I once flipped hamburgers like a lot of other k**s. I worked for Burger
King and my buddy, AJ, worked for a McDonlald's. We both made the same
measly salary, but AJ always seemed to have money for extra things. When
I asked him about this, he said that he worked this part time gig that
paid more in a couple of hours than a week's wages at the burger joint.
I asked if there were any openings doing the same kind of work as he. He
said that there were always openings if you knew the right people. But
the work was not for everyone. I said I didn't care what the work was, I
just knew that I wanted some of that quick money. AJ said that he would
set up an interview and call me. He called a few days later and we went
to a hotel downtown. As we were riding up in the elevator, he said that
we would each make $100 in an hour. Jokingly, I asked if we had to kill
someone. Matter of factly, AJ said no but what we were going to do is go
to this guy's room, get naked and put on a show. That mean's that we're
going to suck cock, fuck ass and shoot as many loads as we can work up.
Before I could react, we were going into this guy's room. Our 'client'
was standing in the middle of the room wearing a bathrobe, his hands
jammed in his pockets. I figure him for about mid-40's, tall, thinning
hair, still in shape. He nods to us and tells us to start the
entertainment. AJ didn't waste any time. He pulled me to him, hugged
me tight and rubbed his hips against mine. He pulls off my T-shirt and
then peeled off his own. His body is hard with muscle as he presses
against me. He bends down and runs his tongue over my left nipple as he
slipped his other hand down in my jeans and cups my ass. His fingers
pry open the crack and rub against my ass hole. AJ unzips my fly and
tugs my jeans down around my knees. His hands slide inside my briefs from
behind and his finger pushes up my hole to the third joint. My dick is
as stiff as a funcking tire iron and bumps hard against the cotton of my
jockeys. He drops to his knees and licks the cloth, his tongue getting
my briefs sopping wet. He pulls them down and my dick swings up,
slapping against my belly. AJ sucks my balls into his mouth and rolls
them around, teasing me with his tongue as he jacks me off. The finger
of his other hand finds its way back inside my ass and he begins
finger-fucking me slow and easy. I pump my hips to meet his stokes, my
dick leaking precum. He suddenly plunges his head down and swallows the
whole shaft,at the same time jamming two fingers hard up my ass. I
can't take any more and shoot load after load down his throat. AJ looks
up at me, my dick still in his mouth. He takes my dick out of his
mouth, stands up and unleashes his hard throbbing cock. "Your turn", he
says. What the hell, I think and drop to my knees. I stare at his
swaying dick just inches from my mouth. His dick is a little longer than
mine but not as thick, pink and cut. His balls hang low and ripe in
their sac and are lightly furred with blond fuzz. I bend down and slurp
my tongue across AJ's nut sac and up the shaft, swirling it around his
cock head. The precome is slick and tastes a little salty in my mouth. I
begin nibbling down the shaft, twisting my head from side to side. AJ
groans loud. I keep sliding my mouth up and down AJ's shaft. Just then
our client instructs us to get on the bed for a 69. AJ lays on his back
and I pivot around so that my dick juts right above his face. As he pumps
his dick down my throat, he sucks my balls into his mouth and rolls them
around with his tongue. He spits in his hand and then starts stroking
my dick, slicking it up nice and slippery. I burrow my nose into his
balls and breathe in that ripe, guy smell. We fuck each other's face for
a few minutes, our sweat-slicked bodies slapping ogether. AJ pulls his
head away and says that he wants to fuck my ass. No problem, I role onto
my back while he positions himself between my legs. I lift them up and
rest them on his shoulders. He takes aim, eases in and rides my ass to
climax. When I feel him shooting into my ass, I pump my cock and spray
all over my belly and chest. AJ comes out with a plop and collapses onto
me. We lay that way until we're aware that our customer is handing us two
$100 bills. We reach out and take the cash and I think this is better
than flipping burgers, any day.

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