The Handyman

This true account of events all started when I went back to school at age
25, at night to become a Graphic Designer. After I had been in school for
a little over a year, and my beginner classes were behind me, the classes
for this new quarter started getting tougher. I found that crunching
numbers all day, trying to go to school 4 nights a week, and the ever
growing homework projects, were getting harder to complete on time and to
consistently produce the standard of work I required of myself to get
noticed. So I decided that in order to complete my goal, I had to quit
school and devote myself to art and design fulltime.

After being out of work for three months, but still able to live on what I
had saved until I finished school, I was getting frustrated with not having
any extra money. One Saturday night, my friends were all going out and I
had to say no because of my tight budget. That became my breaking point. I
walked in my bedroom and kicked my closet door.

Now this was one of those whole wall closets, but someone had built this
building ass backwards. The opening for the closet was one big open space
from floor to ceiling, and ten feet wide. The doors to the closet were two
full sheets of half-inch thick particleboard, each five feet long, from the
floor to the ceiling, only hanging by a cheap track mounted at the top.
They should have been strong enough to withstand the kick I gave them, but
I'm your average 6'1, Italian guy with a bad temper, and at 185 pounds with
steel-toed boots and a really bad attitude, those "doors" were no match.

So that following Monday morning, while I went about my typical, now daily
routine of waking up, getting a cup of coffee, and sitting at my computer
improving on my homework naked, I had to call the apartment management
company and explain that my flimsy closet doors fell off their track and
cracked into pieces. They told me that it was no problem, but that the
sliding doors now are two feet shorter, and they would have to build a new
two foot portion of the wall starting from the ceiling, and that it would
take the handyman about five hours to retrofit the new doors. I had no
problem with this because I knew the handyman. His name was Armen, an
Armenian guy in his early thirties around 5'9, a little overweight, but
very handsome and very hairy. He was working in the unit next to mine in
late July, and was only wearing shorts and work boots when I caught a
glimpse of his very hairy chest and legs. Being Italian, I too have a very
hairy chest, stomach, and everything below the belt, as well as being very
attracted to men with the same body type. I set an appt. for that Thursday,
December 9th, at 10:00am, and marked my calendar.

I realized that having Armen here working in my room meant that I couldn't
work naked, my favorite thing while at home in my apartment, because my
computer was also in my bedroom. Then I remembered the day I met Armen. It
was back in September when he was working on the floor below me. He loaded
our crappy elevator with all his tools, and while he was getting his last
load, the elevator shut down and went to the basement where it would not
open. My apartment was about three doors away from the manager, and because
the manager wasn't home, Armen heard my stereo on and knocked at my
door. As I opened the door, I stood with most of my body behind it to hide
my nakedness. He explained his problem, and fortunately, I knew the
solution. I told him how to reset the elevator in the basement, but he
wasn't quite understanding what I meant, so without thinking opened my door
all the way to give him a visual with both my hands where the components
and levers were located on the operations panel, when I suddenly realized I
was standing in front of this handsome hairy guy stark naked and that his
eyes had suddenly dropped to my steadily growing hard-on.

Very embarrassed, I stepped back behind my door and apologized. He looked
back up at me, stuck out his hand and said it was no problem, and that his
name was Armen. I introduced myself, he thank me for the info, and said
he'd see me around as he walked towards the stairwell.

Later that day as I sat at my desk naked, thinking about what had happened
earlier and playing with my balls, I remembered seeing a wedding ring on
Armen's finger. As my cock began to get really hard, I was thinking how
even though seeing a naked man answer the door would be a little shocking,
staring at my cock for six minutes while I explained how to fix the
elevator was a strange reaction for a married straight guy. Just then I
noticed I was well into feverishly stroking my rock hard 7" cock, which I
must had been doing for a while because I was leaking precum like crazy,
when an image of the that handsome, hairy, shirtless guy popped in my mind
and I shot a huge load of cum all over my chest, stomach, hands, and
floor. I didn't think much about Armen after that, except for some hot jack
off sessions, until the day I made the appt. to get the closet fixed.

