What Our Son's are doing 2

I came slowly to with the feeling of something against my rear
end. It took a few minutes to remember where I was and who I was with.
Then Knew what the feeling was. It was Danny and he was pushing his hard
cock up against my ass crack and letting out a soft sexy moan. His leg
was over my hip and he was locking me in place, Not that I had any desire
to escape from his at all. I pushed back onto his hard cock and with his
arm he pulled me closer to him. I aid Danny if I let you do this to me
you got to let me do it back to You?His foot came down on mine now He
still had on those white socks of his and then he was whispering in my
ear " Yes You can fuck me after I fuck you Kevin" It was going to happen
the man of my dreams would be fucking his big fat bare cock into me at
Danny came off me and was reaching in the night table drawer. The
sky through the window was just getting light just enough to fill the
room with a soft sexy glow. Danny now had what he wanted in hand and I
was ready for him to begin fucking into me but Danny bless his heart had
other ideas. He was now down at my hole spreading my cheeks and licking
and eating out my hole preparing me to be fucked by him. I knew now this
was no virgin and I loved it. his tongue was driving me crazy as he
slipped it in and out of my hole. Then he was ready and on my side from
behind me he pushed his big mushroom cock head against my hole prepared
to enter my hole with it. For some reason He seemed to a hard time
getting his cock head in? While I had been fucked many times this was the
thickest cock head ever to enter into me. At last his cock head shot into
me and both of Us at once let out a moan as he was now firmly planted
inside of me. Inch by inch his cock came into me slowly and I was loving
his coming into me filling me with his wonderful bare dick. he was
flexing his cock inside me touching against my prostate and the feel of
his bare cock skin inside me flexing was driving me really into heat. I
was making my hole tight around his thick cock and he loved my doing that
and let me know> Danny was fucking me hard now telling me how much he
loved my ass hole loved my Male pussy and getting me to promise I would
let him fuck me often like this in his bed bareback. his hairy balls were
slapping against my hole and his cock felt like it was designer made to
be in my hole. His strong hard body and his hairy legs and feet all over
me as Danny was fucking me crazy.
He was sweating and I loved the feel of his sweaty chest against my
bare back as his fat cock was fucking into me. He had reached a hand
around me and was jerking off my cock as He was now thrusting his prick
deep inside me and We were both near coming. Danny let go first his cream
flooding into my hungry hole and my hole slurping up his man cum. I was
shooting my load all over the sheets and Danny strong hand at nearly the
same time.
Danny pulled out of my hole and my hole felt so empty wanting his big
dick back in it. His cum load was spilling from my hole down onto my
balls. We turned to each other and hugged kissing each other and rubbing
our feet and legs together. Danny suggested we take a shower together and
then have some breakfast.
It was nothing short of a dream come true stepping into that shower
with my best buddy both naked and being able to wash his whole hard body
all over. I even was sucking on His big toe as he had done on mine the
night before. I sucked a load of cum out of his cock again and then he
sucked a hot load of my cum from my own cock. I knew Danny was one of the
guys at his Fire station who loved to cook and he sure had a great big
breakfast set out for the two of Us. After Our shower we had dressed in
shorts and summer TO-shirts belong to Danny. We smiled at each other over
coffee both so amazed at our new found love and that We had not gotten
into this long before?I had told Danny about my times at the Angora and
he was telling me that he would go to the dirty book stores once in a
while and pick up a trick. We now assured each other that we would always
be there for each other from now on.
That is when the boys came into the conversation. Should we let them
know about us Now? or just start staying over at each others homes as the
boys do and just never let them know? Danny bought up the fact that it
really was silly them two being more or less a gay couple Us two being a
gay couple and yet having to hide it from each other. I had to agree it
would make life much more easy if we just came out to them? It was again
Danny who said " You know Kevin if we do come out to them and they to Us
there is the possibility that the boys might want to try a four way?
I was kind of shocked these were are Son's and Danny was actually
thinking of the possibility of having sex with our won Son's I had to
admit I wasn't sure if I would ever be ready to have a relationship like
that with my son Sean or if He would be? Danny asked if Sean was into it
would I at least give it a try? Pictures of my Son Sean came to mind the
few times I had seen him naked he was a full grown hot hung man now and I
let a smile come across my face while admitting to Danny I would at least
give it a try?
We must have had three pots of coffee and were feeling the results
now. The time had flew and it was nearly noon already. The phone rang and
Danny answered it. On the other side was Kirk his son. They had finished
the project at my house and wanted us to come over and check it out? They
suggested we all four have a cook out there and we would pick up the
drinks on the way. My handsome Danny was the take charge guy and he said
I should just leave our coming out to him and we would do that during our
cook out that very after noon.We had returned to Danny's room to put on
another outfit but the old cocks of ours had another idea. I had Danny
bent over his bed with my hard long fat cock deep in his tight ass hole
fucking him for the first time and knowing I would be doing it for the
rest of my life his hole was so tight and fit my big cock perfectly and
Danny was a wild fuck too. The man loved a hard dick up his hole. I
creamed him a major load of my cum. We showered again together and
dressed. I had used some of Danny's cologne and Loved the fact that I had
on a pair of his briefs to hug my balls.
We arrived at the house and took a look at the job the boys had done
and told them they had really out done themselves this time. We had the
steaks on now and were relaxing on the patio with our drinks that is when
Kirk said " You two smell the same You must have put on the same cologne
today? Danny smiled and said "Yes in fact we did and I guess You'll be
seeing us a lot in each others clothes and colognes from now on. Kevin
and I slept together for the first time last night in the same bed and we
even took two showers together this morning. Kirk just sat there with his
mouth wide open and then my Sean said " Ok Dad and Danny way to go so
you'll have to tell us your a couple now Your really a couple now? I
looked at Danny smiled and said " Yes Sean You can call us a couple now
because after last night and this morning we want to be together in and
out of bed as often as we can? Danny was patting his son's knee and
saying. " You look kind of shocked there Kirk? Do You and Sean have
something you want to share with Us?

