The Babysitter Part 4

"I just don't get it! Why doesn't the courier let me sign for stuff?"

"He has documents that require my signature only, Alice!"

"Yeah, I understand that, but the other courier let me do it anyway."

"Don't worry about it, he's new on the job and is just being over-cautious,
I guess. Besides, it's not a problem anyhow. I really don't mind the
interruption since it's been at the end of the day anyhow."

"So you want me just to let him in when he comes by every Friday?"

"Well, buzz me first in case I have someone in here, of course."

Later that day...

"James, the courier is here with another pouch for your signature."

"Okay, Alice send him in."

I was already for his arrival anyhow. Our weekly meetings over the last
two months had become the highlight of my week. The office inner door
opened as Alice closed the outer door behind him. She buzzed me and told
me that she was on her way for the week. Jay was absolutely glowing. I
ignored him to get him going. I pointed to the chair and asked him to be
seated while I finished my pretend phone call. I blabbered on for a few
minutes as if I were closing some fantastic deal while I had the dial tone
buzzing in my ear. He was so restless today. What a fidget!!! He must be
excited about something other than our time together. Finally I closed "my
deal" and hung up the phone.

"So what's with all the excitement?"

"This is too weird! I actually have a package for you this week that needs
your signature only."

"Okay, let me sign for it then and make your day!"

He held out his computerized tablet with the stylus for me to sign.
"There, done! Now toss it over there and strip and bend over!!!"

He gave me a puzzled look and then a wicked smile. "Make me!!!!"

I went around the desk and clasped my hand on his crotch with a grip to
knock over a horse. He let out this deep sensual grunt that told me he
liked it. He liked it a lot! He was already rock hard! This k** was
amazing. I didn't have his stamina even at his age. Although I thought I
was pretty good even now. He threw his head back and licked his lips and
then suddenly threw it forward and reached over and bit my lip, making it
bleed. "Ow! You made me bleed you little shit!"

"Woops! Sorry that was a little harder than I meant it to be, James."

"Oh well, don't worry. Kind of kinky, but I'm not into that."

"I know, sorry!"

I sucked back on the lip to stop it bleeding while I started to play with
his tie and eventually pull it off. I then started tearing at his clothes
with a****listic intent, still being careful not to destroy his uniform.
Before I knew it he stood in front of me only dressed in a boner. He
hadn't even bothered with undies today! His cock was just bouncing and was
glistening with pre-cum.

I dove for it with my mouth wide open. I took it right in to his pubes,
ramming his rod down my throat. I rode his pole like it was a cold
Popsicle on a hot summer's day. He started moaning and then his knees
started to shake. I held him up while on my knees by gripping his buns of
steel. It only took a matter of 30 seconds and he was shooting his load
into my mouth. Blast after blast of hot cum. I couldn't believe how much
and how soon. I was actually disappointed even though I loved the taste of
his cum.

He looked at me and said, "Don't worry, there's plenty more where that came
from! I haven't cum all week, so that I'd have lots to spare!"

"Yum!" I said with total excitement.

I still had some of his cum in my mouth as I worked my way round to his
hole. I licked his sweaty nuts and perineum until I reached his hairy
little hole. Keeping the cum in my mouth was quite the feat as I started
to rim his little bud. But he yielded quite quickly and I was actually
able to blow the remaining cum into his open love channel. He would be
lubed for my throbbing member now.

I turned him and stood up at the same time. Our lips met and we engulfed
each other's faces with tongues probing the deep reaches of each other's
mouths. He reached down and started to pull my pants open and pull my
shirt out of the pants. He decided to take his time undressing me, pushing
me onto the green leather couch that all my clients loved to sit on in the

He moved his kissing from my mouth to my neck as he undid my shirt buttons;
and then to my chest as he made his way down my path of buttons. As he
undid the last button his warm mouth moved to my nipples where he stayed
and sucked and bit for quite a while. My head went back as I could feel
the surging from my nipples to my groin. This was amazing. His hands
moved into my pants where he played with my well-wrapped cock in the
underwear. I had decided to wear a thong, which I'd bought especially for
this meeting. He pulled his hand out of my pants and sniffed it and then
offered it to me to sniff. It was soaked with pre-cum and lapped it up
like a dog. He looked down at my crotch and snickered, "Looks like this
suit'll have to go to the cleaners Bud!"

My pants were wet with pre-cum too. "Oh, well, whatever!"

He pulled them off with one tug and sat there on his knees just staring
into my crotch. "I love them! When did you get them? They are so fucking

Without another's moment's hesitation he dove straight into my cock and
covered my cloth covered hardened rod with his mouth and started to suck
and lick me through them. I just about came right there in my thong.

He pulled off the covering and then started working on my dick, gently
licking up and down the shaft with his hot little tongue. He took it into
his mouth and started to suck me ever so slowly. My head felt like it was
going to pop off. I could feel the bl**d in my face making it hotter than
it really was in that office. I noticed that he was rock hard again, too.
My pole was really well lubed now.

He looked me in the eyes and lifted his head as he stood. He reached over
and kissed me deeply ass he put his knees on the couch. He took my cock
and placed it at his hole as he continued to kiss my mouth and face. He
touched his bud with his finger and then brought it to his nose. "How did
you get cum dripping out of my hole already, you pig?" He smiled; he knew!

He eased his hole down on my pole with that sexy groan that sunk into his
chest. It went in so easy with his cum and my wetted pole. He started to
ride me for all he was worth. I started to buck under him purposely
holding back my load, so that I could enjoy this for a while longer. I
started to stroke his cock, which was drooling pre-cum again (or was it
post-cum I don't know). He was riding me like a wild bronco and slapping
his thighs at the same time. I was so close. I moaned and groaned; my
eyes tightly closed. I couldn't hold on much longer. And then I heard him
gasp for air, which startled me. I thought he was in trouble. I opened my
eyes just in time to see his hard-on yield its fruit again shooting its
load up my chest and onto my face. I let a yell go (thank God Alice was
gone!) getting some of his seed in my gob. I started to spew shot after
shot into his hole while he continued to ride me. Then I felt him jump off
my pole and had his mouth wrapped around my shooter all in one breath. Not
a drop was lost! I finished shooting my load into his mouth.

As he lay on the floor with his softening member lying across his leg I got
up and headed over to the chair that he had flung the pouch. I opened the
pouch and pulled the envelope from inside which bore the seal of a local
lawy office. I had dealt with this office in some business dealings in the
past but hadn't used them for a while. I opened the letter, which was
addressed to me, not the firm. I didn't know whether I should shit or wind
my watch!

Jay saw my face. "Is everything okay? It looks serious. Or is it none of
my business?"

"Well Jay, let's just say that we should go to supper and celebrate!"


"My wife has filed for divorce, giving me custody of the k**s. There is a
short note here stating that she has taken the c***dren to her parent's
place in England for a few weeks before she sends them back to me!"

"Fuck! No!"

"Fuck! Yes! And good riddens, too!"

"Come on, let's go eat..."

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