Thursday, December 9th came like every other day, except I didn't wake up
till 9:45 that morning, and Armen was due to show up at 10:00. Because I
woke up so late, unlike every other day, I put on shorts and a t-shirt and
made myself some coffee. A few minutes later, Armen was knocking at my
door. I opened the door and we exchanged hellos and some small talk, and
then I showed him to my room and the job ahead of him. He was wearing a
white t-shirt that was a little tight because like I said he was a little
overweight, and nylon-cotton sweat pants without underwear causing his cock
to swing back and forth in his pants while he walked. He went back to his
truck several times and brought up all his tools and materials, and while
he worked on the closet, and I sat my computer across the room, and the day
got started. After about twenty minutes or so, I started to feel very
uncomfortable wearing clothes, so I decided to make a brave move. I asked
if he needed anything, and when he said no, I told him that I was going to
take a quick shower. With that, I walked back to my bed, took off my
shirt, slipped my shorts onto the floor, and once again in Armen's full
view I walked right past him, down the hall and into the bathroom stark
naked with a semi hard-on. From the moment I took off my shirt, I knew that
he was watching me in a sly way so I wouldn't think he was, but hey, he saw
my cock the last time we met, and he said no problem, so what was the big
deal right? I mean we're both guys here and other than my growing cock, it
was nothing that you wouldn't see in a locker room.

I left the bathroom door open while I showered and dried off, and in that
small amount of time, he walked past the bathroom door at least 6 times
getting tools from the living room of my small one bedroom apartment. I was
beginning to see that he must be curious about men, but would probably
never say or do anything about it because of his marriage. He seemed to be
very devoted to his wife and k**s in the brief conversation we had that
morning. As I was walking out of the bathroom with my towel in my hand,
and my cock still semi hard, he was coming in and asked if he could use the
bathroom really fast. I said I was done anyhow, but after leaving I noticed
he didn't shut the door, so I quickly turned around following my bouncing
cock back into the bathroom, and there stood Armen at the toilet with the
front of his pants pulled under his balls, and his hand around his thick,
long, hairy cock like he was peeing, but nothing was happening. I said I
forgot something, and started to rummage through the drawer. Armen just
stood there with a now semi hard cock in his hand, looking over at my semi
hard cock while a drip of precum started to leak out my cockhead.

I looked up from what I was doing, and starred straight at that hot hairy
cock, then I told him he had an awesome dick, and hot hairy low-hanging
balls. I think he got embarrassed because he stroked it once, looked up and
thanked me, and then pulled his pants back up, and went back to work.

I figured I blew any chance of playing or sucking that hot cock with my
comment, and still naked, went back to my room. When I got back in the
room, he was struggling with getting the wall bracing in place, and asked
if I could hold up this 2x4 while he nailed it in place. I told him I
would, and walked over next to him and held steady the 2x4 while he climbed
a stepladder to nail it up. I could tell he was still semi hard through his
pants, and I caught him looking down at my cock more than few times.
Overall, I held this board in place for over five minutes while he took his
time glancing at my cock and balls, and nailing it into place. The
situation was becoming way too much for me, and my semi quickly turned rock
hard in 20 seconds with a fresh bead of precum pooling on the head, and my
cock pulsing back and forth with my fast beating heart.

I figured I was overwhelming him, so once the board was in place, I walked
over by my dresser and told him that I was sorry for making him
uncomfortable, and that I was going to get dressed in just a second. He
walked over too me, and with a very serious look on his face he said no,
stay just that like that, and that he wasn't uncomfortable at all. Then, he
looked over at my desk and noticed a picture of me and a girl I know, and
said he thought he knew her. As he walked by me to see it better, his hand
and arm lightly brushed my throbbing cock and balls, and as he did I
accidentally let out a little moan. By now I was leaking a steady stream of
precum, so much that it was running down my shaft onto my hairy
balls. Armen went back to working on the doors, and I stayed in his direct
eyesight, bending over to get something from a low shelf, getting on my
hands and knees to pull something out from under the bed, or laying across
the bed with my legs and hole spread open real wide to plug in a cord
behind the headboard, and the whole time I would catch him watching. When
Armen wasn't looking, I would quickly wipe off my throbbing cock, and
massage the rest of my precum into and under my ball sack. While he worked,
and I strived to put my naked body in various erotic positions, we talked
about everyday things like we were sitting in some cafe having a perfectly
normal conversation between two everyday guys.

