Policeman's Boy 2


Chapter 2

As Colin had skipped school, Ross put him to work. Colin had to make lunch,
serve it and wash up before being sent out to the garden. He was made to
stay naked indoors and he was now digging at the end of the garden wearing
only his pale blue cotton briefs and boots.

Ross and Nick stood at the window watching the lad working away.

"Does he often miss school?" asked Nick.

"No. I try not to have afternoons off but when he knows I'll be home he'll
sometimes skip school and be here begging for sex."

"He's certainly a good fuck. How long have you been screwing him?" Nick

"About a year. I came home early from work one day and found him naked,
fucking himself with a carrot and calling out my name," said Ross. "I'd
never thought of sex with a guy never mind my son before then but I was
turned on watching him and one thing led to another."

"It must have been hot, taking your son's virginity," said Nick.

"It was," said Ross. "It took a while for him to get used to it - the size
I mean. He's always been horny. Now he can't get enough. And I have to
admit I feel the same - not that I'd tell him," replied Ross.

"I know what it is to feel horny. It's not easy finding someone who can
take my big cock," said Nick. "Would you let me fuck Colin on a regular
basis if I move in with you?"

"To be honest, I hadn't planned on sharing him with anyone," said
Ross. "But watching you fuck him earlier really turned me on." He reached
down to the front of Nick's black trousers and squeezed the semi-hard cock
through the material. "This certainly made that little bugger of mine
squeal. I'd love to see you fucking him again but I don't know about it
becoming a regular thing."

"You said Colin can't get enough sex. Perhaps the two of us can keep him
happy," suggested Nick.

"I'm not sure that he'd be happy with two big cocks fucking him regularly,"
said Ross. "We were both pretty rough with him and it must have hurt."

"Didn't you see how hard his cock was all the time? He loved being used
like that," said Nick.

Ross looked doubtful. "Are you sure?"

"Positive. He was begging to be fucked hard when we arrived, wasn't he? He
then spunked off while you were fucking him and his cock was still rock
hard when I took him. He'd probably have cum again if I'd been able to last
longer," said Nick. "Your son is not just a bottom boy, he's a masochist."

"I didn't realise that," said Ross. "Our sex sessions have always been -
what's the word - vanilla?"

Nick asked "Did you enjoy spanking him?" Ross nodded. "And you said you
enjoyed watching me fuck him, even though you knew it was hurting him."

"That's true," said Ross. "Does that make me a sadist?"

"Let's not bother with names. I can enjoy vanilla sex too but I get a
special thrill from BDSM stuff," said Nick. "I'm sure the three of us could
have a lot of fun together."

"I'll think about it. Now let me show you the bedroom and you can see
whether it will suit you," said Ross. "It's across from Colin's room but he
normally sl**ps with me."

It didn't take long for Nick to confirm that he wanted to move in. "Great,"
said Ross. "I'll call my lawyer friend to draw up a rental agreement. You
go and chat to Colin."

Nick went outside to the rear garden and walked over to Colin. The boy
stopped immediately as Nick approached and looked around to see if there
were any neighbours watching. He was embarrassed at having to work outside
in just his briefs but there was something about Nick that turned him
on. As the policeman approached Colin's cock hardened and tented his cotton

Nick didn't speak. He went straight for Colin's briefs and yanked them
down. Then he grabbed the small hairless balls and squeezed them, making
Colin yelp. The boy's four inch cock reached its maximum size as Nick
increased the pressure.

"Nearly f******n? You look more like like a ten year old with your hairless
boy-cock. One that size isn't much good for fucking but I don't suppose
that'll ever be of a concern for you, eh?" teased Nick. "Nice tits though -
I'll get my teeth into them later. You've got a great arse too. I'll be
fucking that again soon. I think your Dad will enjoy watching me."

Colin blushed - partly due to embarrassment and partly because he wanted
Nick to fuck him again.

"Back against the wall, Colin."

Colin dropped the spade and moved backwards towards the brick wall with
Nick still gripping his balls. As he reached the wall, the policeman let go
of Colin's balls and told him to turn round and face the wall. Nick then
reached for the long-handled rake resting nearby.

Ross had finished his phone call and was watching Nick with his son. He had
seen his colleague pull his son's briefs down and squeeze his balls before
pressing him against the wall. Now Nick was parting the reddened arse
cheeks and forcing the wooden handle of the rake into the lad's hole. Ross
heard his son scream and hurried outside to see more of the dry handle
being f***ed in.

As Ross reached him, Nick whispered "Look at how stiff his cock is. He
loves being abused."

"Shove some more up him, Nick" said Ross.

Nick pushed a further two inches of the handle up inside Colin. The boy
cried out in pain.

"Shut up, Colin. The neighbours might hear," said Ross.

