Lads Holiday Chapter 3

The next morning, we all woke up about 10am. Fowler took the first shower,
then Charlie went in second. The shower room was also the toilet and we
could all hear that Charlie was making use of both facilities while he was
in there.

When he was done showering, he came out and Pete stood up to go in next.

"Wouldn't go in there yet Pete man" he advised, "it's a bit potent". He
turned to me. "You wanna take the next shower Ste?".

I blushed a little at this, but decided not to make a deal of it. Besides,
sometimes when Charlie asked a question like that, it felt more like an
order. I just held my head up and went in for the shower.

He wasn't k**ding though. My lungs took in the deep man smell that Charlie
had left in there. It didn't really bother me though. In a way it even
turned me on. It reminded me of the other night, the smell of his crotch
as he thrust his dick down my throat. I took a shower as usual, then came
out and got dressed, and Pete went in for the final shower, now that the
smell had cleared a bit.

I searched around for my phone to check my messages, but couldn't see it
anywhere. Charlie got a text through and reported that we were going to be
meeting the others in half an hour. I was still searching all around the
bed though and through my bag for the damn phone.

I turned to Charlie and Fowls, slightly worried now that i'd lost it.
"Guys, you haven't seen my phone have you?". They both ignored me.
"Guys?" I said again.

"Yeah it's here" Charlie said without looking up. He picked it up from the
place on the bed beside him and chucked it in my general direction. I
managed to dart to the side and catch it before it smashed into the wall.

My heart was beating slightly faster. "How come it was over there?" I
said, trying not to sound too confrontational. Charlie looked up and
Fowler laughed.

Charlie looked me straight in the eye. "We were just getting some
insurance" he said, then returned to looking at the lads mag opened on a
double page spread on his bed.

I was confused. "What?" was all I could come out with.

Charlie got up, clearly irritated that this conversation was still
happening. He walked across to me, and I stood up, so he was right up to my

"C'mon fag" he said smiling, almost sneering, "don't be like that with us.
You've spent the last two days giving us awesome head, and doing what we
want". He glanced back at Fowler on the top bunk and they both smiled.
"We were just taking down a couple of numbers so we've got a bit of

"We just wanna make sure you keep on treating us right fagboy" Fowls added.

I wasn't sure what this meant. "You wanna blackmail me?' I said, almost
shaking, my heart in my mouth. This was getting a bit fucked up.

Charlie laughed. "Fag, don't be such a drama queen. You just keep on being
a good obedient boy, and then we've got no reason to send pictures of you
sucking dick to anyone". Seeing the look on my face Charlie laughed again,
but this time more kindly. "C'mon, we're fucking with you man. We're not
gonna send shit to anyone. We won't even tell your old mates what you've
been up to after-hours".

I looked in his eyes and he looked genuine. This made me feel a lot
better. Why would he bother saying this if he wasn't being genuine. If it
only meant sucking their dicks some more for the rest of the week and
carrying on as normal, then that was pretty much cool with me.

"But listen fag" Charlie said, seemingly remembering one last thing.
"There's one other thing that you got to do". My heart skipped a beat

"I get a real fucking kick out of calling you fag in front of your
mates...". Jesus. "...And i want them to call you it too". A whole bunch
of thoughts rushed through my mind. Even if I was cool with this, I just
couldn't see it happening.

"For the rest of the time here, your nickname is just gonna be 'fag'"
Charlie said, "ok?"

"But..." I began, trying to think how to verbalise all the things I was

"Don't worry fag, i'll make sure all the others know. All you need to do
is just play along. Make sure everyone knows your cool with it".

I wasn't sure how to respond.

"Understood?" Charlie said, impatiently. Pete was out of the bathroom now
and him and Fowls were both looking at me too, waiting for compliance.

"Sure" I said quietly, figuring that there didn't seem much choice.
Charlie broke out in a grin.

When Pete was ready we headed down to meet the others in the reception
lobby, and went out to get lunch. Over food, everyone was joking about the
antics from the night before. when we were all out at seem cheesy
euro-disco club.

"Fuck, Rich, when you tried crowd-surfing off the stage last night" Charlie
was saying, killing himself laughing. "I mean, what the fuck!". Everyone
was laughing along and Charlie was centre of attention as usual.

"So did you boys all sl**p alright?" Dan asked to the four of us in our
room. I figured he was mainly asking to check if I was ok though.

Charlie answered quickest. "We're all getting on fucking famously dude,
me, Pete, Fowls and fag".

The four guys from the other room stopped and looked up. I could see that
they were all a bit unsure about Charlie calling me that. Especially now
that it was daytime, and everyone was sober.

"Charlie, erm, 'fag' isn't really a cool term" Rich said diplomatically,
trying not to make an issue of it or embarass me, but obviously wanting to
nip any problem in the bud. I didn't say anything.

Charlie responded quickly though. "Nah, nah, it's cool man. He's cool
with the nickname. We were just messing about last night and talking about
how fucked up all the fag stuff in America is. It's an ironic nickname you
know?". He turned to me.

This was the moment I had to stand up for myself or just play along with
what Charlie wanted.

