What Our Son's are doing 4

Gay had me standing by the sofa across from the bar. He knelt down taking
off my sneakers and then he was massaging my socked foot and pulled the
one off. He lifted my bare foot and took my big toe into his handsome
mouth and he was sucking my toe like I had done to his and his tongue was
so hot. He licked all over my bare foot a long long wonderful time then
he came up took off all my clothes except my briefs then he was sucking
my hard cock trough the underwear and turned me around pulled down my
briefs to just under my ass and was licking my hole and pushing his manly
tongue into my hole and knew I would soon be getting that big bare 8 inch
cock of his up inside my virgin hole. Then he moved me around sat back on
his feet holding my cock and balls He looked up to me and smiled saying "
Wow Danny real nice, Nice hunk of man meat you have here" I let him know
I had measured it and it was no less then 7 inches kind of big for my
age. He took it into his mouth and was like a wild men working his hot
tongue all over my hard cock and under my balls then spinning me around
to eat some more of my ass hole then spin again to eat in more of my hard
thick cock moaning He loved me cock. He came off and holding my wet dick
back on his feet he said. " Oh Fuck Danny I love this cock and I just
want to eat it like this all night and your hot ass hole. Your a virgin
right? I told him I was a virgin but that I wanted him to fix that for me
and fuck his hot bare dick into me. he laughed and said. Your going to
love your stay here Danny boy. He was back on my cock sucking me into
glory and now he was fucking one then two of his strong fingers into my
ass He had wet them up and he was moving his finger spreading my hole
while he was sucking on my hard bare dick. I held his thick head of hair
and his expert mouth worked on my young hard dick and soon I was firing
my cum load into his mouth with his fingers against my prostate as I shot
load after load into his handsome mouth. Gary took it all and loved it.
He stood took me into his arms and we hugged.
Seated back at the bar only now side by side so I could keep my eyes
on his wonderful bare cock that had just given me my first great taste of
man cream. It looked and was so thick. Gary patted my head and said Now
we have all night to get you use to my cock fucking into you Danny" I
made a confession to him. I had been so horny for a cock that I had been
fucking my own fingers up my hole and then tried a carrot up my hole and
even worked up to a small cucumber and knee that it would hurt at first
but I would love it later. He reached over and took hold of my growing
cock saying how big I was for my age and how He loved tasting my cum load
and that He couldn't wait to get my cock fucked into him. Gary suggested
that I have a couple of beers to get myself ready for the fucking that
night. While I was drinking my beer Gary was behind me eating out my male
virgin pussy and fingering into my hole and then he said We were ready.
We walked arm in arm to his room He had on one sock and I had on one
sock. both of our cocks were hard and standing out as we walked to the
bed. Gary then laid me on the bed the TV showing a gay film I was on my
back. he got the KY out greased up his fat thick 8 inch cock. He came
tome saying he hoped my cucumber did the trick? Then his wonderful bare
mushroom cock head was rubbing along the crack of my cherry ass. he then
stopped with the head on my hole and smiled down at me. he pushed it in
pushed more I tried to relax but couldn't then all of a sudden it plopped
into me. Gary's big bare dick head was inside me I was now no longer a
virgin and it hurt for sure but I loved it too. Looking up seeing this
handsome powerful man and having his thick dick inside me. Gary slowly
pushed and more of his bare cock shaft came into me. He was now pulling
out some then in more the pain was gone and I was pushing up into his
hard thick cock as he fucked me. He told me to keep doing it like that
that my hole was so tight and he loved his cock fucking into me soon he
was pounding his prick deep into my hole his cock skin hitting against my
prostate driving me crazy with lust for every thrust of his big hard bare
cock into my hole. I knew I would forever want a man's hard cock inside
me. I loved the feel of his big hairy balls slapping against my hole
while his cock fucked me like a piston. he was flexing his cock now
inside me and I tightened my hole around his cock skin which He let me
know he loved.
Then Gary told me to get ready he was going to shoot his cum load
inside me. A long slow plunge into me then a pull back and then he was
with his eyes closed emptying his man load of cum cream into my virgin
ass hole. I was now Gary's willing loving male pussy. After his last load
came into me Gary pulled out and I felt his cum falling from my hole. I
was still hard so Gary got on his back greased up my hard 7 inch cock and
then I was lined up with his hole and pushing my dick deep into his tight
hole and Gary was the perfect male pussy and moaning and begging me to
fuck his hole to fuck his pussy I pounded into him loving his dirty talk
his body under me the control I now had with my teen dick inside him and
I was now filling his hole with my teen cum load. So much I had no idea
where all my cum came from. Gary moaned and moved as my cream load
flooded into him and I knew He would be wanting more cum from me.
The two weeks passed all too fast for me and Gary was great teaching
me all there was with male on male sex. he had bought over his younger
b*****r a few times he was then 22 years old and hung just like Gary and
loved to have me fucking my hard dick into him too and I loved sucking
and getting Fucked by both men. To this day I still hook up with Gary and
His b*****r Mike for our fun times and I'll have to tell them about our
little Fuck group here? that is if You guys are into having two more join
in with Us?
I looked from Sean to Kirk and we were all so horny from Danny's story
and all at the same time said YES have both of them join in" Danny
laughed and gave me a hug. We broke out the beers now and The others now
wanted to hear of my first time.