Kirk now had a smile all over his face and he said " well Yea kind of I
guess you guys must have guessed? Sean and I have been gay lovers since
we were k**s and now it feels so good to be able to say that to the two
of You instead of having to hide it all the time and be careful around
you all the time. Sean came over to my chair and was pulling me to his
feet. My handsome son took me in his arms and was near tears as he was
telling me how happy he was for the two of us. Then Danny and His Son
Kirk joined in and we had a big four way hug. Of course thoughts of what
Danny had said about a four way sex orgy came to mind during this hug. It
was Danny who broke the hug and said " You know if the neighbors look out
and see us hugging like this they'll think we are having a nice four way
orgy? Kirk said " the hell with the neighbors and what they might be
thinking if we wanted to have a four way orgy then that is up to us"
Sean came in with " Hell why not we are all grown men and all gay here so
what is to stop us from having one big orgy if that is what we all agree
to? Hell what about you dad would you like to?

I looked at Danny and smiled and said " Hell yes I have to be honest here
I know the i****t thing and all but like You say Sean we are all grown
men here"

Danny looked now at his Son and said " well that leaves it up to you
Kirk? I vote to do it all night"

Kirk stood up and shaking his Dad's hand said " Everything goes tonight
oral anal the works. Everybody open to doing everybody else and nice hot

