The Massage

It was my first year of college. I knew I was gay for a couple years,
and finally I had a chance to be out on my own and explore who I was. When
I first arrived at my campus and moved into my dorms, I was quite excited
about who I would meet and all the guys I would see. I had a single room
that year, which was really nice because I could have my own space, which I
enjoyed, and I didn't end up with a freaky roommate.

Jimmy was in the next room with his roommate Mark. When I first met
Jimmy, I knew he was gay. He did nothing to hide it, and it was kind of
intriguing to me that someone could be that open about it, but at the same
time scary because I didn't want to associate myself with him too much,
lest people think I was gay. (I still wasn't too comfortable with the idea
of coming out at that time). Besides that, he was kind of an odd fellow,
and was always out. I became good friends with Mark, but Jimmy still was
around some of the time and I think could sense something about me that I
didn't want anyone to know.

One night, Jimmy came into my room while I was at my computer. I was
working on some homework when he came in. He started talking to me about
stuff, and I mentioned that my back was a little stiff from sitting in my
chair too long. He offered to give me a quick massage before he went for a
shower. He got up and came up behind me. When his hands touched my
shoulders, my cock started to stiffen. His touch was electric. He kneaded
my shoulders, and I gave in completely. After a few minutes he stopped and
said he would come back after his shower.

True to his word, about a half hour later Jimmy was at my door again.
He came in and closed and locked the door. He was wearing only a
bathrobe. He came over to me and pulled me up from my chair and made me lie
down on the bed. He took my shirt off, against my protests, since I wasn't
too proud of my body. But he didn't care.

So there I was, half naked, lying on my bed with some guy straddling
me. Naturally, my cock was rock hard underneath my body. He worked all
over my back, and eventually stopped at my waistline. He asked if he could
massage my legs too. I complied.. I bent up and unzipped my pants. He
pulled them down for me, but I insisted on leaving my boxers on. I was
really feeling weird right now, because I knew what was coming, and I
wasn't sure if I was ready for it. He continued to massage me, my legs and
my butt through my boxers.

After a while he told me to turn over. I did so hesitantly, but
unable to hid my erection which I had tried to hide in my boxers. He took
his robe off, to reveal him in only his boxers. I could clearly see that
he was excited as well. He straddled my legs and began rubbing my thighs
through my boxers. I thought I was going to cum right then with the
friction between the fabric and my cock. He stopped and came up and
straddled me, our cocks almost touching. He looked at me lustfully and
asked "Do you want to make this erotic?" I said yes. He immediately
plunged his head towards my neck and began sucking on it, and all over my
chest. He licked down to my bellybutton and put his head right above my
twitching cock. "Do you want to go all the way?" he asked.

I said yes. He removed my boxers and rubbed my chest. He lowered his
head to my cock. As he took it in, feelings that I never thought existed
ripped through my body. I let out a moan, as he went all the way down my
cock. He came back up, licking the underside of it very lightly. He went
down again, and that was all I could take. I spasmed, and he removed his
head from my cock. Cum flew out of my cock, all over my chest. He cupped
my balls, squeezing them lightly as I came. As I was gasping for breath,
he came up and pressed his lips to mine, slowly opening my mouth with his
tounge. After a few seconds of this he stopped and just looked at me. "I
should go," he said. I nodded, and he got up and left. I laid there for a
while, relishing in the most intense orgasom I had ever had.

Jimmy and I got together a couple of other times and he brought me
more pleasure than I ever thought possible.

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