After about three hours passed, it was getting hot and stuffy in my small
room, and from time to time I would notice that Armen would start to get a
hard-on. I told him that he would be a lot cooler if he stripped off his
clothes while he finished the job, but he turned red and said he
couldn't. The whole three hours he had been working, I was doing nasty
things, and my cock stayed rock hard. It would not get soft at all. I found
the whole situation to be extremely erotic.

About two and a half hours later, he had finished my closet. After a whole
day of walking around Armen completed naked with a throbbing hard cock
leaking precum, and rubbing my balls and hole when he wasn't watching, it
had come to an end. Armen started packing up his tools and taking them
downstairs to his truck. Once he was done, he came back in my room, and as
stood in front of him with my throbbing cock, and precum dripping off the
head, he said he was finished, and that he had a great day. Then he shook
my hand, and said if I needed anything fixed to call him. I had been
teasing my cock and hole all day, and when he grabbed my hand I thought I
was going to blow a huge load of cum all over him, but instead I shook his
sweaty hand with the hand that hand been rubbing my precum into my balls
and playing with my hole all day. Then he turned and walked down the hall
towards the door and I heard him shut the door behind him.

I stayed in my room and grabbed my bottle of lube. I climbed up on my bed
and laid down on my back with my feet flat on the bed, but my knees high in
the air and spread my legs as wide as they could go. I squeezed out a
puddle of lube on my cock, and a bigger puddle in my left hand which I then
rubbed all over my balls and hole. My right hand headed directly for my
cock. As I started pumping my hand up and down the shaft of my cock, my
left hand went back and forth from my balls to my anxious hole, lightly
playing with it's pucker and teasing it until it pulsed and throbbed just
like my cock. I shut my eyes and all I could think about was my sweaty,
hairy Armen pulling down his pants and stroking his hard cock over my face
while I licked his sweaty, hairy balls. I was stroking my cock so hard and
I wanted to cum so bad, but teasing my hole so much made me want a cock
inside real bad. So I took my lubed up middle finger on my left hand and
slid it deep inside me. I left out a loud moan as I started to finger fuck
my hole real deep with the same rhythm that I was pounding my cock with
until I couldn't stand it anymore. I lurched forward and opened my eyes
just as my cum shot wildly from my cock all over my chest, face, inside my
mouth, and down my chin while I rammed my finger in and out of my hole as
fast as I could. Then I saw Armen standing at foot of my bed watching me
finger fuck myself, and masturbating my cock to oblivion.

He said he had left his hammer in my room, and when he walked in I was so
involved in bringing myself to such a massive orgasm, that he was intrigued
and decided to stand there and watch. While he was explaining the
intensely awkward, but yet extremely erotic moment, I realized I was still
slowly finger fucking myself, and stroking my cock drenched with cum. I
brought my right hand to my mouth and licked my hot cum off my hand, looked
up at Armen while still fingering my hole, and asked if he wanted me to
suck that hard hairy cock until he shot his cum in mouth. He smiled and
squeezed his cock for a second, and then said he would love to, but
couldn't. Then he turned around and left. I slid my finger from my hole,
and did my best to scoop up the rest of my cum off my chest and stomach and
slowly licked it off my fingers. I took another shower, then stroked my
cock again thinking about Armen just standing 6 inches from me and silently
watching as I shot cum all over myself and jammed my finger up my hole.

I have since moved from that building, but I hope to get in touch with him
soon, I need a handyman again.

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