Sean " You got it Kirk and you show them everything I taught you over the

The cooler was soon filled with beers and the four of us were then up in
my room for our first try outs. We all sat on the bed taking off our
sneakers and socks. Then Danny got right into it while Sean was sitting
down pulling off his shirt Danny was on his knees feeling and then
sucking on Seams bare big toe. Kirk and I got naked and We hugged
standing next to Danny and Sean. Kirk's body was so tight and powerful
from his workouts and like his Dad he had a nice big thick cock on him
and a big set of hairy balls. His white bubble ass was to kill for we
stood rubbing cocks then I put my bare cock under his hairy balls and we
humped each other. Sean was enjoying his foot sucking from Danny and
reaching up feeling my bare ass then fingering my hole and telling me he
wanted to fuck my ass before the night was over. Danny was up now and the
two undressed I was so shocked to see how really hung my own Son was.
Kirk Danny and I all had 7 inches cut but my Sean was the big man among
us with his fat cut and a half inches. His cock head was flared like mine
and I reached and took it in my hands and said "Oh Sean you are really
going to spread me a new hole with this monster cock" he said " Yea Dad
and I know how to use it on a male pussy too. Is that right Kirk?
was feeling his ass and said " This man has been fucking me with that big
dick since I was 12 and I am just now getting use to that monster cock.
Then My Sean was on his knees without a word and had my whole cock
in his hot handsome mouth my won Son was sucking on my dick right in
front of the others. Kirk came around to my rear got on his knees now and
spread my ass cheeks he said " I am going to get your hole already for
Sean to fuck it for You" Then Kirk was eating out my hole while my Sean
was giving me a great head job and licking on my hairy balls sucking his
own Dad's hard bare cock.
Danny ever the foot man was down on the floor behind Sean and licking
on Sean's bare feet as Sean moaned in the double pleasure of his Dad's
big dick in his mouth and Danny eating his bare feet. I alternated
between pushing back on Kirk's hot tongue in my hole to pushing forward
into my Son's hot mouth. Danny had progressed from Sean's feet to mine
then to his own Son's whole we were buys getting to enjoy each other.
Kirk announced " He is ready for you now Sean. Your Dad's hole is
hot to fuck" Danny was up now and gave me a kiss and said I am going to
have Kirk fuck me on the bed right next to you. Sean had flew out of the
room saying he would get the KY. When he came back Kirk had Danny and I
up on the bed on all fours ready to be fucked. The KY was put in our
holes and on Our Son's cock and then Sean had his cock head against my
hole ready to enter into me with that monster cock of his. he head
pushing in felt so wonderful and a little of Danny cum inside me made it
more easy to take that monster cock of his. My handsome 19 year old son
was fucking his bare cock into me there next to my best friend who was
now taking in his own Son's hard bare cock. These boys knew how to make
love to a man and they fucked us and talked to us while they fucked us a
long loving time and had the two of us begging for them to fuck us. hen
They decided to switch. Kirk would fuck into me and Sean into Danny. Sean
pulled out and then Kirk the handsome 19 year old was mounting my hungry
ass hole and now fucking his big bare dick into my male pussy. We didn't
want to cum yet so we all agreed to hold off have a beer and resume
later still hard.
We all sat on the bed trying not to lose our loads having our beers
letting things calm down some which was not easy to do with three hot
naked men in the room. Sean was saying as how He loved it when Danny was
eating and licking his feet and that it was strange how Kirk liked to do
the same thing. Turns out Sean's fantasy was to have his white briefs on
backwards and have Kirk fuck into him through the piss hole of the
briefs. Kirk liked to get fucked by Sean after an hard sweaty football
game with his sweaty jock strap still on and pulled aside to fuck into
him and with Sean's sweaty football socks still on. My fetish was the
socks on the man as he fucked me.
Fetish after fetish was bought up and we were all open to doing them
all. time now or never Danny had said and I got a pair of my white briefs
from the floor put them on my Son Sean backwards He loved it and Danny
now lined the two boys up on all fours on the bed ready for the Dad's to
fuck into them. I will never forget nor want to the sight of my son's hot
hole so nice round ready for a cock. I got down and was licking his male
pussy knowing he had been fucked many times but wanting to make this one
the best ever for both of us. He told me " Dad do it to me man fuck that
hot man meat deep inside me Dad let me feel that bareback cock skin
inside me. I line up my mushroom head to his tight round pussy and pushed
in my whole cock head went in to the rim and Sean moaned in pleasure at
the feel of my bare dick inside his pussy. He was pushing back and
bucking I held his bare hips and began to fuck all my 7 into his hungry
hot hole filling my own Son with my man meat. Once all the way in I
flexed my cock and Sean tightened his pussy around my dick and the
fucking began. The thrill of being there next to Danny as he was fucking
his own Son was so much a turn on for Us all. The moans from our Son's as
we fucked them and pounded into their hot hungry male pussy. I was bent
on Sean my hands around him jerking his big meat as I picked up speed
fucking into him. Sean was now shooting his load of teen cum all over my
hand and the sheet and then I was creaming my load into his pussy for the
first time ever. Danny was screaming out as his own load was flooding
into Kirk's hot ass.
The night was young and we got some more beers up and took a break
until the next round and We talked more about fetish and things to do
with each other. Kirk wanted to have us two Dad's fuck him one after the
other in full Firemen's gear. Just our pants down boots on while we took
turns fucking into him and creaming our loads into him.

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9 months ago
Love ths 4way!
9 months ago
Hot! Nice continuation from the last time.