Colin closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, determined not to make any
more noise.

Nick let go of the rake and it slowly slid out of Colin's hole. "Turn and
face us now. Let's get a good view of your stiff little cock."

Nick smiled at Ross as he pointed at Colin's throbbing cock and then turned
his attention to Colin's tits. Nick traced the large chocolate-coloured
circles surrounding the prominent nubs with the sharp edge of his
fingernails. Colin braced himself against the wall as Nick moved his
fingers to the nubs. Nick started to pull and twist the nubs and the pain
worked its way into Colin's chest. Then he let go and began using his

Ross moved closer to watch Nick bite his son's nipples. He knew it had to
be painful from the expressions on Colin's face but he made no move to stop
Nick. Suddenly Colin gasped and began spunking off. His cum only narrowly
missed landing on Nick's uniform.

"Told you the little bugger gets off on being abused," said Nick.

"It certainly looks that way," said Ross. "Leave Colin alone for a moment
and we'll go inside and talk in private." Turning to Colin, he said "Put
your pants back on and clear all the stuff away. Then come back inside."

"Yes Dad," said Colin.

Nick and Ross walked back into the house. "The rental agreement will be
ready for signing in a couple of days so you can move in at the weekend if
you want," said Ross.

"That would be fantastic," said Nick. "And will you share Colin with me?"

Ross looked at Nick for a moment and then blurted out "Yes! My cock
stiffened as I watched you with him just now. You are right about him being
aroused by rough treatment so I'm sure both of us will have fun with you

"Thanks," said Nick. "I hope Colin will pleased at being fucked more

"I'll drive you home and then have a talk with him," said Ross. "I'm sure
he will be okay with it."

* * *

"So how do you feel about Nick moving in with us?" Ross asked his
son. Colin shrugged his shoulders. "You must have an opinion. Tell me what
you're thinking."

"I like the way things are now," said Colin.

"I do too," said Ross "but there are advantages to having Nick as a
lodger. The rent will come in useful Ð I'll be able to buy you the new
bike you wanted for one thing. Plus I won't have to get your Gran to
babysit when I'm on night shifts if Nick is around."

"I don't need a babysitter," said Colin.

"Officially you're too young to be left alone," said Ross. "Anyway things
won't change too much. You'll still sl**p in my bed and often it will just
be the two of us."

"Nick said he's going to fuck me again. Is that true?" asked Colin.

Ross put his arm around Colin's shoulders. "Would that be a bad thing? You
seemed to be very turned on by him earlier."

"IÉI don't know. I didn't like the way he fucked me. That hurt a lot,"
said Colin. "But laterÉ"

"Yes?" probed Ross.

"It's weird but it gave me tingles and made me stiff when he took control
and did those things to me in the garden," said Colin.

Ross gave Colin a hug. "There's nothing to be worried or ashamed
about. Some guys find it sexually exciting to be dominated by another
person. And some guys get turned on by pain."

"Really?" asked Colin.

"Yes," replied Ross. "Nick knows more about these things than I do but we
can learn together. I'm sure we can have a lot of fun."

Colin hugged Ross and said "I hope so, Dad. Now let's go upstairs. I want
you to fuck me again."

Ross laughed. "You're insatiable, Colin."

No time was wasted. Colin helped his dad undress and then quickly knelt to
suck the nine inch cock. The boy pulled the foreskin back and then used his
tongue to tease the glans. Next he gently squeezed the cockhead to lap at
the pre-cum oozing from the piss slit.

"Enough," said Ross after only a few minutes. "I want to fuck you now. Get
on the bed on all fours."

Colin got into position while his dad used KY jelly to further lubricate
his throbbing cock.

"Be rough with me Dad - like you were earlier," said Colin.

"Are you sure? Your hole still looks puffy and sore," said Ross.

"Yeah, I'm sure," replied Colin. "Give me a good hard pounding."

Ross moved closer and pushed his cock slowly into his son's tight arsehole.

"Harder, Daddy. Fuck me hard," said Colin.

Taking hold of Colin's narrow waist, Ross began to fuck the boy faster and
with more f***e. Soon he was banging away with hard, a****listic strokes.

Colin moaned and said "Yes, Daddy. That feels so good!"

Ross reached under and grabbed hold of Colin's stiff little cock and wanked
him roughly while he fucked him. "Yes! Yes!" Colin cried as his dad's cock
pounded into him. Then he gasped and started shooting off.

Ross felt Colin's arse muscles squeeze his cock as he shot his load. He
moved his hands to Colin's shoulders and fucked into him even harder. And
then he began spunking off, filling his son's insides with another dose of
daddy cum.

"Phew! That was hot," said Ross as he collapsed on top of Colin.

"It was fantastic," said Colin. "Thanks Dad."

To be continued

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