I laughed as convincingly as I could. "Seriously Rich, stop being so
sensitive, it's just a nickname". The others looked convinced by that,
although Rich didn't look so sure. I looked across and Charlie was

"So what are you guys thinking about for today?" I asked the others, but
mainly towards Dan and Rich.

"We were thinking maybe the Jewish Museum?" Dan answered. "You wanted to
check that out too right?" he asked me.

Before I could say yes, Charlie jumped in. "Dan man, a fucking museum? Us
four were talking about going down Alexanderplatz and getting some beers
in, then stay down that end of town." Pete and Fowls seconded that plan.

Dan nodded. "That's cool man, we can do different stuff" he said. "Then
catch up later and get some more beers, yeah?". Charlie nodded.

"So who you gonna go with Ste?" Rich asked.

Charlie jumped in quickly again. "C'mon fag, you gotta come with us. Boys
in room 22 got to stick together. You can't leave me hanging round all day
with just these muppets..." he said, gesturing to Fowler and Pete.

Feeling an air of inevitably, I agreed. "K, sure, beers sounds good".

As the other headed off Charlie leant into my ear. "You just keeping
following my lead fagboy and we're all good".

On the way down to Alexanderplatz, we headed past the sex museum. Everyone
was joking about, and things seemed cool. I was starting to think these
guys were ok really.

Fowler insisted we all go in to the sex museum, for a laugh, and everyone
agreed. We walked in past a six foot high wooden penis, and the guys made
obvious jokes about it nearly being as big as theirs. Of course I knew
exactly how big two of their penis' were.

Most of the place was pretty boring pictures of black and white naked women
and naked men with 70s moustaches. Really not titillating. There was a
section in colour of totally naked women spread across cars and motorbikes
and various other objects, which the other guys all enjoyed. I circled
round the guy pictures, but there wasn't much that was great.

Further along there were a few small curtained rooms off the sides of the
corridor, showing some of the more explicit and 'potentially offensive'
parts of the exhibition. It struck me that if you were offended by stuff
like that, then you probably shouldn't be in a sex museum. But then I saw
a picture of a woman being penetrated by a horse, and I felt slightly sick.

Further down the corridor I watched Fowls emerge from one of the curtained
rooms and pull Charlie, who had been looking at something just outside,
into the room to check it out. As I came closer Charlie emerged from the
room and he beckoned me over. Come check this out fag, he said as I
stepped into the empty room. It was just a small room and Fowls had left
so it was just Charlie and I in there. On the walls there were lit-up
cabinets with pictures of men and women in various submission positions -
on their knees, sometimes sucking cock, some on all fours, some being used
as human footrests, sometimes with a dog tail fixed by a plug in their ass,
and some with a collar and leash on. I felt slightly nervous at Charlie's

"You ever done shit like this fag?" he asked

"Erm no", I replied, slightly dismissively.

Suddenly Charlie's hand was gripping my chin and his beautiful but firm
chiselled face was up close to me. "Listen fag, I want you to always call
me Sir whenever its just us and Pete and Fowls around, yeah". He looked
deep in my eyes, so sternly. "I know you like that anyway" he concluded
and his hand pushed against my by now rock-hard dick. He knew exactly the
hold he had on me.

My heart was racing but I looked in his eye, and it felt ok doing this.

`Yes Sir' I said, finally, and he released the grip on my chin.

"Good" he said, pleased with the outcome. "Alright fag, carry on" he said
and pushed me back out through the curtain into the main corridor.

After the museum we went onto another bar and I went across to get the
first round in. The other three were drinking quickly and had downed their
pints by the time I was only half way down.

Charlie put his pint glass down, looked at me and smiled. "Go get some
more beers for us" he instructed simply.

I looked at him, unsure if he as serious. "I just got the last round' I
said, although suspecting that this was going to be irrelevant.

Charlie just stared at me. "You're the fag" he said simply. "Now go. Just
three pints. For the men". And that was it. I went.

As I walked back with the three pints, I saw my half d***k pint sitting in
front of Pete on the end. His face was bowed over it, and I watched in
slow motion as a gob of spit dropped from his mouth into my pint.

I put the beers down on the table and Charlie passed them to the other
guys. He passed the beer from Pete back to me.

"We just gave you a bit of a top-up fag' Charlie said grinning.

I didn't want to be turned on by this, but I was. And I knew I couldn't
argue with these guys. I took the pint and took a gulp without saying
anything. I could taste the froth that their spit generated straight away.

"Thank us fag" Charlie said, firmly.

I looked up from my pint. Was I really being asked to do this. To thank
them for having to drink their spit.

"Thank us for our present fag" he said again. He looked expectantly at me
with a smirk on his face. He knew exactly what was going to happen.

"Thankyou Sirs" I said to all three. Charlie smiled wide and then reached
over and ruffled my hair. "Such an awesome obedient fag boy".

It was about 5pm now, and Charlie got a text through and we watched him
text a quick reply. He looked up.

"The other guys are gonna head to sex museum then get some food, so they've
said they're not going to head over this way. I've told them we've done
that shit, so we'll just catch up with them in the morning. Which
means..." he paused and looked up at me, smiling, "'re all ours for
tonight now fag".

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