I began " Well I am not sure it was as good or as Hot as Danny's here but
here goes. I was 16 then and so legal around here I had to sl**p in with
my cousin Mike who was 21 at the time and hot looking man who was going
to stay with us for two years while he finished up college. his Mom and
My Mom were s****rs. I had always had a crush on him and was excited to
be going to get to see mike undress. I never thought what happened would
have happened. Mike came to bed an hour after myself that first night in
the dim light I watch him strip down to just his white briefs and I was
going nuts seeing the bulge in his briefs I knew the man had a hard on.
he got into the bed. behind me and soon his bare foot was up against
mine. he rubbed my foot like that a good long time and I kind of let out
little moans. Then he got braver and his hairy leg was on mine rubbing
against me again I let out more moans soft ones to let him know I liked
what he was doing. Then Mike got up from the bed and was going through
his bag on the floor. he came to the bed now sat down and said "Kevin I
know You are awake" I opened my eyes and He was seated there in just his
briefs his hard dick tenting them out. He was holding a tube of KY in his
hand and He said " Kevin I am really horny man really horny can you help
me out here? He took hold of his throbbing hard on. I nodded and I
reached to his cock and took hold of it and was feeling his cock through
his white briefs and loving it. Mike close his eyes and let out a soft
moan as I was feeling his big cock. he then opened His eyes and said.
"Yea that feels good Kevin but I need a lot more then that" He then took
hold of my cock in my briefs and was feeling mine now. he said " I need
to fuck man real bad can you let me fuck you up the ass? I stopped but
held on to his thick cock and said "Mike I've never done that before" he
smiled his handsome smile and said. "Trust me you'll love it man and I'll
let you fuck this cock of your into me too"
He got up and came around the bed getting in now so he was behind me
again. This time he was pulling down my briefs and I let him. he sat up
to take them off saying we won't need them till morning time. Then he was
greasing up his big 8 inch cock. He spent a long time finger fucking my
virgin hole with the KY and once in while would put his cock head to my
hole. He was uncut and I loved the sight of his skin half over his cock
head. Then he was ready and he was pushing that big dick into me. God It
hurt like hell I wanted him to take it out but he was too far gone and
too far in he said. he held me in place with his arms and his bare legs.
more of that monster meat came into me hurting like nothing ever before.
he kept telling me to relax which was impossible with that hole of mine
spread like this. I pleaded to have him take it out that I would gladly
suck his cock off if only he would take it out. Too late Mike said feel
it man I've got all 8 inches inside you now. I was still and so was he
inside me. I felt no pain all of a sudden and even kind of liked being
spread by him like this. Then Mike slowly began to move pulling nearly
all of his thick cock out then slowly pushing his bare cock back into me.
I was doing as He told me and pushing back on him like I had to take a
shit. Now I was wanting his dick fucking into me I was loving my handsome
stud Adonis cousin's fat hard prick deep inside me. His words were so
soothing so sexy He was saying how he loved my male pussy and how he was
going to fuck me like this nice and slow every night from then on. I
found myself telling him I wanted his big bare cock to fuck me every
night. now he picked up speed with his fucking and was pounding his prick
deep inside me. I didn't want to be thought of as queer even with his
cock in me so I asked him not to shoot his cum load inside me. Mike would
have none of that and He promised he would let me fuck his male pussy
next. I agreed really wanting his load any way. The feel of his big dick
fucking in and out of me his legs over my hip his hand now jerking off my
7 inch cock and that wonderful uncut cock of his taking my hole making me
his private whore his male pussy. His cock was so great so good inside me
then he was cuming filling me with my first man load of cum deep inside
Mike was a real cock slut I found out and pulled out of my cum
soaked hole now turned in the bed and told me to fuck his ass. I came up
to him lined up my cock head and then was pushing into his hole fucking
my cock into him and he was loving my hard teen dick fucking into his
hole. wow what a wild horny ride his pussy was and soon I was creaming my
first load into a man's pussy. That night we talked naked in bed and He
fucked me once more and I sucked his hard uncut cock loving putting my
tongue into the foreskin of his hard dick. we continued like this nearly
every night fucking into each other. Once he invited me to a friends
apartment. The guy was in his class and I thought it was just to meet a
friend and pick up some books Once there the guy who was named Johnny
offered Us a drink and while I was in the living room having mine they
went off to the bed room. I got to wondering when we would leave so I
went looking for them. the bed room door was open and I heard Mike for
This Johnny to fuck him I stepped in and sure enough there was Johnny on
top of Mike fucking into him. They both had their pants down shoes still
on and shirts up too horny to even undress. I stood trans fixed. Johnny
had not heard me come in but Mike saw me and said " Well Kevin strip off
those clothes and get some of this man's hot cock.
Johnny pulled off mike in shock turned on the bed and I got to see his
hard bare cock the thing was a good 9 inches long uncut and with the
biggest set of hairy balls I had ever seen. I started to take off my
sneakers and Johnny called out " Hey OK dude Yea get over here and let me
fuck that young pussy of yours. I was there naked in a flash my big
Cousin had taught me well and soon Johnny was fucking his big 9 inch meat
into me and I was loving his bone fucking into me. Johnny had a group of
friends he would have over on weekends mostly gay guys and he kind of
hired me to help serve the food and drinks but after a few would stay
over and we would have one big male orgy on his bed. I remember in one
night I had no less then 10 guys fuck into me and was dripping cum for
day and loving the memory of it and once in a while I still run into
Johnny and love his fucking that monster man meat deep inside my pussy.

100% (9/0)
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Damn it is fantastic.Got really hard
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Nice collection!