Straight Mate in Speedos

Jon, at 24, was the picture of a strapping rugby lad. Broad shouldered,
thick muscled thighs, big muscled butt, tall (6') and laddish in nature,
tending to raise his Leeds accent over the sound of everyone else in a room.
He had fair curly hair, and strong chiselled features that made him so
much hornier than some of the other lads who play rugby who can be more fat
than muscle.

Jon was one of the lads I was at Universiy with, and one of the five
flatmates in our house. We were all good mates, but Jon and I tended to get
on particularly well because we were also on the same course. We would do
all the usual student stuff, drinking competitions, messing around, skiving
off seminars to go to the pub. All of this was great except for one thing,
I fancied the pants of the guy. It is a shame he was straight. I had never
even managed to see him in the nude, only in rugby shorts when I watched him
play, which was enough to see those strong, fit legs. There was the odd
time he came out of the shower with a towel around him, and I saw that
smooth chest with pecs I really wanted to get my hands on. Playing out my
fantasy started when he was out and the house was empty, I got into his
rugby kit bag, and discovered that Jon wore a jock. I would wear it and
wank with it on, but always taking care not to cum in it.

All this changed when we went on holiday. Five of us travelled to
California for a week in the sun, Jon, myself, his girlfriend and 2 other
guys. The twist of fate started when we arrived and Jon's luggage failed to
turn up. The airline gave him $100 to buy some stuff until it was due to
arrive on the next flight. We checked into a motel. After the first night,
Jon said he would meet us at the beach while he went to buy some clothes. I
went with him to pick up a newspaper. In the beach store Jon was gutted to
find that they had no swimshorts, only speedos! I tried not to laugh when I
saw his discomfort - it just wasn't what real men wore according to Jon. I
couldn't wait to see him in them - I had never seen him wear anything tight
fitting. He went off looking for an alternative while I returned to the

I met the other guys at the beach where I, like the other guys was wearing
some knee length shorts. I was reading when Jon turned up at the beach and,
knowing what he had to show, I couldn't wait for him to remove his baggy
cargo shorts. He bent over by his towel and undid his shorts to reveal a
sight that instantly made me so hard I had to cover my dick with my book.
His beefy rump really pushed out the back of the black speedos, and he
clearly revealed his full package out the front. I couldn't take my eyes
off him, thank god for my shades which hid what I was looking at. Jon took
a lot of ribbing from the group (including his girlfriend). We all went
into the water and Jon's mate Mark really started ribbing him, including
swimming underwater and trying to pull down the speedos, but they were too
tight fitting to just be pulled down.

When Jon came out of the water it was even better, the trunks glistened in
the sun and had shrunk in the water to fit his tidy package and squeeze
those butt cheeks. I could tell he was embarrassed as he lay face down for
most of the time outside.

The weather clouded over in the morning and, as we weren't used to the heat,
we mistakenly stopped applying sun tan lotion. We also had a few beers from
a nearby bar. Mid-afternoon, I was feeling pretty rough so I headed back to
the hotel.

I had only just taken my t-shirt off and, as soon as I sat back on the sofa
in my shorts, I started to shiver and felt I was going to throw up. I
rushed to the sink in the kitchen/sitting room thinking I was going to be
sick. At this time, Jon walked in, still in just his speedos, and came over
behind me, asking if I was all right and putting his hand on my back. I
wasn't feeling good enough to be horny, instead I started to go even paler
so much so that Jon came up behind me on my right side and started rubbing
my back.

He got pretty close, and I was starting to get my bearings I decided to make
the most of the moment. I moved to my right slightly so Jon was pressing
closer against me. He passed me some water, and as lifted up to drink it I
made out that I was losing my step and fell back slightly into him. He
grabbed me with his arms (as I knew he would) and held me steady, asking me
if I was all right. I held onto him and by now we were in a hug. I made
sure I was pressed up against the front of his speedos, and put my arms
around his waist and pulled him in a kind of team mate bear hug. I thought
I could tell his package growing but it might have been because his dick was
bulging in those speedos.

I decided this was an opportunity to take advantage of, so whilst hugging I
slapped him on the butt and thanked him. The thing was, I didn't move my
hand from his butt after the slap. It felt fantastic, I had never held it
before and here I was grabbing his butt filled speedos. It was then that I
felt his dick grow hard and I pulled him tighter still to make it harder for
him to concentrate, even starting to squeeze his butt cheeks through his

Neither of us said anything but this was my chance to go for it. I shoved
my hand down the back of Jon's speedos. I could have creamed there and
then. I got a handful of naked butt, and cupped it in my hands. That was
it. I looked up at him and our lips locked, we were sharing the most
passionate of kisses. As Jon was `straight', I needed to do the leading
before he got a chance to pull away. If I wanted his dick, I knew I had to
take control before he got any second thoughts.

I pushed Jon through to the bedroom and we fell onto the bed, rolling around
still with my hands down the back of his speedos. I knew he liked blow jobs
because he always talked about those his girlfriend gave, so I bent down and
started sucking his dick through the speedos. Jon was clearly getting
turned on by this, writhing around on the bed, so I pulled his trunks off
and increased the sucking on his dick. After a good 10 minutes of this, I
moved back up to his face, where we kissed each other wildly, and I rubbed
my naked butt cheeks on his rock hard cock. He had a look of bewilderment
and unabated lust on his face - he couldn't control it now, we had gone too

I carried on kissing him whilst I reached behind me and grabbed his cock,
pointing it at my butt. I leant down and kissed Jon to distract him from
what he was about to do. Whilst in a tongue-lock, I pushed my butt-hole
back onto Jon's cock and eased it inside me. Jon let out a groan that I
thought would bring the whole resort into the bedroom.

At this point Jon decided to take some control of the situation. Turning me
over, with my legs in the air, he wrapped his arms around me and with our
lips still locked, he started pounding my butt. At the same time, I grabbed
his smooth butt cheeks and squeezed them hard. With no care in the world
about who might find us, we were fucking like crazy until it was clear we
were getting close to shooting our loads. As Jon was reaching his climax I
shoved a finger up his butt, he let out a faint scream in shock, looked at
me in the eye and shot his load so far up my butt I could feel it. At the
same time I creamed all over his chest.

He lay on top of me, both of us out of breath, and laid his face on my
chest. We held each other for what seemed like only seconds. Jon got up,
and I feared he was about to run out of the room as fast as he could.
Instead, he leant over the bed and gave me a long hard kiss, and even
grabbed my cock whilst doing so. He then winked and left the room. I was
left hoping it would not be long before we got a second go.

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