick on my tongue. I knew this was going to
come, but now I really wanted it. I wanted to show him i'd do it, and I
wanted everyone to know how awesome he was that he could own me like this.

"Its time you swallowed your master's piss fag. A first burst of piss
came, and it was bitter, but I was only ever going to swallow it down

I heard a knock at the door behind me and then the sound of it immediately
opening and footsteps stepping into the room.

"Don't dare move fag" Charlie ordered. He was holding the leash close to
my neck, keeping me in position and his piss started to flow. I was
consumed by the salty test, the need to swallow quickly like I was downing
a pint. I could also feel the jizz drying on my face and the tightness of
the tail plug in my ass.

"What. the. fuck" I heard Dan's voice saying, but all I could do was
swallow piss. Charlie deserved this from me. He finished and pushed me
back down onto all fours.

"Guys, check out our new dog".

I glanced around and saw Dan and Rich's eyes and their look of horror. We
were so close to the end of the holiday. I really thought I was going to
make it without them finding out. But now I knew this would be the end of
our friendship.

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